The Sports for Life Foundation invites Muscovites who love sports to take part in the training of volunteer leaders

In June 2022, the Sport for Life Charitable Foundation will conduct a training of volunteer leaders for blind runners in Moscow.

Sports for Life Foundation invites Muscovites-sports enthusiasts to train volunteer leaders

< p>The Sport for Life Foundation invites Muscovites who love sports to take part in the training of volunteer leaders

Training will be held according to the updated & nbsp; program. Each participant will gain the knowledge and experience needed when interacting with athletes with visual impairments. Every year, thanks to the foundation's training programs, more and more people with disabilities become involved in amateur sports: they receive the necessary volunteer support in training and competitions.

Every year, Moscow residents involved in amateur sports can get free training under the program developed by the Sports for Life Charitable Foundation. They are trained in sports volunteering – at the training you can learn how to help blind and visually impaired athletes.
Sports for Life Foundation has been developing the accessibility of amateur sports for children and adults with disabilities for more than 8 years. Having started its activities in Moscow, the fund expanded its geography and now also works in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. And now the foundation helps more than 250 people with visual impairments go in for sports, and 350 people in the volunteer team.

This year, as part of the Sports for All project, implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation, the Sports for Life Foundation again conducts a series of trainings. In the spring-summer series of trainings, training has already taken place in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, and 33 participants received certificates. Ahead – training in Moscow.
“Having been working seriously in the field of sports for a long time, we noticed that many athletes want to help, participate in charity, but do not find a convenient and understandable option for themselves. But he is – and we talk about it. By becoming a volunteer leader, sports fans get a new motivation to continue their sports path. In addition, our trainings help people learn a lot of new things both in themselves and in those around them. Non-standard useful knowledge expands consciousness. We will be glad to see everyone at our training,” says the director of the Sports for Life Foundation. Anastasia Pletmintseva.

Volunteer-leader goes to the start paired with a blind athlete and helps him overcome the distance. This type of sports volunteering is suitable for any person involved in running, with any level of training. Anyone can participate in the training – a runner, swimmer, triathlete, cyclist. At the training, participants learn the nuances of interaction with people with visual impairments, as well as master practical skills in training and sports distances.  At the end of the training, trainees receive a certificate. Everyone will be able to join the foundation's team of volunteers. 

“I liked the easy presentation of the material with examples from personal experience and the practice in which we communicated with the wards of the foundation. We learned how to properly communicate with a blind person and how to help him in everyday situations and in sports. And when you see that everything is working out for your ward, and he is happy with his victories, then this also charges you with joy! – says Ivan, a participant in the trainings of the Sports for Life Foundation. – Athletes with disabilities taught us patience, willpower, work for results. Any person can play sports. And on the example of the wards of the “Sport for Life” foundation we see that there are no limits and boundaries for physical education classes».

To take part in the training and become a volunteer leader of the project, you need to fill out the questionnaire at the link 

 A curator will then contact you. The training lasts three days, you must attend each class.

WHERE AND WHEN: Moscow, June 14, 16 and 19, 2022.  June 14 and 16: Borodino Business Hotel, st. Rusakovskaya, 13. June 19: Krylatskoe cycle track.



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