The third season of the Masters of Hospitality competition starts

On Saturday, March 12, a new season of the all-Russian competition “Masters of Hospitality” one of the projects of the presidential platform < /strong>“Russia is a land of opportunity”. The contestants are waiting for four new special directions, grants, the opportunity to become part of the country's tourism potential and beyond.

In the new season, the competition is aimed at staffing the tourism industry in the Russian Federation. Any adult Russian can apply at April 5, 2022.

«Today we are launching the third season of the Masters of Hospitality competition. In just two seasons, we received over 50,000 (50,496) registrations from all over the country. 139 contestants from 73 regions of Russia became winners, received grants for the implementation of their projects and support from federal agencies and businesses. The industry needs people with fresh ideas and a desire to develop domestic tourism. The participants of the third season are waiting for a lot of new things. Now the competition is divided into 4 main areas: “Managers of the hospitality industry”, “Startups and breakthrough ideas in tourism”, “Development of territories” and “The future of tourism”. Depending on the direction, the participants will have to share their opinion on a certain topic in the format of an essay, present their project, and communicate with experts in the field of tourism. Also this season, as part of the competition, it is planned to hold additional events in Russia. We are waiting for your registrations and new ideas”, – said the Deputy General Director of the ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” Alexey Agafonov.

The competition will be divided into several stages:

  • Registration (12.03 – 05.04.2022);
  • Online tests (14.04 – 16.05.2022);
  • Face-to-face regional forums (27.05 – 04.07.2022);
  • Finals of the competition in areas (May-July 2022).

In the new season, the traditional semi-finals of the competition will turn into district forums, which will not only host competitions, but also organize a useful educational program and master classes. Participation in the forums will be open not only to Masters of Hospitality, but also to any representative of the tourism community of the region.

According to Aleksey Agafonov, the geography of the competition is expanding every year: “Traditionally, we launch a competition among regions that want to host Masters on their site and become hospitality centers. So in the third season new mentors will work with the participants, and new regions will host us at the district forums”.

Employees of the tourism and service sector, restaurant business, event managers, authors of projects in the field of hospitality, students, representatives of other creative industries who want to try themselves in this professional field can become a participant in the competition. The winners of the competition, depending on the direction, will have the opportunity to join the specialized expert councils of the authorities that determine the policy in the field of tourism, undergo specialized internships, receive job offers, grants for education or project support from the competition partners, the opportunity to participate in the mentoring program, as well as organizational, methodological and media support of their initiatives.

The head of the “Masters of Hospitality” competition Bogdan Kondratov spoke about the large community of participants in the two seasons of the project, and the new program created to inform about the competition and its participants in the regions of our country.

“For 2 seasons, a community of Masters of Hospitality was created, people who are not indifferent to their profession and the tourism industry. We still keep in touch with everyone and the big team is making our contest even brighter and bigger. We recently launched the Ambassadors of Hospitality program, where participants in two seasons of the competition tell the tourism community in their region about the possibilities of the Masters of Hospitality project. We are convinced that there will be even more talented and enthusiastic people who are ready to develop the hospitality industry of our country together with us,” he said.

“It's great that such a direction as “Development of Territories” has opened in the competition. For us, as a developing region in terms of tourism, this is very important. We are constantly improving and striving to improve “Visit Yamal” – the brand of our region, we are happy and open to new ideas and suggestions from the Masters of Hospitality for improvement. I want to wish success to all the participants, and, of course, we are waiting for you in the hospitable Yamal”,– said the mentor of the “Masters of Hospitality” contest, director of the department of youth policy and tourism of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Nail Khairullin.

“For us, the contest “Masters of Hospitality” has become a place where we openly talk about what we truly love. Where people who are always happy to welcome guests become professionals — masters,” said Sergey Khoroshutin, Deputy Minister for Tourism and Youth Policy of the Perm Territory.

“One of the large-scale goals of Rostourism is to create the human resources potential of our country. Together with the Masters of Hospitality competition in the new season, we want to focus on this, and more specifically, on identifying, searching for and supporting significant and promising personnel in the tourism industry. This season, the project, one might say, will become a key link connecting Rostourism and specific people, professionals in their field who are ready to bring new and improved ideas for the development of the hospitality industry. We plan to attract as many personnel as possible and, of course, listen to their opinion regarding further steps in the implementation of the development strategy. We will recommend the most active ones for key positions in government structures, as well as in private business,” said Yulia Rybakova, adviser to the head of the Federal Tourism Agency.

Competition “Masters of Hospitality” of the presidential platform “Russia – Land of Opportunities” is implemented within the framework of the federal project “Social lifts for everyone” of the national project “Education”.


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