St. Petersburg in February: winter in the cultural capital of Russia

 St. Petersburg is annually included in the lists of the best cities in the world and must-see places. A hero city with a rich, sometimes sad history, a huge number of unique sights and an indescribable atmosphere. The city where Dostoevsky and Pushkin, Brodsky and Akhmatova worked. Talented sculptors and architects breathed life into cloudy rainy St. Petersburg, and now millions of Russian and foreign tourists come here every year, attracted by local beauties.

The city receives tourists throughout the year. No matter what time of the year is outside, a trip to St. Petersburg will leave an unforgettable experience. But if you have planned to get to know the city in February, then you should familiarize yourself with the useful tips of Kid Passage in advance in order to know about all the features of a winter vacation. 

Vacation in St. Petersburg in February: pros and cons

Reviews about holidays in St. Petersburg in February are mostly positive. It is difficult to find a person who would be dissatisfied with a trip to St. Petersburg. The main advantages of the February holiday tourists call:

  • Prices. At the end of winter, when all the New Year holidays are over, the cost of holidays in the Northern capital is noticeably reduced.
  • The number of vacationers. The holidays came to an end, schoolchildren and students sat down at their desks again, which means that there were significantly fewer people on St. Petersburg streets.
  • Valentine's Day. Married couples and lovers can meet a romantic holiday in a beautiful city. 

As for the disadvantages, St. Petersburg in February disappoints tourists with the weather. The city is cloudy, windy and cold. In winter, the list of sights available for sightseeing is limited – it's too cold outside for city walks, so you have to be content with only those interesting places that are indoors.

Weather in St. Petersburg in February

Weather in St. Petersburg in February – March is quite dank, it is uncomfortable outside due to high humidity and constant piercing winds.

The weather in early February is cold and damp, the proximity of the Gulf of Finland enhances the unpleasant sensations from negative thermometer readings.

The temperature in St. Petersburg in mid-February does not indulge citizens and tourists with positive marks. Warm hats and scarves, as well as down jackets and windproof jackets are necessary things for walks.

The weather in St. Petersburg at the end of February remains almost unchanged. Sometimes there are thaws during this period, but still you should not rely too much on such a generous gift from the harsh local climate.

Air and water temperature

The city is under the influence of a temperate climate, thanks to which it is not particularly hot here even in summer. The highlight of the local weather lies in the constant cloudiness – overcast skies and frequent fogs enveloping the city give St. Petersburg a certain poetic charm. Perhaps that is why the city attracts creative people – foggy haze and a gray sky merging with the dark waters of the Neva create a melancholic mood in the best possible way.

Air temperature in St. Petersburg in February

The average day and night temperatures in St. Petersburg are −3.9 °C and −7°C, respectively. Don't be fooled by such seemingly optimal indicators – due to the high level of humidity, the temperature of −5 °C feels like −10 °C.


In February 1 rainfall and 2 snowy days. Average rainfall – 39.2 mm. Thus, February can be called a rather dry month of the year.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Sunny weather – a rarity even for summer St. Petersburg, in February there are no more than 2 clear days at all (7%). Cloudy days take 11%. While walking tourists are accompanied by cloudy weather, which accounts for 82% of the time of the whole month.

Excursion rest in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg in February: winter in the cultural capital of Russia

Not every city in the world has as many attractions as St. Petersburg. The historical and cultural heritage of St. Petersburg is amazing, it is a city of museums and theaters, ancient buildings and sculptures, temples and estates.

Before the trip, it is recommended to make a list of places that you would like to visit first queue, and stick to your wish list. There are so many interesting things in St. Petersburg that without such a cheat sheet it is very easy to get confused.

Visiting card of the city – this, of course, is Nevsky Prospekt, a walking street stretching for 4.5 km. There are a huge number of architectural sights on the avenue: Singer House, Kazan Cathedral, Anichkov Palaceetc. It is here that you can fully feel the spirit of the cultural capital of Russia. In early February, long walks in the open air – not the best way to pass the time. To avoid hypothermia, periodically warm yourself with warm tea in cafes, of which there are many on Nevsky Prospekt.

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The most significant and beautiful religious building of St. Petersburg rises above the Neva – Savior on Spilled Blood (Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ). The architects approached the creation of this cathedral with all the soul and creativity that they were capable of, as a result of which the Savior on Spilled Blood is completely different from other churches and temples. Moreover, the appearance of the cathedral, its bizarre multi-colored domes, and rich interior decoration are striking.

The cathedral received such an unusual name because of its history – it was erected on the site where Alexander II the Liberator was killed. Today, the site where the regicide took place is the main shrine of the Savior on Spilled Blood.

Among all the historical sights of the city, the Peter and Paul Fortress occupies a place of honor. Initially, the building was erected for a defensive purpose, but in the entire history of its existence, no one has ever attacked the fortress. The structure performed a completely different function – the fortress served as a prison for state criminals.

Petropavlovka is located on Hare Island,this is a whole historical complex, where there are several separate museums, monuments, architectural curiosities and important historical artifacts. At the end of February it is quite cold in St. Petersburg, so be sure to take warm clothes for a tour of the Peter and Paul Fortress – the complex is located on an island and is literally blown by the winds from all sides.

In the northern capital, it's easier than ever to find a place for a family holiday. There are children's museums, entertainment venues, and “living corners” here. Here are just a few places worth visiting with children:

  • Illusion Museum of Optical Illusions
  • Skazkin Dom
  • zoo
  • planetarium
  • Oceanarium “Planet Neptune”
  • Museum of entertaining science and technology “LabyrinthUm”

Holidays, events, festivals

New Year's festivities have come to an end and calm reigned in the city. However, you will find holidays in St. Petersburg in February. For example, the same Valentine's Day. In the city, you can attend special concerts and events dedicated to the romantic holiday. Many restaurants also prepare a special program.

For several years in a row, in the last days of February, the gastronomic festival “Glutton Row” is held, which is designed to return St. Petersburg residents and guests of the city to their historical origins. Interesting events are always held in local museums, concert halls, theaters. You can learn more about them from the city poster.

Prices for holidays in February

St. Petersburg in February: winter in the cultural capital of Russia

If in December and January the entire tourist infrastructure becomes more expensive, then prices in St. Petersburg in February delight vacationers with their accessibility. The New Year's tourist boom has come to an end, and a trip to St. Petersburg no longer hits the wallet so hard.

Price of tours

In February, the cost of tours is a little cheaper. In March, tour operators raise prices for their services by 25%.


February – the cheapest month for a flight to Saint Petersburg. At the end of winter, ticket prices are 25% less than in the middle. In March, prices return to the previous level – there is a rise in price by 25%.

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In February, the cost of living is almost the same as in January. In March, the owners of local hotels reduce prices by 19%. So, the average daily cost of living in January is 51 euros, in February – 52 euros, in March – 42 euros

Meals and transfers

St. Petersburg in February: winter in the cultural capital of Russia

In St. Petersburg you will find many catering establishments for every taste and budget. Especially popular are pancake and puffy. In addition to the original Russian cuisine, there are many cafes with Georgian, Uzbek, Italian, Japanese and other dishes. And, of course, there are street tents with fast food on every corner.

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The cost of a meal directly depends on the class of the establishment: if in an inexpensive cafe you can have a hearty lunch for 500 rubles, then in a restaurant you will have to pay about 1000 rubles for a snack.

Ground urban transport is represented by buses, trams, trolleybuses and minibuses. The price of a single ticket – 70 rubles (the cost of a taxi ride varies depending on the distance).

Travel by local metro – this is not only a way to get around the city, but also an exciting excursion. In the local subway, you can see ancient stucco and mosaics, sculptures and unusual illuminations. So, the station «Obvodny Canal» features stylish futuristic décor, and the lobby of Gorkovskaya and it does look like a spaceship. The fare in the St. Petersburg metro is 60 rubles.

Taxi – comfortable, but not the cheapest transport. There are many companies in St. Petersburg, each has its own tariff. Some taxi services immediately calculate the cost of the trip, which is very convenient – passengers know in advance how much to allocate for travel.

For about 900 rubles a day in St. Petersburg, you can rent a car. But before you stop on this option, consider the local traffic situation – there are constant traffic jams on city roads, and parking problems can also arise.

In February, it is best to use tourist buses, as getting to know the city while walking is quite cold and even dangerous for health. The route of the tourist bus covers all the significant sights of the city. In addition, passengers are provided with headphones with audio tours.

How to dress in St. Petersburg

The peculiarities of the local climate suggest an impressive wardrobe, consisting mainly of warm clothes. What do you need to take with you for a trip to St. Petersburg in February? These are:

  • warm sweaters;
  • fleece jackets;
  • insulated pants;
  • socks and tights;
  • thermal underwear;
  • hats;
  • scarves, gloves or mittens;
  • down jacket, windproof jacket;
  • warm shoes with low running, preferably with non-slip soles;
  • pajamas.

Very it is important to choose the right wardrobe for a trip to winter St. Petersburg, without warm clothes, walking around the city and visiting local attractions will not bring joy to tourists. In addition, things that are too light can cause colds and other respiratory diseases.

Recommendations for families with children

St. Petersburg in February: winter in the cultural capital of Russia

February – not the best month for a trip with children to St. Petersburg due to bad weather conditions. Tourists with small children are better off choosing a different time of the year to explore the city. It will be difficult for parents of babies and toddlers in the first years of life to fully enjoy the local beauties, since most of the time they will have to spend in a hotel so as not to freeze their child.

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Teenagers, children of primary school and preschool age will have something to do – the city has many entertainment locations that are located in warm rooms. Excursions in numerous St. Petersburg museums will provide food for the children's inquisitive mind. In addition, active and mobile children will always find a fun way to keep warm – run around the streets, play snowballs, go ice skating and more.

Kidpassage tells even more useful information in the article “St. Petersburg: a family guide”. Remember that with the right preparation and a positive attitude neither the cloudy sky, nor the cold, nor the gloomy view of the ice-bound Neva can overshadow the impressions of a trip to the majestic ancient city – St. Petersburg. 


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