WeTravel To Host Women in Travel Webinar

WeTravel To Host Women in Travel Webinar

Two travel advisors listening to a webinar. (photo via JohnnyGreig / getty images)

WeTravel, an integrated-payment platform for multi-day travel businesses, is hosting the Women In Travel: Empowering Your Community webinar on March 22, 2022, at 12 p.m. EST.

Through this discussion, WeTravel hopes to promote the ongoing, collaborative discussion of better representation in the travel industry.

“Over the past two years, we’ve grappled with the discouraging data that women–and many BIPOC-owned businesses–in the hospitality and tourism industries have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic,” said Keri Pfeiffer, WeTravel’s head of account management and webinar host. “As an industry, it’s our duty to do more than simply encourage equity in tourism’s recovery, but to do all we can to better represent the businesses and communities that need travelers most through our business models, strategies and operations.”

According to a U.S. survey reported by Bloomberg, nearly 75 percent of BIPOC-owned small businesses that were surveyed noted that the pandemic continues to have a significant impact on operations. Of those respondents, nearly 50 percent were in the leisure and hospitality sectors. Now, in the industry’s recovery, it’s imperative we continue to support equal representation for a more equitable, sustainable industry.

The presentation will include actionable items for representation and recovery. Panelists include Beth Santos, founder of Wanderful; Intrepid Travel’s Managing Director in EMEA, Zina Bencheikh; Maryam Sidiqqi, former lifestyle editor of The Globe and Mail and founder of Provenance travel; and Dr. Kim Walker, founder of Abundant Life Adventure Club.

Participants need to register for the webinar and all registrants have the opportunity to ask open-forum questions and will be provided with the recording after the webinar.

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