Tourism Fiji Launches New ‘Matai 2.0’ Agent Training Program

Tourism Fiji Launches New 'Matai 2.0' Agent Training Program

Diving (Photo via Tourism Fiji)

Tourism Fiji has revamped its online travel agent training program, relaunching it as “Matai 2.0” for agents around the world to become destination specialists.

The new program is designed to be interactive and easier to use. Matai 2.0 will regularly expand to feature new courses and modules on different topics, including how travel agents can use social media to connect with clients.

Other additions include new fact sheets, maps and product videos. Benefits and rewards of becoming a Fiji specialist range from deals on flights to fam trip invitations and more.

The Matai 2.0 program is also now a tiered format, so travel advisors who learn more through the program’s modules and courses can earn better benefits along with expanding their knowledge about Fiji.

Tourism Fiji CEO, Brent Hill said: “We’re excited about this brand-new course that will deliver updated and engaging content covering all our key pillars and niche tourism products across Fiji’s twelve regions. After 20 months of border closures, the travel industry has changed, and we felt it was important to update and change our training program to help new agents coming into the industry learn the destination or allow previously registered agents to relearn and get updates on the destination again in a new and refreshed way.”

For more information about the program or to sign up, please click here.

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