“There's nothing to do there.” Blinovskaya spoke frankly about the rest in Africa

Blinovskaya believes that there is no need to go there for a long time

“There's nothing to do there.” Blinovskaya frankly spoke about her vacation in Africa . For vacation, the company chose the famous hotel "Giraffe Estate" near Nairobi, one of the most unusual in the world.

This is a complex of mansions built back in colonial times, standing in the middle of the park. Giraffes, which can be petted and fed, live and walk freely here.

Blinovskaya has been wanting to get together with the whole family abroad for 1.5 years. But this was hindered either by the pandemic or by the conflict in Ukraine. Because of this on a recent vacation in Greece she went with one husband, although the whole hotel was bought in advance for a large company.

Now the family has finally united abroad. Blinovskaya believes that in "Giraffe Estate" no need to drive for a long time.

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