The best sights of Abrau-Durso 2021 (PHOTO)

Best Sights of Abrau-Dyurso 2021 (PHOTO)

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Abrau-Dyurso and its attractions are located on the map near Novorossiysk (14 km) in the Krasnodar Territory. The small resort town is a world famous rural area.

It is best to organize a trip in summer and autumn during the beach season. During this period, the temperature is within 26 ° C, pleases with sunny days and almost no rain. September is the month of the velvet season. There are fewer tourists at this time, often they are married couples with children, there are very few young people.

The Okrug consists of three settlements: Durso, Abrau and Bolshie Khutor. In Abrau-Dyurso, sights and entertainment are full of variety, therefore people from all over the world come here.

The best sights of Abrau-Dyurso 2021 (PHOTO)

View of the village of Abrau-Dyurso on the shore of Lake Martyshka < p>The village of Abrau is located near the lake of the same name and is famous for its winery, which produces excellent champagne. Seven kilometers on the Black Sea coast is the village of Durso (named after a flowing river). This valley attracts most of the tourists, as many resort hotels and private houses are located on its territory. The amazing underwater bays of Durso attract diving enthusiasts from all over the Russian Federation. Photos of the sights of Abrau-Durso look really impressive.

During the season – these are excursion tours to one of the largest wineries in Russia. Also of interest are the natural and man-made sights of Abrau-Durso and its environs, which are worth special attention. The natural beauty and diverse flora are impressive. Vacationers can enjoy a pebble beach and clear water.

Abrau-Dyurso sights created by nature itself

The town attracts many tourists every year, because the area here is very beautiful. Among the most popular places is Lake Abrau. And in our time, scientists do not have a unanimous explanation about the reason for the appearance of this lake.

The best sights of Abrau-Dyurso 2021 (PHOTOS)

Lake Abrau in the village of Abrau-Dyurso Maria Fomenko

There is a local legend about the love of a rich girl and a poor shepherd from the same village. Once the gods were angry with the local rich, made a pit out of the village and filled it with water. Only the lovers survived. But the girl missed her parents so much that she cried all the time. These tears turned into streams, and those flowed down, filling the whole lake. On the surface of the water, she walked to her beloved on the opposite bank, the water did not swallow her. As proof, even today, at the place of its traces, a shimmering strip is visible on the lake at night, in winter it freezes later than all the water in the lake. Naturally, scientists are ready to argue and provide scientific facts, but a legend is always more interesting and mysterious.

The reservoir is more than 3100 meters long, 630 meters wide, and about 10 meters deep. The water has a wonderful emerald color. Those who wish can go fishing, but you can only use fishing rods.

The best sights of Abrau-Durso 2021 (PHOTOS)

Rocky shore of Lake Abrau Alphatetia

This natural monument is under the protection of UNESCO. Along there is a park area, which is complemented by sculptures and monuments, an alley of roses, the Champagne Splash fountain.

In warm weather, you can take a dip here. A lake with rather steep shores, but tourists also have at their disposal an equipped beach for a good rest in Abrau-Dyurso on the territory of a natural attraction.

In comparative proximity to Novorossiysk and Abrau-Dyurso, there is another lake. Sweet Limanchik was formed after the earthquake. It is considered a real miracle, since there is a small stone strip between the lake and the Black Sea, but the water remains fresh. Even scientists cannot explain this phenomenon.

The best sights of Abrau-Dyurso 2021 (PHOTOS)

Lake Sladkiy Limanchik Sergey Kukota

The lake is credited with various healing characteristics, stress relief, relaxation. Therefore, there are several popular recreation centers around. There are clearings for tourists who prefer to relax as “savages”, camping is especially popular.

Sweet Limanchik is very clean, it is guarded, therefore it is forbidden to use water for domestic purposes. Unique species of plants grow on the territory.

In Abrau-Durso, the route between the sights is simple. You can get from one lake to another through the mountain. The distance on an asphalt road can be overcome in just ten minutes.

Man-made sights of Abrau-Dyurso

The best sights of Abrau-Dyurso 2021 (PHOTO)

Winery ” Abrau-Dyurso” in the village of Abrau-Dyurso Galin Vladimir Petrovich

On the territory of the tourist town there are other interesting places that attract attention. So, what to see in Abrau-Durso – a list of local attractions:

    Factory of sparkling wines. It was created in 1891, and the first vine was planted much earlier. In 1870, Abrau became the residence of the royal family, a year later they began to plant vineyards here. Wine cellars began to be equipped in 1891 with a depth of 45 meters. Seven years later, the first batch of local champagne was released. Since that time, production stopped only during the Great Patriotic War. The plant has 148 international awards. Here in Abrau-Durso, regular sightseeing tours are held, namely the tunnels built back in the 19th century. Tourists are told an interesting history of the enterprise, there is an opportunity to taste the products. You can try six different varieties of wine, and in the souvenir two-story shop “Grot” you can buy products of interest and themed souvenirs. The choice of visitors is offered a standard tour, without tasting, as well as an individual visit. The Wine Tourism Center is open all year round, but guided tours are offered only from 01.06 to 30.09;

The best sights of Abrau-Durso 2021 (PHOTO)

Church of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg Galin Vladimir Petrovich


    Church of Saint Xenia of Petersburg. Located on a hill above the lake, it is visible from any direction. The inspiration was a 26-year-old girl who donated all the money after the death of her husband who died prematurely. She wandered the streets of St. Petersburg, but people noticed that she brought good luck, the children recovered after her touch. Therefore, the temple became a symbol of her image, which helps the suffering.

Making a conclusion about local attractions and recreation in Abrau-Dyurso

Going to the village, everyone can find an interesting vacation option for themselves. First of all, this is a local factory of champagne and wine. On the spot you can appreciate how drinks known throughout Russia are stored, try popular varieties.

If you are not worried about winemaking, then you should go on a tour to the village on Lake Abrau. There is a beautiful pebble beach, catamaran rides and many other entertainments. The option is suitable for young people, as well as for couples.

Best Sights Abrau-Dyurso 2021 (PHOTO)

Boat rental on the lake in Abrau-Dyurso Nikolay Sizonenko

You can go to the beach on the coast of a mountain lake or to one of the two sea beaches. Despite the slight turbidity, the water in the lake is very clean and has beneficial characteristics for the skin. The central beach is pebbly, has a gentle entrance, it is equipped with changing rooms, showers, sunbeds and umbrellas. The wild beach is also pebbly, it is without tourist facilities and crowds of tourists. Sweet Limanchik is ideal for families with children, as it is small and shallow. The water warms up very quickly, you can enjoy the beach season until early October.

Most tours to beach-type villages. In Abrau-Durso, prices for attractions and entertainment are relatively affordable, you can pick up an excellent offer, including flights, transfers to the hotel, accommodation in one of the hotels and food options.

The best sights of Abrau-Dyurso 2021 (PHOTO)

Tanks for storing wine at the Abrau-Dyurso factory Mike1979 Russia

A trip to the champagne distillery can be arranged upon arrival. The cost will depend on the specifics of the visit, the desire to conduct a tasting. A bus tour for one or two days can be found in almost any city and village on the Black Sea coast. As a rule, the price includes the tour itself, transfer and guide services. On the spot you can eat and enjoy excellent wine.

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Picturesque landscape in Abrau-Dyurso Nikolay Zaytsev

The sights of Abrau-Dyurso in the photo with the description do not look as exciting as in life. But for nature lovers, this is a great solution. You can enjoy the scenery, the warm sea, visit famous places. And also try yourself as a diver and plunge into the nightlife. Each visitor will be able to choose a vacation option to their liking.


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