Which European countries can Russians go to for the May holidays?

We talk about options, prices for travel packages and air travel.

Which European countries can Russians go to for May holidays?

Which European countries can Russians go to for the May holidays?

Tourists from Russia can still get a Schengen visa to spend the May holidays in the countries EU, but there is very little time left. Experts said that in order to book a tour, you need to apply to the visa center already this week, while passports can be issued only after the May holidays.

Fortunately, there is still an option to spend the holidays in Europe. 

Until the end of April, you can still successfully apply for Schengen visas to Hungary and Greece, as well as try to apply to the visa centers of Spain and Italy, but there the likelihood of a positive outcome will be much less. For all options, prompt delivery of biometrics is required. 

We also separately note the order of prices for travel to European countries. 

Booking a tour itself is not difficult. The only difficulties are related to the logistics — the cost of connecting flights is much higher, and there are fewer and fewer offers.

Thus, a trip along the Moscow-Rome route with a departure at the beginning of the holidays and a transfer in Istanbul will cost about 300 thousand for two, tickets to Barcelona and Budapest start from 350 thousand, and in the same Athens the price will be about 250 thousand. 

At the same time, hotel accommodation and the ground part of the trip will cost much less. Prices for package tours to Greece for a week in hotels of different levels start from 250 thousand for two.


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