Tour operator TUI Russia changed its name

TUI Russia has changed its trademark. Now the company will be called FUN & SUN. At the same time, as emphasized in the official statement, the change will not affect operational activities in any way.

TUI Russia has changed its name

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TT-Travel LLC notifies all partners and customers that, in accordance with the development strategy, the company's management has decided to switch to the FUN&SUN trademark (Registration Certificate TK No. 818751 and No. 818750 , state registration date 07/06/2021) and the termination of the use of the TUI trademark, the message says.

It also emphasizes that in the near future all online resources of the company, including electronic mail moved to the domain. In addition, the design of sales offices will be updated, branded surfaces and advertising media will be updated.

“The names of accounts in social networks will be updated, our host partners will use the new branding. At the same time, the changes do not affect the legal relationship of TT-Travel LLC with either partners or customers, due to the fact that the legal entity with which the contracts were concluded remains. The change of the trademark will not entail changes in the work of the company,” the tour operator said in a statement.


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