The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTOS)

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

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Russia is a multifaceted country, on its territory there are cities of different cultures and times. Each city has its own character and history. Astrakhan is a primordially Russian city where adherents of different religions and nationalities coexist. Since 1556, the city has been part of Russia by decree of Peter I. However, only in 1943 was it possible to form the final contours and boundaries of the city. The settlement is located at the mouth of the Volga, the climate here is sharply continental. Therefore, in summer the air temperature does not exceed 25 ° C, and in winter it can drop to 50 ° C. There are few trees and green spaces in the city – this is due to the peculiarities of the climate. A distinctive feature is the narrow streets that permeate the whole of Astrakhan, there are not enough highways in the city, due to the terrain. It is difficult to visit all the sights of Astrakhan in one day, but we have chosen the most significant of them for you.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

Astrakhan Fountain – a landmark of Astrakhan michael clarke stuff

Studying photos of the sights of Astrakhan, you will undoubtedly want to visit this place. Consider the most attractive places for tourists in the city.

What should a tourist see from the main attractions of Astrakhan?

Since Astrakhan is an old city, here on almost every street you can find interesting objects worthy of your attention. Consider the most significant of them:

Astrakhan Kremlin

A composition of unique excursion and historical objects, which was created in the 18th century according to the project of Dorofei Myakishev. The architectural structure played the role of protecting the city from enemy attacks, so the walls of the building are specially adapted for accurate cannon shots. The Kremlin is the most significant attraction of the city of Astrakhan, it includes a number of amazing buildings that will be interesting for vacationers. In 2008, a complete restoration of the Kremlin was carried out and since then it has looked even more sparkling and monumental. The building is shaped like an elongated triangle. The Astrakhan Kremlin is a benchmark of the architecture of the past and annually attracts thousands of tourists to visit the city;

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

The Astrakhan Kremlin is an architectural monument of the 18th century. Astrakhan Alexxx1979

Assumption Cathedral

The shrine is part of the Kremlin and the main cultural value of the city. The majestic and stunning snow-white cathedral is able to charm even an unbeliever. The Assumption Cathedral is crowned with five domes: initially, according to the idea, the dome was supposed to be one and very high. But due to incorrect calculations, I had to hastily edit the project. On the photo with a description of the sights of Astrakhan you will find this amazing historical site. The beauty of the cathedral attracts great philosophers, poets and artists of our time to the city, as it is the pinnacle of architectural thought of the eighteenth century;

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

Assumption Cathedral of the Astrakhan Kremlin, Astrakhan EKuvaeva

Official website:

Prechistensky Gates

If you do not know what to see from the sights of Astrakhan, then be sure to go to the Astrakhan Kremlin, here you can see the main symbol of the city – Prechistensky Gates. They are located in the Cathedral Bell Tower of the Kremlin, and the entrance to the Kremlin lies through them. The tower is visible from anywhere in the city, as its height is 80 meters. The Prechistensky Gate is decorated with a beautiful seven-meter cross;

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTOS)

Cathedral Bell Tower with Prechistensky Gates. Astrakhan Alexxx Malev

Trinity Cathedral

Located on the territory of the Kremlin, and is a complex architectural composition. The cathedral was robbed and destroyed many times, so the icons and interior decoration have not survived to this day. During the restoration in 1974, gilded crosses were installed and the stone cornice of the building was restored. The building looks majestic and airy, thanks to its unique shape and white walls. In the photo with the names of the sights of Astrakhan, the cathedral takes an honorable third place;

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

Astrakhan Kremlin. Trinity Cathedral, Astrakhan Ludushka

Garrison guardhouse

A unique attraction of its kind, as tourists can get acquainted with the life of soldiers and prisoners of the 18th century, see the office of the head of the guardhouse restored to the smallest detail, and even visit the punishment cell of that time. The guardhouse is a place where military prisoners served their sentences, but citizens of the city who did not have enough housing were also accommodated here. This is a very interesting landmark of Astrakhan to visit, which can be seen on the photo on the Internet with names and descriptions.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

Guardhouse in the Astrakhan Kremlin. Astrakhan EKuvaeva

For those who do not know what to see from the sights of Astrakhan in 3 days, it is advisable to use the services of a professional guide who will select an interesting program. By booking an individual program, you will save yourself the hassle of finding a competent guide during your vacation, and also save a lot, since all services are much more expensive in tourist places.

What to see in Astrakhan if you came for a short time ?

Traveling brings freedom and pleasure into our lives. Resting at least twice a year, you can cope with the blues and fill yourself with emotions and impressions. Russia is so many-sided that rest in it does not bother. Each major city has its own energy and history.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTOS)

Exchange building in the city of Astrakhan Alexxx Malev

For those who decide to spend time in Astrakhan, it is important to remember that the region ranks fifth in Russia in the ranking of the most criminogenic regions. You should not walk here alone in the evening.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

Lotus field against the background of willows. White ilmen, city of Astrakhan ADDvokat

Before planning a trip, it is advisable to study the planned route in detail and draw up a plan for visiting the iconic places of the city. Photos of the city and sights of Astrakhan will help you decide which objects you must visit. We recommend that you do not put off visiting the Kremlin for a long time, as its grandeur and beauty are impressive and remain in your memory forever.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

Street of the city of Astrakhan Alexxx Malev

If you are going on a trip around the city for just a few days, then it is advisable to use a map of Astrakhan with sights using a smartphone or laptop. This will help you not to get lost in the narrow streets of the city and think over the walking route, taking into account the distances between the objects of antiquity.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

Annunciation (Novodevichy) Monastery in Astrakhan Ludushka

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Astrakhan travel tips

For people who want to spend time in Astrakhan on a budget as much as possible, it is worth buying air or railway tickets in advance. Thus, you will not overpay for urgency and will be able to choose tickets at the best price. Accommodation always takes a considerable amount of money, as an alternative to expensive hotels, you can use the services of a hostel. Of course, you will not be promised the same level of comfort as in a luxury hotel, but you are guaranteed a night's rest in a warm room with all the amenities. The sights of Astrakhan and the Astrakhan region are very diverse, so be sure to bring comfortable shoes and warm clothes.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTO)

White Mosque in the city of Astrakhan Ludushka

When planning a vacation, rely on a photo with a description of the sights of the city of Astrakhan. This will provide an opportunity to visually appreciate the charm of the exposition or excursion program, which means that you can book the type of vacation that suits you. When planning a vacation in the summer, you should give preference to hiking in picturesque places and walks along the Volga River. If you decide to go in winter, then visiting museums, cathedrals and trendy restaurants will be a great solution.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTOS)

View of Astrakhan from the Volga River Alexxx1979

Astrakhan is a wonderful city for those who love Russia

Here you will feel inspired and relaxed as life flows without haste. The inhabitants of the city are very hospitable and friendly, everyone is ready to tell a story about the sights and legends of Astrakhan. Rest in this wonderful city will bring a lot of useful information, and stunning views will remain in the heart forever.

The best sights of Astrakhan (PHOTOS)

1 May embankment in Astrakhan Ludushka

Official website: http: //

Do not underestimate the importance of a guide who will guide you in a new place. Therefore, choose only the person who is pleasant to you externally and internally. An interesting walk supplemented with facts will make your acquaintance with Astrakhan significant and memorable. Read also about the sights of Kolomna and get inspired for your further trip around Russia.


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