The management company of the network of travel agencies “TBG” will organize and hold an informal meeting for its agents called “Import Substitution”.

The event will take place on March 24 at the Anticafe “Prospect” at Prospekt Mira, 101, building 2. Meeting: 17:00 Start: 17:30 (until 23:30 h.)

The meeting of the management company with network members and partners will be held in the format of networking.

In the program:
– welcome and photography;
– acquaintance with the updated composition of the management company and partners network;
– discussion of current and new plans of the “TBG” network;
– solution of topical issues on the work of the tourism industry at the present time;
– presentations and speeches of network partners with topical topics , ERV travel insurance, i'way and others);
– drawing of gifts, buffet, coffee, tea, sweets.


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