Taiwan eases covid restrictions

Since October 13th, Taiwan has eased coronavirus restrictions, and organized tour groups are allowed to enter.

Taiwan eased covid restrictions

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Now tourists will not need to go through quarantine after entry and take PCR tests. However, you will need to self-isolate for a week and pass a rapid antigen test on the day of arrival. Self-isolation can be done at the hotel, with friends or relatives. This was reported by ATOR.

It is clarified that during the period of self-isolation, tourists are allowed to go outside if they have a negative result of a PCR test made no more than 48 hours before, or an express test for antigens.


In addition, Taiwan has allowed the entry of organized tourist groups, whose participants take tests every 48 hours, which eliminates the need for self-isolation. A group member who tests positive will be required to go into a seven-day quarantine and seven-day isolation, while those who test negative will be able to continue traveling.

It is suggested that Taiwan is unlikely to be considered a tourist destination by Russians. The region may be of interest to Russians for business purposes. For entry, citizens of Russia will need a short-term visa with a possible stay of up to 180 days.


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