Vipservice reopens its doors

June 2, 2022 Vipservice holding's media center hosted the first Open Day after the pandemic, a major event for customers and partners. More than 50 corporate clients learned about the company's current IT solutions for efficient business trips, personally met with the Vipservice team and got acquainted with the life of the office on Perevedenovsky Lane.

The open day was held with the support of the Russian hotel chain Azimut hotels . Industry publications MICE&More, Travel Russian News and Buying Business Travel acted as media partners.

The meeting was opened with an introductory speech by Irina Solovieva, General Director of Vipservice Holding. “We are excited to resume our face-to-face tradition and tell our guests about new travel solutions and technology products. Vipservice is a large and stable business. We confidently overcome any difficulties, and we convey this sense of elbow and security to each of our clients. Vipservice remains one of the largest private companies in the country according to the Forbes rating and develops travel products for the benefit of business travelers,”, said Irina Solovieva, General Director of Vipservice Holding.

Then the guests of the event were greeted by the holding's shareholder Alexander Spirin. “To personally meet with clients and partners is a very useful opportunity, which is difficult to overestimate. I am very glad to reopen the doors of the company for you and show how we work, how our office lives today,” he said in his speech.

Vipservice reopens doors

Next, the guests had a quest tour of the Vipservice office, which was held under the company's slogan “We work so that we are chosen with the heart”. At the end of the interactive program, the guests put together a big puzzle that revealed the values ​​of Vipservice – reliability, creativity, involvement, professionalism, responsiveness and, of course, manufacturability.

Vipservice reopens its doors

As part of the business program, the participants of the event were expected to review IT products for business trips and premium travel services. The novelties were presented by the heads of the directions of the Vipservice holding. Corporate clients learned about solutions and products that cover all the tasks of a corporate customer for efficient business trips.

For example, a sub-agency business is a provider of advanced air and railway content. The value for the business traveler lies in access to more complete content and special rates from suppliers, said Natalia Nazarova, Director of Sub-Agents at the company. According to her, Vipservice's corporate clients now benefit from access to alternative air and rail carriers.

Guarding the interests of business tourists Vipservice is one of the largest suppliers of hotel inventory in Russia, the hotel aggregator HotelStar. According to platform technical director Sergey Strelnikov, HotelStar is expanding the list of connected hotels not only in Russia, but also in the CIS, and offers favorable rates to the company's customers.

Another IT tool — transport aggregator TicketMe with NDC-connections of suppliers. “Our solutions are friendly and easy to use, while under the hood we have a whole “iceberg” of different technology stacks,” shared Managing Director of Vipservice Technologies Yulia Braginskaya.

Vipservice reopens its doors

For the first persons of companies, the holding offers a separate premium product. These are the services of the Sincura Russia concierge service. “We do not separate lifestyle and business, but take care of all the client's concerns and help the top manager to be more efficient, thereby creating benefits for the entire company,” explained Head of Sincura Russia Denis Alekseev.

The portfolio of Vipservice solutions also includes theMAP payment service. Sergey Kozakevich, Managing Director of the business: “We have acquired the necessary technologies to cooperate with the largest banks in Russia and abroad, including the CIS. theMAP gives you all the features of e-commerce and payment in one click.”

Guests of the Open Day also learned about the new acquisition of the holding, Hamilton Apps, an application for automating travel and advance reporting, from its CEO Anastasia Rymashevskaya. These are cloud-based IT products that allow you to coordinate with any mobile device both a simple advance report and an entire business trip.

Vipservice reopens its doors

Galina Polishchuk, Head of Corporate Business at Vipservice, shared with clients the intricacies of working with business trip data using the OKO analytical platform, developed by the company. “We are happy to share the valuable that we have and help in the effective organization of business trips. Paying great attention to data-culture, we first began to train employees in the skills of visualization and working with data: we told them at trainings which graphs and diagrams, for example, are best suited for comparison, and which ones are best for displaying trends. So, we taught our colleagues to speak the same language with numbers. This allows them to provide useful recommendations for optimizing travel programs based on analytics. And then we created OKO, a smart online assistant. We give a comprehensive picture of business trips at a glance, and the mathematical model embedded in the system calculates budget scenarios and offers options for savings management”,– said Galina Polishchuk.

Thanks to the OKO, it is easy to track the indicators of the Russian business travel market and conduct benchmarking – comparison of indicators across industries. In particular, Galina shared the results of the study of the data center for the period from March to May 2022.

Corporate clients highly appreciated the Open Day and noted the hospitality of Vipservice. “The atmosphere of the event was very pleasant and relaxed. It was interesting to learn about the new directions of development of the Vipservice holding, including the implemented analytics tools,” said Arina Rundkvist, Head of Office Services at Rosatom .

Ekaterina Sinitsina, Head of Transportation Service at VPT-Neftemash: “We have been working with Vipservice for 5 years now and are well acquainted with the company. At the same time, the Open Doors Day pleased with an exciting quest and new information. Opened up new analytics in OKO and concierge opportunities”.

Vipservice reopens its doors

“We sincerely thank Vipservice for organizing a wonderful and very warm event. The idea to start the breakfast itself with a quest around the office was very unusual, and the groups that the clients broke into united great before the main program of the event. Everyone was interested to learn about the departments within the company, about those departments that are actively developing and what plans Vipservice has in a very difficult time today. We, as partners of the event, were especially pleased to meet with customers, communicate with colleagues in the industry, and we thank Vipservice for spending this time together!” – commented on the participation in the event Irina Rivkina, Regional Sales Director and marketing of AZIMUT Hotels.


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