The best personnel of the service and tourism industry: Masters of hospitality launch a recruiting program

The “Masters of Hospitality” Personnel Tourist Competition is a Presidential Platform Project“Russia is a Land of Opportunities” launches a recruiting program. The masters have gathered a base of the best representatives of the tourism and hospitality industry who have passed the assessment of business and professional competencies and are ready to cooperate with companies interested in new bright personnel.

The Masters of Hospitality project has been implemented since 2019 and brings together talented and enthusiastic workers in the service and hospitality industry who develop the tourist attractiveness of the country's regions. Among them are restaurateurs, hoteliers, travel agents, guides, tour guides and other industry professionals, including those with managerial experience, representatives of the state administration system and the commercial sector of top and middle management positions, industry specialists with innovative projects in tourism, young promising personnel with ideas for the development of the industry.

The competition includes a multi-stage selection of participants, which includes a test of general knowledge, assessment of business competencies, individual interviews with experts, presentation of author's projects in front of experts, solving regional cases and other competitive tests. Over 87,000 people passed through the selection in three seasons.

Top talent in service and tourism industry: Hospitality masters launch recruiting program

“Masters of Hospitality” is a project of the presidential platform “Russia – a Land of Opportunities”, aimed primarily at finding talented and enterprising hospitality industry specialists in each of the regions of Russia. As part of competitive tests, we conduct an assessment of the professional competencies of participants and select the best ones. Most Masters have their own projects, have business connections with industry representatives throughout the country. The recruiting program of our competition will allow employers interested in bright ideas and new personnel to use the Masters database, consisting of more than a thousand resumes of the best representatives of the industry”, says Bogdan Kondratov, head of the Masters of Hospitality competition.

In the hospitality industry, the task of increasing human resources is of particular importance, given the high proportion of interpersonal services. The Masters of Hospitality Recruitment Program will help to provide the tourism industry with professional staff. Partners of the Masters of Hospitality competition were the first to join the program.

“We have been a partner of the project for several years, and this year we decided to integrate more tightly into the competitive and educational component, as we felt the professionalism of the finalists and see the great potential of the project. The level of participants, their involvement and motivation have already been evaluated by a number of companies in our country, and I personally know the finalists, who eventually joined the ranks of strong companies. The Masters of Hospitality recruiting program, in my opinion, is a logical step in the development of the competition and an excellent solution to the personnel issue for the tourism industry. I am sure that it will attract excellent specialists to many companies in the tourism industry”, – said the Managing Director of Evgeny Danilovich.

Companies, firms, enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, start-up projects, authorities interested in professional personnel in the service and tourism industry can join the recruiting program. The selection of specialists from among the “Masters of Hospitality” is carried out in the following areas: hotel business, catering, organization of the entertainment sector, excursion and museum activities, event management, tour operator and travel agency activities, state management of tourism and hospitality development, organization of children's recreation, sanatorium and resort activities, marketing, except technical and housekeeping staff.

“The recruiting program from the project “Masters of Hospitality” of the Presidential Platform “Russia – Land of Opportunities” is a timely initiative that will strengthen and renew the teams of professionals in the Russian tourism industry. This program can be a good start for building a development trajectory and advanced training for specialists. Employment will be possible not only by specialization, but also by the skills of the candidate, which he will be able to demonstrate within the framework of the “Masters”. To date, tourism in the Perm Territory is developing dynamically, and with the help of such projects it will be possible to bring the industry to a higher level, since the professionalism and competence of personnel is the key to success,” – notes the Deputy Minister for Tourism of the Perm Territory, the mentor of the competition “ Masters of hospitality» Sergey Horoshutin.

Finding a dream employee from among the Masters of Hospitality is simple: you need to go to the website, click the “Looking for an employee” button, fill out a form with a description of the company and position, and wait for a connection with the project manager. Within two working days, managers will contact to confirm and clarify the information, and in four days they will select specialists for the vacancy and offer interested candidates for an interview.

“I would like to note the importance of the assistance of the recruiting program of the Masters of Hospitality competition in the employment of Masters. The competition itself generates a huge number of ambitious, purposeful and professional representatives of the industry. Those who have passed serious competitive tests, have shown their business and creative competencies, are able to make a powerful contribution to the development of the hospitality industry. The vacancies offered by the recruiting program for specialists will bring candidates to a higher quality level in their favorite profession,” – said Art Director of the international restaurant holding Ginza Project, winner of the “Masters of Hospitality” Tatiana Ivanova.< /p>

Masters of hospitality invite companies interested in new staff to join the recruiting program. An important difference of the program is that the selection of candidates is carried out free of charge, and entry into the program does not require the obligation to hire the proposed candidates. The employer will decide for himself whether the Master will become part of his team.

Join the recruiting program and choose your dream employee with the Masters of Hospitality.


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