Tbilisi in May: the city fills with tourists

Tbilisi in May treats tourists favorably and affectionately. The bright sun, green and flowering parks evoke pleasant emotions. During the “flower days” vendors cover sidewalks with thousands of bouquets and plant pots. A clean, fresh, salty spring wind fills the lungs with life-giving force.

In this article, KidPassage explored in detail what interesting outdoor activities for families with children and romantics take place and when rain can interfere with them.

Tbilisi in May: the city fills with tourists

Holidays in Tbilisi in May: relaxation and outdoor entertainment

More and more people appear in parks and squares every warm day. Orthodox believers often fill churches to celebrate significant church holidays. Many social events take place with noisy concerts and fireworks in the city center. Filmmakers, artists, choreographers, fashion designers, poets and writers, bards, singers and musicians, circus artists, sommeliers, artists and scientists come from all over the world to festivals and competitions.

Hotels are not empty at this time. Moreover, for the May holidays they are booked long before the start of the season.

Leisure advantages attract the attention of tourists to Tbilisi for the whole month:

  • ideal time for excursions, visiting gardens and parks;
  • almost daily festival and festive life;
  • many free entertainments;
  • warm weather in spring.

Cons of rest do not significantly affect its quality:

  • probability of rains, cold nights;
  • all opportunities for active recreation are not yet available;
  • high occupancy of hotels, streets and tourist sites by city guests.

Reviews about holidays in Tbilisi in May are filled with enthusiastic memories, especially about the fashion and wine events of the year. With warmth, vacationers recall the trusting and sincere attitude of Georgians towards guests.

The weather in Tbilisi in May

The weather in May is truly summery and sunny during the day, cool at night, and frosts still occur in the mountains. In June it is very hot and dry, but you can do without air conditioning.

The weather in early May is warm, clear or slightly cloudy. The wind often subsides to calm. The temperature in Tbilisi in mid-May during the daytime, as a rule, exceeds +20 °C. Sometimes the air warms up to +30 °C.

At the end of May, the weather in Tbilisi is steadily warming up, it often rains and thunderstorms. However, they do not have such a torrential character as in early spring. The wind also weakens and blows on average with a force of 2.1 m/s.

Air and water temperatures

The temperature in Tbilisi in May rises to a maximum of +31 °C during the day, and at night, the maximum cold leaves a mark of +2 °C on the thermometer. Average temperature range — +9 °C to +23 °C.

The climate of the city in some areas is different, because Tbilisi has a complex natural relief. The central quarters are located on terraces on both sides of the Kura River, and the side streets adjoin mountains and hills on three sides. Therefore, it is colder and windier in open areas than in protected areas. 

Air temperature in Tbilisi in May

The average air temperature in late spring during the daytime reaches +21.4 ° ;C, and at night it is +9.9 °C. The temperature regime is stable almost throughout the month, giving a noticeable rise in indicators only towards the very end.

Water temperature in Tbilisi in May

The water temperature in the Tbilisi Sea Reservoir, Lisa and Turtle Lakes, the Kura River does not exceed +18 °C.


Average precipitation in May — 45.1 mm. Rain or thunderstorms are observed from 3 to 6 days a month.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

The total number of sunny days is 20, cloudy days are the same as rainy days. The rest of the time clouds cover the sun partially. The sun shines an average of 10.8 hours with a day length of 14–15 hours.

Sightseeing holidays

Tbilisi in may: the city fills with tourists

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In early May, you can slowly explore the architecture of the city. Two-story houses with picturesque balconies in the Old Town are built on a rock in such a way that they are ready to fall off a cliff. Narrow streets meander between them. The visiting card of the city, Metekhi Temple of the 17th century, as well as Queen Darejan's Palace crown the top of the rock.  

The Narikala fortress complex dates back to different eras, starting from the 4th century. Climbing the cable car, you can see how the city smoothly spreads along the banks of the Kura, rising in ledges to the fortress. Near the sculpture “Mother Georgia” next to each other you can see Zion ChurchVI century, synagogue, mosque, Gregorian and Catholic churches. The domes of Persian-style sulfur baths are also located here.

In the city center, the old buildings of the 19th century include buildings located on Rustaveli Avenue and Agmashenebeli. These streets run almost parallel to each other along different banks of the river. They are the center of the spiritual and cultural life of the capital. Most theaters, museums, galleries, various institutions are located here.

15 km from the city, away from the Vake district, there is a favorite village for the summer holidays of the townspeople — Tskneti. The climate in it is more comfortable due to its higher location above sea level (950 m). A separate road from Vake leads to the Turtle Lake, in the vicinity of which the Museum of Folk Architecture and life in the open air is located.    

In the north of the city, on hot days, the citizens relax at the artificial reservoir or go to the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, which blooms in full force in spring. Air — refreshing and clean, filled with plant aromas. To the west of the garden on the slope of the mountain there is a pantheon of writers and public figures.

In mid-May, the Tbilisi Circus opens the season. Its arena shows the best numbers of artists from different countries, performances with the participation of wild and domestic animals. At the same time, the city's museums, of which there are more than 50, offer to get acquainted with their expositions for free.

There are almost two dozen theaters in the city, among them — State Opera and Ballet Theatre, drama theaters named after. Rustaveli, MarjanishviliGriboyedov, Armenian theater, musical comedy theaters, pantomime, puppetsetc.

The choice in May of excursions outside the city in the steppe regions of the country should be treated with caution. There is a danger of encountering snakes, for example, while visiting the Davido Gareji Monastery Complex

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Active rest

Tbilisi in May: the city is filled with tourists

At the end of spring, it is already possible to walk freely in alpine meadows at an altitude of about 3000 m above sea level. Rafting on rivers where the water level is falling is already available for children aged 10 and over. The nearest hiking and trekking tours lead from Vake Park; in a beautiful forest in Kojori.

There is a good 45 km bicycle route in the Tbilisi National Park. It passes through the forest, from where you can see the whole of Tbilisi. Climbing — 7 km 300 m, and the descent on bicycles — 800 m

Put up a tent in the city — also easy. Wonderful places are located near the Tbilisi Sea, on Mount Makhata, and also near the wild canyon near the famous waterfall.

For outdoor enthusiasts, local authorities are equipping more and more sports tracks and playgrounds in the city center. After the Ded Ena Park, adventure routes, cycling and hiking trails appear in the Botanical Garden and in the Tsavkisistskali Gorge.

The famous Mount Mtatsminda can also be used for sports purposes. A trekking trail leads here from the Sololak Ridge. It is very pleasant to run here in the spring mornings. The ascent uphill from Chonkadze Street is about 200 m, and up Mount Shaori — 500 m.

At the end of May, the beach season opens on the banks of city reservoirs. Many people sunbathe, the more daring of them swim. The water parks of the city open access to outdoor pools only in June, but closed areas are open all year round.

Tournaments in various sports are held on the shores of Lisi Lake at the weekend. In the park “Mushtaidi” chess players gather. For the youngest children (2-5 years old) there is a lot of entertainment, as well as a children's railway. In the park “Mtatsminda” some of the attractions entertain children from the age of one under the supervision of their parents.

Holidays, events and festivals

Holidays in Tbilisi in May — this is a series of bright events in all spheres of life and art.

May 1st on the occasion of Labor Dayin the center of Tbilisi, the country's united trade unions gather for a rally near the Parliament. The main slogan “Workers' Solidarity” remains unchanged. Then a procession takes place along the main streets of the city.

In May, performances of classical music performers continue as part of the From Easter to Ascension Festival.

In spring (in end of April — May) the weekly sports festival "Tbi-Lisi" starts on Lake Lisi. Every Saturday, athletes participate in basketball, mini-golf, table tennis, chess, fencing, etc. tournaments. A play corner is equipped for children. The public is entertained by local bands and DJs.

Kolga Tbilisi Photo Week continues the May holidays with a competition of young and famous photographers. The best newcomer wins the Kolga Newcomer Photo Award. Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of photo artists depicting various trends in contemporary photography.

Tbilisi in May: the city fills with tourists

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi (MBFWT) was first organized in 2015. And since then, in spring and autumn, critics, journalists and editors of well-known fashion publications experience aesthetic pleasure from viewing new collections of Georgian and foreign designers. Georgian fashion is bold, experimental and original.

In early May, in the Mtatsminda park, the New (young) wine festival takes place. It begins with the opening of a traditional jug of qvevri wine. The festival is attended by representatives of large industrial and family wine production companies, importing companies, wine bars and restaurants, sommeliers from all over the world, expert writers and lovers of this drink.

In April — May on annual Caucasus Tourism Fair the organizers create a platform that promotes the development of domestic, regional and international tourism in the entire Caucasus region.

For a month, musicians perform in Tbilisi as part of the Jansug Kakhidze Festival , famous Georgian conductor. The purpose of the event — creative collaboration between the Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra and world popular music stars. Organizational support is provided by the Musical and Cultural Center of the same name and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia.

Especially revered days are held in May for the Orthodox of Georgia: in memory of St. George (May 6), Apostle Andrew the First-Called (May 12) and Holy Queen Tamara (May 14). Major holiday events — these are solemn services in churches.

May 9, on Victory Day, — official holiday. Traditionally, in the park "Vake" wreaths are laid at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In recent years, the holiday has lost its former identity, the attitude of the people to its symbolism has changed. The Great Gala Concert of the participants of the International Author's Song Festival is dedicated to the Victory Day. Authors and performers are collected by the Tbilisi Theater. A. Griboyedov.

On May 15, 1914, the annual festival-holiday “Vardaton” was foundeddedicated to the ashug poet Sayat-Nova. In translation, the name of the festival sounds like “Festival of Roses”. Representatives of the Armenian Diaspora lay red roses on the poet's grave and organize theatrical celebrations. Many poems and songs in Georgian and Armenian are heard from the lips of actors, musicians, poets, readers from different parts of Armenia and Georgia.

Literary themes formed the basis of the International Literary Festival. Famous writers and poets from all over the world take part in it: Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Poland, USA, France, etc. They talk about their work, new books, hold literary meetings with students and readers, memory evenings. Organizational support is provided by the House of Writers of Georgia and the state department.

In honor of International Museum Day (May 18), Georgia joins the Night of Museums campaign. All day and until midnight, all the museum halls of the country open for visitors free of charge. During the event, the organizers provide themed activities for children, guided tours, lectures and discussions. The museum festival lasts about two weeks and ends with a forum.

In spring, “Festival of Flowers and Ornamental Plants” takes place. The fragrant garden spreads around Zion Square, Sharden Street, Mtatsminda Park; or Leselidze street. Here you can buy seedlings and seeds, take part in master classes, competitions and just have fun. Traditional “Vardobistve” was timed to coincide with the Independence Day of Georgia.

On May 26, a solemn military parade takes place along Rustaveli Avenue, and the final concert sounds in Rike Park. The country celebrates Independence Day. Recreational activities are held in the parks for children, at the stadiums — sports competitions, and in the sky the planes perform aerobatic maneuvers.

At the end of May, International Children's Film Festival “Golden Butterfly”, established in 2011. The jury evaluates films and animations of different genres and shooting methods: from professional cameras to smartphones. At the finale of the festival, young filmmakers from among talented teenagers will have a red carpet and an awards ceremony.

Simultaneously with the children's festival, these days the Amirani International Student Film Festival. The festival was founded in the 1980s and revived in 2007. Since then, it has awarded many outstanding directors during their student years.

Another May film festival — CinéDOC-Tbilisi. This is the first international festival in the South Caucasus dedicated to documentaries. In his program — demonstrations of both Georgian and world iconic films, as well as international, regional and youth competitions. 

Tbilisi in May: the city fills with tourists

By the end of the month, at the international fair of contemporary visual art Tbilisi Art Fair in a friendly and cozy atmosphere, artists gather, whose work is associated with the region between the Black, Caspian and Baltic seas. TAF promotes sales, exhibition projects, networking, member careers, and institutional partnerships.

Every Saturday and Sunday, from May to the end of August, Tbilisi City Hall organizes outdoor cultural and entertainment events for guests of the capital. The new project “Under the sky of Tbilisi” was presented in 2018. The city authorities have set a goal to stimulate the development of a recreation culture in green areas at the weekend.

Rest prices

Prices in Tbilisi in May for holidays rise and stay at approximately the same level until September inclusive. The biggest rise in prices is observed in the hotel sector.


May holidays cause an increase in prices for tours in the first week of the month, then the cost is subject to significant fluctuations. On average, the rise in the price of a weekly tour package is about 3% per month.


The cost of living in a hotel room in May is more than 40% higher than the average annual price level. Compared to the previous month, the rise in price is about 10%, and the difference with June is insignificant and adds a maximum of a few percent to the price.

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The price of one air ticket in May falls by a few percent compared to April, and it rises by the same amount compared to June. The price level almost corresponds to its average annual value.


Tbilisi in May: the city fills with tourists

For about 20 euros, a restaurant visitor gets a choice of food from at least three courses. For a dinner with wine tasting in a private household, you will have to pay from 20 euros.

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A single bus or metro ride costs about 0.18 euros, but you need to purchase a card for 0.65 euros. The fare for a taxi from the airport starts from 12 euros, an hour of parking costs about 8 euros. The cost of entrance tickets to museums is approximately 1.5 euros.

Recommendations for families with children

Sunny May, September and October are the best periods to visit Tbilisi. At this time, there is no sweltering heat, stuffy air and dust, typical for summer. For relaxation, a standard light spring wardrobe, a jacket (coat, raincoat) for the evening and, of course, a swimsuit (provided there are no trips to the mountains) are enough. You can already get sunburned in the May sun.  

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Upstairs in the surrounding the villages are fresh and cool, so you will still need a warm jacket, hat, trekking boots.

The difficult terrain of the capital creates natural obstacles for walking with children in strollers. Sightseeing for this reason will not be easy. Therefore, it is advisable for parents to take school-age children with them on a trip. Numerous outdoor programs are available, museums will not let you get bored.

For adults, it will be interesting to visit the most high-profile events of the month — Festival of young wine in the park “Mtatsminda” and Georgian Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It is their foreign tourists visit with the greatest willingness. The timing of the events coincides with some price reductions after the May holidays at the beginning of the month. So do not miss the opportunity to see the fashion extravaganza and taste the best Georgian wine.   


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