The new emotional promenade “Moscow through the eyes of an event organizer” is now available for free on izi.Travel.

The authors and creators of the MICE Excellence & PROEMOTSI project announced the launch of a free audio guide “Moscow through the eyes of an event organizer”. You can enjoy a creative tour on the izi.Travel online platform.

New emotional promenade " Moscow through the eyes of an event organizer

Among the heroes of the immersive audio performance are such representatives of the MICE industry as:

  • Denis Kharchenko, executive director of the creative technology agency Spinon
  • Lilia Fedorova, General Director of the Avantage Event Project.
  • Mikhail Klimanov, Managing Partner of the Agency for Bold Decisions “We” and the project
  • Natalia Nova, founder of Nova Weddings & Events.

The route runs from the Bolshoi Theater to the National Hotel through Red Square and lasts 1 hour. During the audio performance, interesting facts about Moscow and the venues where various events are held will be heard; some of them are in plain sight, and some are hidden from the untrained eye. Also, everyone will definitely have a reason to smile at the events from the exciting life of event managers, in which you need to be able to pretend to be a beggar on the porch, and survive the cancellation of an event that has been in preparation for a year, one day before it starts. Who knows, maybe after listening to it you will decide to change your profession

Look for the promenade at the link


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