The unique cruise of the platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” under the “More than a Journey” program set off along the Volga

From July 31 to August 12, participants in competitions and projects of the presidential platform “Russia is a Land of Opportunities” go on a 12-day cruise on the motor ship “Nizhny Novgorod” company “Vodohod” under the program “More than a trip”. More than 350 people representing all the projects of the platform will become participants in a river cruise along the Volga, the route of which includes 11 Russian cities: Moscow – Uglich – Yaroslavl – Kostroma – Nizhny Novgorod – Cheboksary – Ulyanovsk – Samara – Saratov – Volgograd – Astrakhan.

Before the departure of the “Ship of Opportunities”, a press conference was held, which was attended by the head of the development direction of ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” Ivan Shulyupin, Advisor Head of the Federal Tourism Agency Yulia Rybakova, First Deputy General Director of the Russian Society “Knowledge” Dmitry Rybalchenko, as well as participants in the competitions of the platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities”.

The unique cruise of the Russia – Land of Opportunity platform under the More than a Journey program set off along Volga

For four years, 26 projects of the presidential platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” have united 15 million talented and caring people from 5 to 90 years old. The multi-stage system of social lifts on the platform is built in such a way that it offers opportunities for the development of a person at every stage of his life: while studying at school or university, at the beginning of a professional career, or already in a managerial position. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the right competition for themselves or get support for the implementation of their idea. On board the ship of opportunities are bright participants of our competitions, who have been helped by the platform to move forward and develop their project. I am sure that sailing along the Volga under the program “More than a Journey” will turn out to be not only exciting, but also informative and useful”, – said the head of the development direction of the ANO “Russia – a Land of Opportunities” Ivan Shulyupin.

Excursion programs during the ship's stops will help you get acquainted with the tourist opportunities in Russia.

“We live in a very interesting time, when old foundations are breaking down and new trends are being formed, including in tourism. A modern tourist wants not only to visit unique places, but also to fulfill himself, to get individual impressions, new knowledge and experience. We need to keep up with the times, speak with the tourist in a language he understands, offer new product formats, and at the same time keep our traditions unshakable. This is the kind of innovative tourism product that we are developing as part of the “More than a Journey” program. Our tours not only allow the participants of the program to develop their abilities, but also form a positive interaction between the state, the tourism industry, regions, local residents and travelers”, – said Yulia Rybakova, adviser to the head of Rostourism .< /p>

The program “More than a Journey” was created to encourage the most active and talented young people from all over Russia: participants and winners of various competitions, volunteer initiatives and competitions. The organizers are the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism), the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, ANO “Russia – a Land of Opportunities” and the Russian Society “Knowledge”. Young people themselves can choose which region of Russia to see on an incentive trip: 370 programs are available for selection, the geography of the project covers 79 regions of Russia. On trips, participants discover Russia for themselves and contribute to the development of urban spaces, participate in social and volunteer events.

The unique cruise of the Russia – Land of Opportunity platform under the More than a Journey program set off along Volga

“The participation of the Knowledge Society in this program is implemented in two directions at once. On the one hand, we have integrated “More than a Journey” tours into all our projects as a prize for winners and finalists. For example, the winners and finalists of the League of Lecturers competition regularly go on trips that subsequently inspire them to expand their educational activities or even move within Russia. On the other hand, our team is partly responsible for making this project really more than just a trip, forming an intelligent travel program. So, we gladly sent a corps of lecturers of the Russian society “Knowledge” to a significant part of all trips. I hope we scale this story so much that in each round our educators will speak on topics that are consonant with the tourist route of the participants or correlate with their interests. By the way, the next trip of our lecturers with an educational program is scheduled for the end of August – to Salekhard”, – said the First Deputy General Director of the Russian Society “Knowledge” Dmitry Rybalchenko, inviting colleagues to work together on expanding the program “More than a trip”.

During his speech, Dmitry also spoke about a similar project that the Russian Society “Knowledge” is implementing – lecture-excursions. They pass through the most unique and hard-to-reach places in our country, which active and talented youth can visit in the company of outstanding people: governors who sincerely love their region, corporate leaders who devote their lives to their development.

The cruise will consist of 3 shifts, in which the participants of the projects of the platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” will replace each other. The first shift of the Motor Ship of Opportunities will take place from July 31 to August 4. Its participants were representatives of the contests “Masters of Hospitality”, “My Country – My Russia”, “Best Social Project of the Year”, “Career Time”, “Ecosophy”, “Rediscovering Russia”, “More than a Journey”, International Engineering Championship “CASE-IN”.

“For three years now, my life has been inextricably linked with the presidential platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” and the “Masters of Hospitality” competition: the project gives me the opportunity to expand my horizons, increase my expertise and professionalism and gives me communication with the best representatives of the tourism industry, – says the winner of the competition “Masters of hospitality” Leysan Suleymanova. – In May 2022, they received cruise ships in Ufa and organized excursions for tourists. Even then I noted for myself how comfortable and interesting a vacation on the water can be, and after a couple of months the dream came true! I got to the first shift as the winner of the “Masters of Hospitality” contest. Emotions are running high, I look forward to the start of the trip.”

Each trip consists of several parts: a tourist block, which includes excursions to iconic places with guides and architects, as well as a rich business program.

During the event, its participants will discuss existing models of social lifts, using the projects of the presidential platform “Russia – a Land of Opportunities” as an example, and develop new effective mechanisms for the formation of social lifts in Russia.

“Participation in the CASE-IN international engineering championship provides completely different opportunities for students and young professionals, opens closed doors for them, gives them the opportunity to develop their professional skills, solve non-standard tasks that are rarely encountered in the process of classical education. In addition, the project also provides completely unexpected opportunities: a cruise along the Volga along with participants in other projects of the Russia – Land of Opportunity platform is an excellent example of this. I am in incredible anticipation of the trip, and I am very glad that the CASE-IN championship and the presidential platform “Russia – the land of opportunity” will give us a unique and unforgettable experience”, – says the winner of the International Engineering Championship Case-in Boris Seregin.

Participants of the Cruise “The Ship of Opportunities” will be asked to come up with and develop a dream competition that could be implemented by the presidential platform “Russia – Land of Opportunities”. During the session, team members will analyze what competition topics are lacking among the country's residents, develop a portrait of participants in new competitions, answer questions about how an ideal competition should be organized and what goals it should achieve. Particular attention will be paid to the issues of holding competitive movements in different regions of Russia: future projects and activities can become tourist attractions for the constituent entities of the country.


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