The Russians were promised to improve the conditions of stay in another visa-free country

Russians rejoice because of direct flights and the Mir card in Mauritius, but do not fully believe in the reality of what is happening.

Russians have been promised better conditions stay in yet another visa-free country

Russians were promised to improve the conditions of their stay in another visa-free country

Heswar Janke, the Mauritian ambassador to Moscow, said that the country's authorities are working on the introduction of the Russian Mir card. and the opening of direct flights from Russia. The reason was the consideration that the number of Russian tourists in the country should increase in the near future, since the opening of direct flights from Russia is in the final stage of development, but the need to carry cash with them remains a problem for Russians.

They have been trying to establish air traffic since January last year, but now they say that “the issue is almost closed.” According to the head of the diplomatic mission, Aeroflot will enter this direction. In addition, we are also talking about the launch of an additional route Mauritius – Seychelles – Russia.

Potential tourists positively assess the announced changes, but are not inclined to blindly believe all the statements. Having direct flights to Mauritius to buy tickets to a fabulous island in the Indian Ocean for tourists will not be enough. It is much more important how much the flight will cost if the air carrier really enters this route. 

As for the possibility of cashless payment on the island, now some tourists use plastic cards of the UnionPay payment system. But she works with her characteristic inconsistency: “It infuriates me to walk around with cash and be nervous whether UnionPay will be accepted in this particular place or not.”

Mauritius is one of the visa-free destinations for Russian tourists. Russians are allowed to stay in the country for up to 60 days per trip.


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