Useful habits of German pensioners that I learned about while I was in Germany and gave them to my parents

Good habits of German pensioners that I learned about while I was in Germany and gave them to my parents

Everyone who has been to Germany could mark the pensioners there, they are completely different from ours, namely, their way of life, habits, habits, and it's far from about money…

Today I want to share the habits and habits of the Germans, which I noticed personally, moreover, I even recommended them to my parents!< /p>

Of course, everyone has their own opinion on how to live life and spend old age, but I still ventured to collect a few points that are inherent in the Germans and, in my opinion, will make the life of our old people better!

First – life is not infinite, now what?

I think everyone has heard that German pensioners are not particularly poor, they travel and have fun in every possible way, but where does the money come from? In fact, German pensions are not as big as they are usually portrayed, add here the fact that all prices are also in euros … the point here is different.

Like our people – Germans often have a family budget, savings, in other words, they save throughout their lives, the only difference is that ours continue to save even at 60-70 years old, even at 80 years old, as if they intend to live forever, usually these savings go to children, and old people do not have time to enjoy the fruits of their labors, spending their savings. up to about 60, and after they start spending, everything is honest – he worked all his life in order to relax in old age!

The second – not a cent for children and even more so for grandchildren!

The second point follows from the first, everything is honest, everyone works to relax in old age, reaping the benefits of their labors, why help children financially, they will still have time to earn a house, a car, a wedding, they still have plenty of time, but an elderly person does not have much time.

In addition, many believe that this greatly softens the children, they get used to constant handouts, what will happen when they are left alone? There are especially many such examples in Russia, when pensioners drag another unemployed drunkard, I think there are examples even in your life.

Third less philosophical and more real…

More movements and physical activity (of course, in moderation), many will object that with age there is no strength and health at all, here is what one German told me:

Everything should be consistent, now I try to swim five kilometers every other day, but I started by just floundering in the water for 20 minutes and swimming one length of the pool.

Swim, walk, maybe even to run, and it's not just about the health benefits, when the body is in an active state, the brain also involuntarily works more actively and the person becomes a nimble lively, instead of smoldering in front of the TV on the couch.

Fourth – specifically about health

Did you notice that 95% of all centenarians are thin? Think about this connection, overweight and age – we have never been friends, no one forces you to go to the gym, just start with light diets and proper nutrition, someone will say “what diets do I need for old age” and in vain, Chinese centenarians almost always follow diets and watch their weight.

Anyone who has ever been to Germany will notice that there are very few fat pensioners there, just fat people – plenty, but with age they begin to monitor their weight, not easy!

Fifth – advice for every day from German old people.

This is the most popular advice for retirees in Germany, I don't know why, but the elderly there drink a lot of water, very rarely drink other drinks, almost always plain water, and advise others, there is even such an everyday wish like our “be healthy”, only in your own way – “drink more”, so I will advise you to drink more!

What do you think of this? What do you agree with, and what do you disagree with?

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