Tourism industry awaits clarification on visa-free exchange with China

Russian tour operators specializing in receiving tourists from China are waiting for clarification regarding the restart of the agreement on visa-free travel for group travel. This was reported by the Russian Union of the Travel Industry.

The travel industry is waiting for clarification on visa-free exchange with China

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Russian tour operators have long been waiting for the resumption of trips of Chinese tourists. But in order to receive groups, several issues must be resolved, the main of which is visa-free travel for tourist groups. Before the pandemic, within the framework of the relevant agreement between Russia and China, a list of companies allowed to work with groups was approved every year, and they underwent certification, but the process was stopped for three years of the pandemic,” the union said.

As emphasized in the PCT, business representatives are counting on the resumption of pre-pandemic indicators. However, at the moment, in addition to visas, the issues of payment and organization of flight programs remain open, since the current number of flights is not enough to transport a mass flow of tourists.


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