The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTOS)

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTOS)

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Arzamas is a large city located near Nizhny Novgorod. Here you can escape from the noisy metropolis and enjoy the virgin nature and clean air. From Nizhny Novgorod, you need to drive only 112 kilometers to discover the history and views of Arzamas.

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO)

Cathedral Square in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod region Alexxx Malev

The name of the city comes from the merger of the two names Arzai and Masai, who presented Ivan the Terrible with valuables when he marched to Kazan with an army. In response, Ivan the Terrible founded a monastery, which was predestined to baptize the Mordovians. The year of the foundation of the city is considered to be 1578. From the very beginning, Arzamas became an important transit point in Russia, which provided the basis for the development of trade and industry. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the sights of the city of Arzamas. Let's consider the most valuable and interesting of them.

Sights of Arzamas that will be remembered forever

The city in question is a must-visit for every resident of Russia and neighboring countries. The indescribable atmosphere of the merchants has been preserved here, many museums have been opened and many architectural monuments have been perfectly preserved. Thanks to annual monetary investments, the cultural heritage is regularly restored and restored.

Guides in Arzamas recommend tourists to visit these amazing places in the city:

    Sunday Cathedral. A majestic structure that can be seen for several kilometers. This is the main “trump card” of the city. Huge golden domes beckon with their golden radiance and beauty. The year of foundation of the cathedral is 1812, it was decided to build it in honor of the victory of Russia in the same year;

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO)

Resurrection Cathedral in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Region Alexxx1979

    Church of the Nativity. This church is depicted in almost all photos of the sights of Arzamas. It was built in the period 1845-1852 with the money of the local philanthropist Zayashnikov. The disadvantage of the building is the absence of a bell tower. At the end of the revolution, the shrine lost its attractive appearance, and it was decided to convert it into a bakery. It was only in 1990 that the church regained its original purpose. Inside the building are many unique icons and lists;

Best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO)

Church of the Nativity in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod region Tulip

    Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. The beautiful temple, located in the city center, is made of expensive bricks in the Baroque style. The main color of the shrine is white, the building is hard not to notice from afar. Construction took place in the period 1774-1784. The church is famous for its large bell tower, which is located near the main building. In 1929, the cathedral was closed at the insistence of the authorities. Only in 2003 began a large-scale restoration of the shrine. City funds were used to restore the structure inside and out. It was possible to recreate the original majestic appearance of the cathedral;

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO) )

Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin in Arzamas Tulip

    Balakhonskaya cave. If you do not know what to see from the sights of Arzamas, then be sure to head to the Balakhonskaya cave. This is a truly amazing place, 50 meters long. The highest point of the cave is 3 meters. The air temperature inside is kept at around 3 degrees. Fans of unusual caves will appreciate stalactites and stalagmites of unprecedented beauty; arboretum. The magnificent park, created by the hands of people, is rightfully considered the main value of Arzamas. Faced with photos and descriptions of the sights of Arzamas, you will definitely find information about the arboretum. The area of ​​the park is 12 hectares, on which there is a huge number of trees and plants. Inside the arboretum, visitors are presented with alleys, arches and plant compositions, of which there are more than 140 species. For residents of the city, the park is the main place of recreation and leisure. This beautiful, quiet and cozy place will be remembered for many years;

Best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTOS)

Arzamas Arboretum in Arzamas Anna27402

    underground museum of mining, geology and speleology. An amazing place where you can feel like a gypsum miner of the past. All visitors are given warm clothes and special shoes to enter the underground mine, where gypsum was once mined in a simple way. You will descend to a depth of 70 meters, where you can observe the beauty of the underworld. An underground lake is available for visiting, which adorns the waterfall.

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO) )

Museum of Mining, Geology and Speleology Svetlov Artem

Official website:

This is not a complete list of shrines and bright places of the city of Arzamas. For more information about must-see places, you can use the services of a guide.

How to plan a trip using photos of Arzamas sights?

If you decide to go to a native Russian city that will welcome you with pleasant weather and amazing features, then Arzamas will be a godsend. Here, the history of Russia and modern life are perfectly combined. You can visit incredible caves and experience spirituality in ancient churches and cathedrals. In order for the trip to go smoothly and the pre-planned route does not disappoint, it is better to carefully prepare for the trip.

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO) )

Bessonov's house. A.S. Pushkin visited this house. Arzamas Alexey Beloborodov

First of all, it is worth understanding how many days are available. Based on this, it is worth planning a visit to the iconic places of the city. If you will be passing through Arzamas or the trip is planned for one day (for example, as entertainment, if the main vacation takes place in Nizhny Novgorod), then you should give preference to one topic. Visit the main churches and temples, each shrine has its own character and features. Studying the photos of the sights of Arzamas, and the names of the cathedrals, pay special attention to those that initially “sunk” into the soul. Even if it is not the most popular or ancient place. Or visit the main museums of the city. The municipality of Arzamas annually allocates a large amount of money for the maintenance and restoration of museums and galleries. Therefore, the interior decoration of museums is rich and filled with unique specimens of antiquity.

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO)

Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in Arzamas Tulip

If the trip is planned for a long period, then be sure to check out the full list of sights of Arzamas in the Nizhny Novgorod region. You can visit thematic excursions daily, and set aside one or more days for walking around the city and visiting fashionable establishments. In the center of Arzamas there are cafes, restaurants and clubs that will dilute your leisure time. Don't forget to spend one rest day visiting the city's arboretum. This place is special in every sense, here you can have a great time with your soulmate, entertain children and enjoy peace and quiet.

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO) )

The house-museum of the writer Maxim Gorky in Arzamas Alexei Beloborodov

For those who are wondering what to see in one day from the sights of Arzamas, it makes sense to contact guides and companies providing excursion services. They will tell you where it is better to stay, depending on the chosen program, and they will also tell you in detail about the unusual places of Arzamas. You can choose the program to your liking, taking into account the budget and personal interests. When planning a route on your own, you can lose sight of important elements of the cultural heritage of the city. You should not rely only on information found on the Internet, entrust the choice to those who are professionally engaged in excursion and entertainment activities in the city.

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO) )

Church of St. John the Evangelist in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod region Arzy

Depending on the decision of what to see from the sights of the city of Arzamas, choose the appropriate shoes and clothes. If the choice fell on museums and caves, then take warm clothes and comfortable waterproof shoes. This will save you a lot of hassle while traveling.

The best sights of Arzamas 2021 (PHOTO) )

Literary Museum of Arkady Gaidar in Arzamas Arzy

When traveling around Russia, pay special attention to cities with history and an indescribable atmosphere. Appreciating the photo of the sights of the city of Arzamas, you probably want to visit this place. Luxurious nature intersects with historical buildings and temples. You can relax your body and soul, thanks to the diversity of Arzamas. Every year more and more tourists prefer visiting native Russian cities to feel the charm of their native land and the beauty of Russian nature.

Having visited Arzamas once, you will want to come back here again, especially if you want to escape from the life and bustle of large cities and plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity. Read also about the sights of Astrakhan and get inspired for your further trip around Russia.


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