Tenerife in January: start the year on the Atlantic coast

Not everyone likes to relax in the summer, when it is unbearably hot outside, and all resort towns are filled with tourists. Many people prefer to travel to warmer climes during the cold season: firstly, this is a great chance to extend the summer, and secondly, vacations in the cold season have a lot of advantages that the hot season cannot boast of.

One of the popular tourist destinations is Tenerife — Spanish island on the Atlantic coast. Visiting this place in January will be an unforgettable start to the new year. Kidpassage will tell you what to prepare for when planning a trip to Spain in winter.

Tenerife in January: starting the year on the Atlantic coast

Tenerife holidays in January: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Tenerife is such an exotic and amazing corner of Spain that you simply cannot but like a vacation here. “Island of Eternal Spring” at any time pleases visitors with good weather, a welcoming atmosphere and natural beauties. Reviews of holidays in Tenerife in January only confirm that buying a tour and going on a trip here — just a great idea. Here are the main prosof spending time on the island in the middle of winter:

  • Tenerife enjoys ideal weather conditions almost all year round: in winter there is neither snow nor frost. Moreover, the sun is noticeably hot during the day.
  • There are many bright and cheerful events and festivals in January, which we will talk about in this article.
  • Since the New Year holidays have already passed, and the beach season is still far away, tour operators reduce the cost of their services, so in January you can save a little on a ticket.
  • At this time there is not a large influx of tourists.
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    But this barrel of honey has its own fly in the ointment. Tenerife also has some disadvantages in January:

    • In the middle of winter, strong winds blow on the island, and on vacation you sometimes need a sweater.
    • The water temperature is often higher than the air temperature (both daytime and nighttime).
    • If you decide to climb to the top of Mount Teide, keep in mind that it is quite cold and snowy here.
    • Temperature ocean water is not too high. Only walruses can swim and the most seasoned tourists. Taking a dip in the ocean for young children is out of the question.

    The weather in Tenerife in January

    The southern and northern parts of the island differ in climatic conditions, so the weather in Tenerife in January — February in opposite parts is different. So, the north is buried in greenery in winter, while the south cannot boast of such a riot of colors. But in general, the weather on the island is warm and sunny in winter, during this period slight precipitation in the form of short-term rains is possible.

    Weather in early January — the coldest of the year. True, the average temperature of +15…20°C is unlikely to seem too low for someone. Humidity remains elevated. In addition, at this time, cold trade winds intensify in the northern part of the island, and in the southern — sometimes (on average 5 & ndash; 6 days) it rains.

    The temperature in Tenerife in mid-January is not much different from the beginning of the month. The island is still humid, warm and sunny most of the time. If you are going on an excursion to the mountains, remember that the peaks are covered with snow, so take care of suitable clothing.

    The weather in Tenerife at the end of January is quite windy. As we have said, this is especially noticeable in the north. It is cool in the evenings, warm clothes will come in handy for tourists.

    Air and water temperature

    The Atlantic Ocean plays the main role in shaping the local climate, so the weather is warm all year round. In summer and off-season, Tenerife is quite warm, but not sultry due to high humidity. In winter, the temperature fluctuates between +18…26 °С.

    However, it should be borne in mind that in the southern and northern regions of the island the temperature is significantly different. So, if in winter in the south the thermometer marks are kept in the range of + 20 & hellip; 25 ° C, then in the north it is a few degrees less. In addition, it is quite windy and rainy in the northern region.

    Air temperature in Tenerife in January

    The average day and night temperature in Tenerife in January is +16.8 °C and + 13.6 °C, respectively. Agree, it is difficult to dream of more pleasant weather in the middle of winter. Tourists even have a chance to return with a beautiful tan.

    In winter, it is better to come only to the southern resorts of the island, as it is cold, cloudy and rainy in the northern ones at this time of the year. When in the south it is +20 °С, in the north — about +15 °С. 

    Sea temperature in Tenerife in January

    It is unlikely that visitors will be able to swim in the Atlantic Ocean at the beginning of the year — it is still too cold for a beach holiday (although this word can hardly be applied to Tenerife at all). The average water temperature is +19.9 °C.

    The water temperature in the northern and southern parts is practically the same, as it is affected by the current, but a beach holiday in the northern part will be less comfortable due to low air temperatures and piercing winds.


    For the entire month, only one rainy day is expected on the island, which brings with it 27.9 mm of precipitation. Umbrella and raincoat — completely useless things in your suitcase, so feel free to leave them at home.

    Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

    More than half of the days of the month (16 days, or 53%) are sunny here. Cloudy days take up 30% of the time. Cloudy weather in Tenerife also happens, the average number of gloomy days — 17%.

    Beach holidays in Tenerife

    Tenerife in January: starting the year on the Atlantic coast

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    Since the Canary Current significantly cools the water, swimming even in the warm season may not be entirely comfortable, let alone the middle of winter. However, the low temperature of the water is not at all a reason to deny yourself a beach holiday, because even the contemplation of seascapes brings unprecedented pleasure.

    The beaches of Tenerife are unique, because of the volcanic lava that covers the coast, the sand is almost black. It is worth traveling such a long distance to see this natural curiosity. But there are also areas where white sand is brought.

    The southern part of the island

    South of Tenerife is considered the most popular area for a beach holiday. Not only tourists, but also locals spend time here. The infrastructure is well developed on the beaches, visitors are offered a wide range of water activities, there are many cafes and restaurants nearby.

    In addition, there are beaches marked with the Blue Flag, — for example, Playa del Duque in Costa Adeje. Most of the territories are covered with imported white sand, the coast is divided by breakwaters. The southern part is great for families with children.

    The most popular beaches: Playa del Duque, Torviscas, Playa de La Pinta (Costa Adeje); Playa de Los Cristianos, Playa Las Vistas (Los Cristianos); Playa Honda, Playa del Camison (Playa de Las Americas).

    Northern part

    The main highlight of this territory — natural beauty. Since it rains much more often in the north of Tenerife, ideal conditions have been created for the lush growth of plants. Local beaches are simply buried in flowers. Strong winds in this region create big waves that are perfect for surfing. All beaches are covered with natural gray sand. As for the infrastructure, here you can find both well-equipped territories and completely “wild” ones. places.

    The most popular beaches are: Playa de Las Terisitas (Santa Cruz); Playa del Roquete, Playa de Bahamar (Bahamar); Playa El Pris, Playa de La Arena (El Pris/Mesa del Mar).

    There are also many excellent beaches in the west and east. Local resorts are quieter and more secluded; there are fewer tourists here than in the southern and northern regions. Most often in these parts of the island residents of Tenerife relax, but foreign visitors are also found on the coast.

    For families with children, the southern part of the island is more suitable, where it is much warmer and less windy. The northern regions will please aesthetes and nature lovers, because due to the abundance of greenery it is very beautiful here, but the temperature in the north is lower and it rains more often.

    Sightseeing holidays in Tenerife

    Sit in the hotel and walk only around the nearby area — a real crime, because there are so many interesting things on the island! There are so many attractions in Tenerife that you can write more than one separate article about them. But we will tell you about the most interesting ones, which are one hundred percent must have to visit.

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    Teide Volcano

    Tenerife in January: starting the year on the Atlantic coast

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    The pearl of Tenerife is the legendary volcano Teide — the highest point in Spain (3718 m). At the top there is an observation deck, from where you can see all the Canary Islands. If you are not a rock climber, you can get here either by road or by cable car. The volcano is located in the Teide National Park, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the foot of the Teide, many lava fragments of various shapes and colors have been preserved. In early January, the park blooms and smells sweet despite the fact that there is a snow cap on the top of the volcano.

    Botanical Garden

    Another place with picturesque nature — Botanical Garden of Tenerife. It doesn't matter if you come here at the end of January, in the middle or at the beginning of the month, — an incredible spectacle awaits you. Over 4,000 representatives of exotic flora grow on an area of ​​2.5 hectares. There are ponds in the garden where turtles live, decorative elements are found everywhere. Botanical Garden Tenerife — one of the best places to take unique photos.

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    São Miguel Castle

    Tenerife in January: starting the year on the Atlantic coast

    There are many architectural curiosities on the island. One of the most famous buildings is the castle of San Miguel, located in the city of the same name. But the castle gained popularity not at all because of its historical significance. The fact is that the guests of San Miguel seem to make a journey through time, completely transported to the Middle Ages. Tourists will visit an interesting excursion, see a real jousting tournament, which is an incredibly spectacular show, after which the tourists will be treated to the best medieval traditions.

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    In January, there are excellent weather conditions for sightseeing holidays, and there is something to see in Tenerife! The island has a huge number of corners of picturesque nature, the main of which is Teide National Park. Tenerife is also replete with unique historical and architectural attractions.

    If you come to Tenerife with children, you can organize a family holiday in the following locations:

    • Monkey Park Tenerife
    • >

    • Jungle Park
    • Loro Parque, where a large number of species of animals and birds are collected, and you can also admire the amazing natural beauties
    • Aqualand and Siam Park water parks in Costa Adeje

    Holidays, events, festivals

    Guests of the island not only relax on the beaches and attend excursions, but also participate in the holidays in Tenerife in January. Like us, in Spain, New Year's events continue for quite a long time, so visitors have every chance to have fun at city festivities.

    January 6 is celebrated in the country Day of the Three Kings, which is also called Epiphany. In Santa Cruz and large cities of the island, a solemn procession of the Three Kings takes place, which gives people various surprises. Moreover, the kings march through the streets of the city, accompanied by a retinue — pages, fairies and other fairy-tale characters. This is a very bright and cheerful holiday, which is eagerly awaited not only by children, but also by adults.

    On January 17, St. Anthony the Great is celebrated in the province of Arona. Locals dressed in traditional costumes organize a procession through the city, carrying the image of the Saint through the streets. Another significant religious holiday in honor of Our Lady of Nuestra Señora de Begonia takes place on January 27 on Almaciga beach.

    On January 20, Costa Adeje honors the memory of the patron saint of the city — Saint Sebastian. The holiday begins on the evening of the 19th with a concert, which ends with fireworks. The following day, a wooden sculpture of the patron is traditionally brought to the ocean at Enramada Beach. On Saint Sebastian's Day, horses are bathed — the action is quite spectacular, so not only local residents, but also guests of the island participate in it. Fairs are held in the city squares and attractions for children are installed.

    Rest prices in January

    Tenerife in January: starting the year on the Atlantic coast

    Not everyone can afford a vacation in the Canary Islands, because it is quite expensive. But those who still have access to such a vacation will be pleased with the prices in Tenerife in January. Since the New Year holidays have already ended, and the beach season, during which many more people come to the island, has not yet begun, vacationers in the middle of winter will be able to save quite a bit.

    Price of tours

    The cost of the December and January tour is not too different. Even though many want to celebrate the New Year by the ocean, the difference in price is only 3%. In December, vacationers pay a little more than in January.


    Flight prices fall with each winter month. At the beginning of winter, travelers pay 10% more than in January. In February, the cost is reduced by another 13% compared to the previous month.


    Accommodation in local hotels in the middle of winter is a little more expensive than at the end. The cost difference is 5%. On average, in January, guests pay 110 euros per day, and in February — 104 euros

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    Meals and transfers

    The cost of food in Tenerife depends entirely on the class of the institution. Dinner with wine in a chic restaurant will cost 70 euros per person. But in a cafe, such a meal costs about 15-20 euros. Many establishments have a “dish of the day” on the menu, which is sold for a few euros cheaper.

    Since sitting in one place is quite boring, you willy-nilly have to use public transport, which is represented here by a network of buses TITSA company. The fare depends on the distance, the price is the same for both adults and children. In the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, there is a tram. Tickets are purchased directly from the driver. 

    Taxi companies can also be used on the island. Landing costs about 3 euros, each kilometer of the way — from 1 euro. Good solution — rent a car, because in order not to get bored at the hotel, in any case, you will have to travel around the neighborhood.

    How to dress in Tenerife

    The gap between day and night temperatures is quite large here, so tourists will need both light and warm clothes. T-shirts and shorts are suitable for daytime walks, but jeans and sweaters should be worn in the evening or when climbing Mount Teide and other mountain peaks.

    Swimwear should also be put in a suitcase, because Tenerife has water parks that work all year round. Yes, and sunbathing on the beach is quite possible at such a high daytime temperature. Surely you have already hidden your panama hat and sunglasses far away on the mezzanine, but when packing your suitcase for a trip, it's time to get them out. And also — do not forget the cream for a safe tan.

    As for shoes, in addition to beach shoes, take strong practical shoes, as sightseeing holidays on the island involve long walks.

    Recommendations for families with children

    Tenerife in January: starting the year on the Atlantic coast

    Whether you will be comfortable in Tenerife in January with children depends on your expectations. If the main goal — to swim in the ocean, it is worth considering other directions, since in the middle of winter the water is still cold. But you can always splash in hotel pools or visit local water parks. In addition, it is recommended to choose the southern part of the island, where it is much warmer and sunnier.

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    But for lovers of active pastime who want to see local attractions and expand their horizons, the middle of winter — good period. There are plenty of excursions and entertainment in Tenerife to give children unforgettable emotions and impressions from the winter holidays.

    They say how you meet the New Year, so you will spend it. So why not start the year with a visit to the Island of Eternal Spring? Kidpassage article “13 interesting facts about Tenerife” will only warm up your interest in such a picturesque corner of Spain. This is actually a fabulous place, the beauty of which is definitely worth seeing at least once in your life!


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