The best bays of Sharm, where it is always cozy and calm

Egypt has been ranked first among the resorts among our tourists for many years. The hot local climate, providing summer throughout the year, the incredible beauty of the Red Sea, the main historical value of the country – pyramids, developed tourist infrastructure, fast flight and affordable cost – all this attracts thousands of tourists to Egypt. Indeed, at local resorts you can relax inexpensively and comfortably, most importantly – choose the right resort.

Of course, everyone wants the rooms to be spacious and clean, the service at the highest level, the food is excellent, and the sea – a stone's throw. These requirements are the same for all tourists, but vacationers have individual preferences. So, young people will appreciate the presence of clubs and holding beach parties, and the elderly will choose a secluded place where there is no hustle and bustle. And what is important for family tourists?

Those who come to rest with children, first of all, you need to take care of safety issues. It is worth paying special attention to the beach: the descent into the water should be smooth and gentle, with a vast area of ​​shallow water, the bottom without unpleasant surprises in the form of holes and sharp stones. Ideal – quiet closed bay, where there are no strong winds and high waves. And there are such windless bays in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The best bays of Sharm, where it is always cozy and calm

The windless bays in Sharm El Sheikh

Many people come to Egypt in winter to escape the cold and bask in the hot African sun. However, it should be borne in mind that during this period the wind season begins here. The wind is one of the features of the local climate, it blows here almost constantly, but in winter it becomes more intense, sometimes there are even sandstorms on the coast.

In summer, a light refreshing breeze blows from the sea; in spring – the wind, for which there is a special name (“sherd”), in the fall, a cool breeze is almost imperceptible. It is in winter that the coldest wind blows in Egyptian resorts. Most of the beaches of Egypt are located on the plains, where the breath of the wind is always felt. But if surfers are happy with such a gift of nature, then for tourists with children this is more a minus than an advantage.

Quiet bays can be found in every Egyptian resort. If you have planned a family vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh, then before the trip, carefully study the question of where there is no wind in Sharm. One of the most popular resorts in Egypt, Sharm, is surrounded by the Sinai mountains, so this region is already less windy than others.

The best bays of Sharm el-Sheikh for families:

1. Ras Oum El Sid

The best bays of Sharm, where it is always cozy and calm

The peculiarity of Ras Um El Sid lies in its unusual landscape, namely in a rocky area. The rocks between which the bay is located serve as additional protection from the wind; storms here – great rarity. Divers love to relax on Ras Um El Sid, because there is a beautiful reef with a diverse fauna. Almost every local hotel has dive centers, so even a beginner who is far from diving can go scuba diving. And you should definitely dive at least once, because in Egypt all the most interesting things are located in the depths of the Red Sea.

The entrance to the water is quite gentle, which is perfect for kids. However, you still need to get to the beach. Since the bay is located between the rocks, the descent to the sea is carried out by elevators. Of course, you can also get there on foot along a winding path, but this is not the safest path for children. Don't forget to take aquashoes for all family members, because in some areas the corals grow too close to the coast.

Despite its reputation as a quiet, secluded bay, Ras Oum El Sid actually has a lot to offer. So, almost all hotels regularly host an animation program for children, organize excursions. There are cafes and shops, there is an authentic Egyptian market.

Recommended hotels:

  • Safir Sharm Waterfalls 5*
  • Reef Oasis Beach Resort 5*< /li>
  • Renaissance Golden View Beach 5*
  • Sentido Reef Oasis Senses Resort 5*
  • Jaz Fanara Resort & Residence (ex. Iberotel Club Fanara) 4*

2. Naama Bay

The best bays of Sharm, where it is always cozy and calm

Naama Bay was the first resort to appear on the Sinai Peninsula. Today it is the most developed and comfortable area of ​​the city, which is unofficially considered the center of Sharm. There is everything a tourist needs here: clubs and bars, cafes and restaurants, shops and souvenir kiosks. Naama Bay is perfect for tourists who do not plan to spend their entire vacation at the hotel. In addition to the developed infrastructure, the area boasts a wonderful coastal area, which is great for families with children.

The local beach is cleared of corals, pontoons are installed here for the convenience of entering the water. In the 80s, when the bay was only being improved for vacationers, not much attention was paid to the environment, so the reef was mercilessly cut down. However, despite this, there are still small areas that will delight snorkelers and divers. But in order to enjoy all the beauties of the Red Sea, you will have to sail away from the coast.

As for entertainment, they can also be found in Naama Bay. So, there are many catering establishments (the unusual and stylish Hard Rock Cafe deserves special attention). Discos, singing fountains, dinopark – what vacationers will not find here. Nearby is the Old Town, where you can go on an excursion or for souvenirs. The local market has many interesting products that will be a great gift for family and friends.

Recommended hotels:

  • Mövenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh 5*
  • Stella Di Mare Sharm Beach Hotel & Spa 5*
  • Tropitel Naama Bay 5*
  • Novotel Sharm El Sheikh 5*
  • Fayrouz Resort Sharm El Sheikh 4*

3. Sharks Bay

The best bays of Sharm, where it is always cozy and calm

Sharks Bay is located near the airport, which means that after a tiring flight, passengers can reach the hotel in the shortest possible time. By the way, there are luxurious world-class hotels here. If you want to enjoy your vacation with great service, then you will find it in Sharks Bay.

Despite the formidable name, there are no sharks here. But there are many other marine life here – in Sharks Bay, an incredibly beautiful coral reef is a real paradise for snorkelers. True, you will have to pay for such beauty – entry into the water is only available from a pontoon, for swimming it is better to take aquashoes for the whole family.

  • The best hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh for families with children
  • < /ul>

    During the day, guests of Sharks Bay enjoy a beach holiday, and in the evening – local entertainment. You should definitely take a walk along the local walking alley Soho Square, where all the fun is concentrated. Pubs and cafes of Chinese, Japanese, European cuisine, a unique Ice Bar, where absolutely everything is made of ice, singing fountains, a skating rink and discos – There are many things to do in Sharks Bay.

    Recommended hotels:

    • Sultan Gardens Resort 5*
    • Sunrise Grand Select Arabian Beach Resort 5*
    • Savoy Sharm El Sheikh 5*
    • Grand Oasis Resort Hotel 4*
    • Concorde El Salam Sport Area 5*

    4. Sharm El Maya

    The best bays of Sharm, where it is always cozy and calm

    Sharm el Maya is located near the colorful oriental market, there are also many shops and cafes nearby. Tourists do not experience discomfort here from the lack of the benefits of civilization. Yachts and boats depart regularly from Sharm El Maya Bay to the Ras Mohammed Nature Reserve. Here you can also go shopping – There is a duty free shop here. In general, you will definitely not be bored here. 

    The bay is ideally protected from gusts of wind by mountains rising from three sides. This is an incredibly picturesque and cozy place, which seems to be created for relaxation with the youngest travelers. Sandy beaches are great for children's fun, as are warm shallow waters. A little further from the main beach there are pontoons for those who want to admire the beauties of the Red Sea.

    Recommended hotels:

    • Iberotel Palace 5*
    • Albatros Aqua Park 5*
    • Albatros Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheikh 4*
    • Xperience Golden Sandy Beach 4*
    • Fun & Sun Smart Seti Sharm 4*

    5. Ras Nacrani

    Another small bay, which is perfectly protected from the winds. This cozy place is located 5 km from Sharma Airport, where diving enthusiasts regularly come. The highlight of Ras Nasrani lies precisely in the most beautiful coral reef. Vacationers from all over Sharm come here to see the wealth of the Red Sea.

    This bay is suitable for couples with small children and the elderly, but young people may find it a bit boring here. There are no special entertainments in Ras Nasrani, but what is in abundance here is untouched nature, clean air and endless expanses.

    The most windless bays of Sharm el-Sheikh compare favorably with infrastructure, the availability of entertainment locations, and, accordingly, prices. Each tourist will be able to find a place that will satisfy all his requirements and not hit his wallet.

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    The best hotels of Sharm el-Sheikh in calm bays

    The best bays of Sharm, where it is always cozy and calm

    < p>In each of the above bays there are hotels that are family-oriented. Tourists with children are best to choose hotels with all-inclusive meals, because it can be difficult to find products familiar to children in local supermarkets and markets. Sharm El Sheikh hotels in windless bays differ in the number of stars, infrastructure, proximity to the sea and other important factors that you should consider before your trip.

    TOP 5 best Sharm hotels for families:

    1. Stella Di Mare Sharm Beach Hotel & Spa 5*, Naama Bay. The hotel began operating in 2009 and immediately gained an excellent reputation among the guests. The main advantage of Stella Di Mare Sharm Beach Hotel & Spa 5* – its good location, because Naama Bay is considered the very heart of the resort. However, the hotel is not far behind in other respects: there are comfortable rooms and excellent service.
    2. Sentido Reef Oasis 5*, Ras Oum El Sid. The opening of the hotel took place in 2008, since then it has not stopped developing. There is a swimming pool and a water park, which is very convenient, since the local beach is on the second line. The beach has one feature – above the coastline there are two small pools with heated water. Even if the sea seems cool to parents for their little ones, children can always splash in these mini-pools.
    3. Savoy Sharm El Sheikh 5*, Sharks Bay. This hotel is more than two decades old, but despite its venerable age, the conditions here are quite modern. Savoy Sharm El Sheikh 5* is surrounded by greenery, even on the beach there are many plants that you rarely see in Egypt.
    4. Tropitel Waves Naama Bay Hotel 5*. Another hotel in Naama Bay, which began operating in 2019. There are swimming pools on a well-groomed territory. The management also paid attention to entertainment: guests can do yoga, aqua aerobics, dancing. A chic animation program is provided for children.
    5. Grand Oasis Resort Hotel 4*, Sharks Bay. The hotel opened in 2002. Despite the 4 *, there are usually few comments about this place from tourists. There is excellent food, well-developed infrastructure, and a heated pool.

    The success of a family holiday largely depends on proper organization and competent preparation. Learn more about holidays in the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh from our article. KidPassage hopes these tips will help you plan your trip and get exactly the vacation you've been dreaming of.


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