UNDERMALEVOK | exhibition-performance by Olga Pogodina

February 11, 2023 in Moscow, in the Exhibition Hall of the City Estate of Ardalionov, the premiere screening of the exhibition-monoperformance “Underpainting”, created on the basis of the stories and sketches of Olga Pogodina, will take place

PODMALYOVOK | exhibition-performance by Olga Pogodina

UNDEALING | exhibition-performance by Olga Pogodina

Olga Pogodina – costume designer, NIKA National Film Award nominee, who took part in the work on films and TV series: “Driver for Vera”; (director Pavel Chukhrai, “Fool”, “Master” (director Yuri Bykov, “Father” (director Ivan Solovov), “Forty” (director Alexander Galibin), “Gromovs” (director Alexander Baranov) and  many others.

Stories by Olga Pogodina – these are short observations from life, reflections on love, loneliness, creativity. The artist's gaze picks out from the environment what we often do not notice; pulls out and, as it were, places it under a magnifying glass. These stories, like underpainting in painting, set the form, volume, direction for further filling. But each viewer can hear and see something of their own in them.
Olga talks about what excites and excites her in life, what she wants to share with the viewer and can find a response in him.

Small sketches are not related to the plot, but are pronounced in the first person, — author. On stage – a minimum of props, and graphic works that are mobile in space serve as decoration. Tempo and rhythm are created by music – well known classic. But sometimes music becomes a “protagonist”.
Olga – not an actress; not a member of a literary, theatrical or musical circle. The performance has no director, – except the author.  

According to the curators of the exhibition-performance, «Underpainting» – this is an art innovation, an incredibly interesting creative experiment, which Olga Pogodina was inspired by friends, listeners of her audio stories. The performance rests on the charisma and multifaceted talent of the author, his life experience and love for people.

PODMALYOVOK | exhibition-performance by Olga Pogodina

February 11, 18, 25 and March 4, 2023 – solo performance. Start at 18:00.
After each performance, guests will be offered a time to socialize.
February 15, 17, 22, 24 and March 1, 3, 2023 – viewing the exposition with the curator of the exhibition or with the author of the works, audio listening to the stories of Olga Pogodina, tea drinking. Beginning at 19:00.

Address: Moscow, st. Dubininskaya, 51, City Estate of Ardalionov (entrance and entrance to the territory of the estate from Zhukov passage opposite the Tatneft gas station)
and Opening Exhibitions.
Information about purchasing tickets on the Timepad platform https://ntovavilov.timepad.ru/event/2285195/


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