Utair: flights abroad to a number of destinations continue

The airline continues to operate flights on the route network both within Russia and abroad. This was reported to the TRN portal in the press service of the carrier.

Utair: flights abroad to a number of destinations continue

« We are trying to ensure transport accessibility of all regions of the country, connecting almost all major cities of Russia with direct flights,” said Oleg Semenov, President of Utair – Passenger Airlines.

The airline also continues to fly for border. Currently, Utair operates international flights to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Flights to foreign countries are carried out on aircraft owned by Utair and registered in the Russian register of civil aircraft.

Aircraft maintenance is carried out by the airline in its own certified TS Technic centers in Ufa, Tyumen and Surgut. The centers have a sufficient supply of aviation components and all the necessary equipment to maintain the airworthiness of the aircraft.

We have always used Russian IT platforms for booking tickets and storing data. And this means that online services are available to our passengers all the time,” explained Oleg Semenov.


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