UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

The arrival of spring is always inspiring. And if spring is like summer, as in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, it is much easier to recover from a long winter. You can forget about dark evenings, about cold and snow, about long preparations before leaving home: let the warm sea wash away all winter fatigue from you.

Already feel a surge of energy? Let's add more flavor and color! Read about the charms of spring in the Emirates and the best holiday options with children in our review.

UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

< h2>Holidays in the UAE in March: pros and cons

Visit the UAE in March – good idea. In spring, even the desert comes to life: what can we say about people who have fallen from winter dullness into an oriental fairy tale? Whether you want to lie on the beach or plan to travel the whole country, you will succeed.

Here are a few pros that are most often noted in reviews of holidays in the UAE in March:

  • constantly sunny and warm weather without strong heat;
  • impeccable condition of the beaches;
  • plenty of family entertainment;
  • opportunities for outdoor activities;
  • adequate price level.

Cons also there, and if you know about them in advance, you can play it safe. First of all, these are the vagaries of the weather. You may be caught in a sandstorm, severe storm or heavy rain at the resort. These are quite rare occurrences, but it is worth considering a program for such a case.

Secondly, the sea is not always as warm as we would like. Especially upset the most popular resorts – Dubai and Sharjah. There are three ways out: choose another resort, plan a trip for the end of March, or stay at a hotel with a pool.

Thirdly, there are a lot of vacationers in March. This affects the cost of housing and package holidays, affects the overall atmosphere. Already in April, the number of tourists noticeably decreases.

However, any tourist destination has drawbacks, and they are not at all a reason to refuse a trip. We will tell you how and where to relax in the UAE in March to minimize risks.

Weather in the UAE in March

Winter in the Emirates is not cold at all, but there is some discomfort in it due to constant wind and relatively cool sea. That is why the weather in March-April is already perceived differently – like summer, more pleasant. However, this time also has its own peculiarities.

The weather in early March is quite comfortable for a beach holiday. Even if the sea water does not seem hot, sunbathing will be very pleasant, and swimming can always be transferred to the hotel pool.

There are no significant weather changes in the UAE at the end of March, except that it gets a little hotter. What pleases is the sea warming up quite quickly.

Possible minus – These are sandstorms. They occur throughout the year, but are slightly more likely in March.

Really strong storms are rare, in this case it is recommended not to go outside unless absolutely necessary. However, if you are going to the UAE in March with a child, you should take masks or respirators with you.

Sometimes in March, a strong storm is recorded, which affects coastal areas. A storm may be accompanied by unexpectedly heavy rain. Although precipitation is usually rare and short-lived in the UAE, the chances of getting rained in March are higher than at any other time.

Air and water temperatures

Dry and hot climate of the UAE – salvation for those who do not like the cold. The beginning of spring is on the calendar, but here it is summer, and the air temperature is extremely rarely below +20°C, and even then at night.

  Day t Night t water t
Abu Dhabi +28, 1°C +22.4°C +22.7°C
Dubai +27.5°C +22.9°C +22.8°C
Sharjah +27.5° ;C +22.9°C +22.8°C
Ras Al Khaimah +28.5°C +21.6°C +23 .2°C
Fujairah +27.2°C +21.1°C +24.0°C

Daytime air temperature in the UAE in March usually stays within + 25-30 ° C, it can be even hotter. At night, the figures range from +18°C to +25°C.

The water temperature in the UAE in March depends on the region. In the Persian Gulf, the sea is warmed up to only + 21-23 ° C and warms up to + 24-25 ° C only by the end of the month. In the Gulf of Oman, the sea temperature is at least +23-24°C in early March, and in the middle it rises to +25-26°C.

Is it possible to swim

UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

If you are going to a resort to swim in the UAE in March, then you will surely succeed. Water, of course, does not resemble fresh milk, but often has a quite acceptable temperature. When the sea warms up to +23°C, even small children can safely splash in it.

All resorts where they swim in March are fully prepared for a beach holiday. The choice of one or another place for a trip with the family is more likely to be influenced by other factors.

Beach holidays

There are many beautiful beaches in the Emirates, and a few years ago the best ones began to be celebrated with the international Blue Flag award. If a blue banner with the image of waves in a white circle flies over the coast, it means that they have taken care of cleanliness, safety, and infrastructure. Most of these beaches are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As a rule, hotels are engaged in the improvement of the coast in the UAE. Part simply arranges sun loungers and umbrellas, and somewhere the beach – great recreation and entertainment area.

Public beaches may have restrictions on open clothing for women or visiting hours for men.

Here are some suggestions where to go in the UAE in March to sunbathe and swim.


UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

All pleasures in one city – it's about Dubai. Yes, the resort is frankly expensive, but the international airport, high-class service and incredible entertainment are worth it.

Despite the warm winter, the arrival of spring in Dubai is felt: the average air temperature rises by 3°C compared to February, the sea warms by 1.5°C. During the day, thermometers show + 22-32 ° C, at night + 18-25 ° C. In early March, the water in the Persian Gulf is only warmed up to +21-23°C, and at the end already up to +23-25°C. The weather is mostly clear, with little chance of rain. The average wind speed is 4.6 m/s.

Dubai's sandy beaches with a gentle entry into the water are ideal for families with children. Facilities for tourists are thought out to the smallest detail, water activities will delight both adults and kids.

Sustained wind in the resort is conducive to windsurfing, although the high season for windsurfing is in autumn and winter. Here you can also learn diving: for the first dives, the underwater depths are quite interesting.

An abundance of entertainment – one of the main advantages of Dubai. Vacationers are attracted by several water parks, amusement parks, oceanariums, game centers. As the heat intensifies, air-conditioned indoor complexes help a lot.

There are also opportunities for city tours, trips to the desert, exploring the natural diversity of the country.

The choice of housing in Dubai is huge, especially the kid-friendly “five” should be noted. and the Quartet. They can count on cots, baby food, pools with slides for kids, mini clubs.

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UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

At a resort located close to Dubai, you can enjoy all the benefits of this miracle city. But the atmosphere in Sharjah is different, and the prices are different – significantly lower.

The weather in Sharjah is similar to Dubai. Daytime temperature ranges from +22°C to +32°C, at night thermometers show +18-25°C. The sea is invigorating at first, +21-23°C, but already in mid-March it usually warms up to +23-25°C.

The resort is famous for its long beaches, clear water, and a smooth entry into the water. Minus, however, in strongly pronounced ebbs and flows. Before going to the beach, we recommend checking the schedules available at the hotels.

The infrastructure of the beaches is very good, although there is little entertainment. To protect the safety of vacationers, areas for scooters and jet skis are allocated with ropes.

Sharjah and Dubai are located in different emirates, and in the first the laws are somewhat stricter. So, on the municipal beach, women are prescribed to rest in closed clothes. The requirement does not apply to hotel beaches.

How to complement a beach holiday? With children, you will have a good time in any of the parks, on the playgrounds, on the Al-Kasba canal embankment.

In terms of excursions, things are better: we will mention at least Desert Park with a wildlife center and a natural history museum.

There are no problems with finding accommodation in Sharjah, but you should carefully study the list of services and read reviews. This is due to the fact that the level of service may not reach the declared category. However, the resort has four- and five-star hotels adapted for families.

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Ras Al Khaimah

UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

Ras Al Khaimah is located far from the airport, but there are several reasons to choose a resort in the northeast of the UAE. Main – relaxed atmosphere, all inclusive and the warm sea in early spring.

The average air temperature in Ras al-Khaimah is +28.5°C during the day and +21.6°C at night. The water is almost never colder than +23°C, and more often the temperature in the Persian Gulf near the coast of the resort is kept at +25°C. Skies are mostly clear with little chance of rain. Average wind speed 3.7 m/s.

In the resort, almost all the beaches are divided between hotels. There are no questions about cleanliness and safety, but the coast is not protected from waves, and the tide schedule also has to be considered. Some hotels equip beaches in artificial lagoons – there are no waves in such places.

There are no places for families with children, except for parks and playgrounds, in Ras al-Khaimah. You can go to the Umm Al Quwain water park or devote a day to the temptations of Dubai.

The resort pleases with a choice of accommodation, and even budget hotels have a good level of service. Some hotels cater to guests with toddlers.

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UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

The Emirate of Fujairah seems isolated because it is located on the shores of the Gulf of Oman. It is not well known to those who love a luxurious holiday, but it will leave a good impression if you dream of a cozy hotel, warm sea and clean beach. And one more plus: the budget is much less than when traveling to Dubai.

March in Fujairah is hot and sunny, although one or two intermittent rains are possible. During the day, the temperature is rarely below +25°C, and at the end of March it can rise to +35°C. At night, thermometers show +16-25°C. The water temperature is usually not less than +23-24°C, and in the heat it rises to +25-26°C. The average wind speed is 3.4 m/s.

There are small resorts along the coast in Fujairah. Flat bottom and smooth set of depth – in the Dibba area, and Khor Fakkan is a good place for snorkeling and diving.

Tourists with children often stop in the main city of the emirate. There are most of all good hotels, large supermarkets, family entertainment. There are five-star hotels near the sea, where they create conditions for tourists with kids. If the hotel is further from the coast, be sure to check if there is a shuttle to the beach.

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Sightseeing holidays

UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

On the map, the UAE seems like a small country, where there is only sea, desert and cities nestled on the coast. However, in terms of area, they are comparable to Portugal, and there are not so few remarkable places here. You can build an excursion program if you don’t want to leave the resort at all and if you are ready to travel around different emirates.

In Abu Dhabi, you can start with the Heritage Village. This is a good way to get acquainted with the past of the country, with its traditions, crafts and way of life. A similar open-air museum operates in Fujairah.

The National Automobile Museum also takes you back to the past, but in a completely different way. In his collection – luxury cars owned by the eastern nobility, including seven “Mercedes” different colors, each for a specific day of the week.

An interesting place in its own way – Eastern Mangrove Lagoon Park. Here you can see the landscapes typical of the emirate of Abu Dhabi: a leisurely boat trip among the mangrove trees opens the country from a different perspective.

In Sharjah, children – try to entrust the choice to them – rush to the science museum. If a child asks where the night goes and where the electricity comes from, then in the museum he will find the answers himself.

The Maritime Museum also has something to see. Find out with your child how they sailed on ancient boats, what kind of fish they caught in the sea, and what kind of songs they sang when they worked on ships.

If you want to learn more about the desert, visit the Arabian Wildlife Center. Surprisingly, the desert is home to many animals, and plants manage to survive and even bloom there.

A real miracle in the desert – Al Ain Oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lush gardens bloom there, you can visit the archaeological Hili Park, climb Mount Jebel Hafeet. On the territory of Al Ain there is a zoo, a water park, playgrounds.

< h2>Fun for kids

UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

Not every country is able to offer a complex choice of a dozen water parks and parks attractions located on the same patch. Emirates can.

Love sports cars? Plan a trip to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Do you buy all the Lego sets for your child? Then you are on your way to Legoland Dubai. At Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, visitors are entertained by cartoon characters. Bollywood Parks Dubai is calling for filming, and Img Worlds of Adventure – it's just all your favorite rides put together.

Aquaventure in Dubai and Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi compete for the title of best water park. Dreamland Water Park in Umm Al Quwain has another charm: it is easily accessible from Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

There are many interesting things to do in Dubai. Children will love the singing fountains, the underwater world in The Lost Chambers aquarium, KidZania, the city of professions, and the most fantastic place – candy shop Candylicious.

Parks and indoor play centers help out in other resorts.

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Holidays, events and festivals

There is nothing in the calendar of UAE holidays in March. However, you need to check with the Muslim calendar, the dates in which are shifted relative to what we are used to. The first month of spring may be Eid al-Adha, may be the month ofthe month of Ramadan, which ends with Eid al-Fitr.

Events in the Islamic world have almost no effect on tourism, but government offices may be closed.

Strong events include Global Village Dubailand, which lasts from the end of October to the end of April. This is an exhibition complex, and family attractions, and a cultural program, and a lot of opportunities for shopping.

Two weeks in March are devoted to gastronomic pleasures – Dubai hosts the Dubai Food Festival. Events take place in restaurants, food courts and right on the streets.

We recommend that you check the list of events on the Dubai tourism website before your trip. There are usually various exhibitions, concerts, sporting events.

Holiday prices

UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

Although the season in the Emirates lasts all year round, « cold» half of the year is considered the most favorable for recreation.  Meanwhile, prices in the UAE in March are by no means the highest.

Air tickets

A flight to Dubai or Abu Dhabi in March will be cheaper than in February or April. The price difference is about 2-5%.


Housing prices in March are at the level of January-February, that is, they remain relatively high. Already in April, the price reduction reaches 15-20%, and the minimum price can be found in July-August.

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After winter, the cost of a package holiday increases slightly. The rise in price can reach 7-10%. In April, the price increase is another 3-5%.


The all inclusive concept is becoming more popular in the UAE, as tourists often do not want to take on at least some trouble. Nevertheless, it is quite safe to visit the cafes and restaurants of the country, and the local cuisine is worth attention. Approximate price of lunch for one person – from 80 dirhams in mid-level establishments to 500 dirhams in fashionable restaurants. Outside the resort area, you can have a hearty meal for 30-35 dirhams.

Traditional street food is also recommended. Prices for it – from AED 4-6 for a serving of shawarma to AED 25 for falafel with additives.

All resorts have large supermarkets with a wide range of products, including baby food. Categories of supermarkets and their prices are comparable to European ones.

There are a lot of fruits in shops and markets in spring, they are mainly imported from neighboring countries. In March, the season of citrus fruits, guava, dates ends, but it's time for mangosteens. Local strawberries are also sold at this time. According to reviews of holidays in the UAE in March, for 1 kg of bananas you need to pay about 5 dirhams, guava – 10 dirhams, mangosteen – 30 dirhams. A package of strawberries weighing 400-500 g costs up to 3 dirhams.

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Shopping< /h2>

UAE in March: how to wake up after hibernation

The UAE as a free trade zone pleases with low prices. For this reason, tourists usually set aside time for shopping malls and company stores. Bargain purchases – fur, jewelry, electronics, perfumes, branded clothing.

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Markets shouldn't be ignored either. There you can buy traditional sweets, dates, nuts, oriental spices, coffee and tea, essential oils. The markets always have a great selection of fabrics.

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Recommendations for traveling with children

A holiday in the UAE in March with children is like a regular trip to the sea. There are just a few things to keep in mind when planning. We have compiled a short list of tips for families with a child of any age.

  1. The March sun is quite aggressive, so you can’t be outside without sunscreen and a hat. Light, light-colored clothing made from natural materials that covers the body is also useful.
  2. Although the sea is often warm enough for swimming, in some years the water can be cool. If you don't just want to soak in the sun, look for a hotel with heated pools.
  3. Antiseptic and bottled water – must-haves for travel. Tap water can be used to wash fruits and vegetables.
  4. Climate change, a crowded airport and dry air on an airplane can trigger SARS. Take symptomatic medicines with you, as well as medicines that you usually take.
  5. There may not be a supermarket near the hotel. If the baby needs baby food, it is better to bring a supply with you for the first couple of days of your vacation.

Not all tourists know that in the Emirates you need to take a jacket or cardigan to feel comfortable in shopping and entertainment centers. There are other things that will come in handy in the UAE. Kidpassage prepared a whole article about this – read it and you will pack your luggage effortlessly.


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