The tourism industry hopes for a delay in the certification of guides

The Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) expressed the hope that the mandatory certification of guides will be postponed.

In Russia, a law has been passed, according to which all guide-interpreters in Russia are required to pass certification before July 1, 2023. At the same time, only three organizations are listed in the register that have the right to certify and which were entered in the register at the end of December 2022: the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University and the Russian Mountaineering Federation.

“The corresponding register includes only three certified organizations that can conduct certification, and one of them is in Kamchatka”, RIA Novosti quotes representatives of the PCT.

At the moment, certification is still to be carried out did not start, in this regard, the head of the PCT Adventure Tourism Committee, Vadim Mamontov, hopes that between the winter and summer seasons the list of organizations will be expanded, and guide instructors will be able to pass certification and enter the register.

Chapters Legal Commission of the PCT Georgy Mokhov believes that the date of fulfillment of the obligation must be postponed for at least six months.


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