Travel Edge, Travel Edge Network Join Ensemble Travel Group

Travel Edge, Travel Edge Network Join Ensemble Travel Group

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Travel Edge and Travel Edge Network joined Ensemble, Travel Group in the aftermath of Navigatr’s recent acquisition of Ensemble.

Navigatr also owns Travel Edge and Travel Edge Network, whose combined membership includes 800 travel advisors.

“While it may at first seem logical for Travel Edge Network to join Ensemble, the reality is that we make decisions based solely on what is best for our luxury advisors and we believe this is truly going to be a game changer for our network,” said Nadiya Makarenko, senior vice president of Travel Edge Network.

“With Ensemble’s new leadership and a laser-focused vision on helping advisors elevate their craft with greater opportunities to maximize earnings, we are confident that being part of this new consortium will allow us to deliver tangible benefits and results to our network.”

Added Ensemble Travel Group President Michael Johnson. “As a result of Ensemble’s recent acquisition by Navigatr, it is poised to dramatically change the consortium landscape with new technology, enhanced marketing resources and a commitment to being a true business partner that is dedicated and focused on improving their margins and profitability.”

Johnson previously served as president of Travel Edge.

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