The average check for a tour to Turkey has almost doubled in a year

The average check of a sold tour to Turkey in 2022 with arrival in July-August is 95-98% higher compared to the same period of arrival in 2021.

The average check for a tour to Turkey almost doubled in a year


According to ATOR with reference to two large federal tour operators in Turkey, the average bill for a realized tour to Turkey in July-August 2021 for a family of 2 adults and 1 child was 1731 euros and 1920 euros. At the same time, the average bill of a sold tour to Turkey for a family of three with a check-in in the same period (July-August) 2022 for these two companies is, respectively, 3367 and 3800 euros.

« In the second half of July, a weekly tour to the resorts of Antalya for a family with 1 child will cost a minimum of 161 thousand rubles. for all – this is about 25% higher than in the same period of 2021 “, – ATOR quotes a representative of a large tour operator company.

The reasons for the increase in the average bill are a small number of flights in the direction and higher transportation costs. At the same time, tour operators are seeing a shortage of seats on flights to Turkey for the coming dates, that is, despite the increase in the cost of tours, there is a demand for tours.


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