What city could become an alternative capital of Spain?

As part of a new study, about 420 cities around the world were analyzed to understand which of them could successfully become capitals.

Which city could be an alternative capital of Spain?

Which city could be an alternative capital of Spain?

When planning a vacation, a country is often chosen first, and then its capital is remembered as a starting point, and maybe as the goal of the entire trip. Often it is the capitals that boast the largest and most convenient airports, as well as the most convenient ways to get there. And, of course, the capital's cultural and entertainment program is always on top.
Experts from Premier Inn decided to conduct an interesting study, during which they analyzed Google search data to identify the most popular “alternative” hotels. capitals of the world. The study analyzed about 420 cities from 89 countries to determine which of them are of interest to travelers and are considered convenient for movement. The results are very surprising. For example, according to a study, Malaga, and not Barcelona, ​​as many might think, could successfully become the capital of Spain. Just imagine a capital with a southern atmosphere, keeping the spirit of Pablo Picasso and other talented natives, beautiful beaches, interesting architecture. Curious, isn't it?


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