Sozopol in July: sea adventure

In order for a summer vacation to give a lot of strength and pleasant memories, you need to carefully choose a place where to spend it. Bulgarian Sozopol on the Black Sea coast is a good option.

This city is often associated with budget holidays in Bulgaria, it provides travelers with a good choice of beaches, inexpensive cafes, restaurants and hotels. It is especially convenient to come here for tourists with children – the gently sloping entrance to the sea and the fine sand of this coast seem to be specially made for little feet.

Well, Kid Passage will tell you about all the pros and cons of relaxing in Sozopol during the hottest period of summer.

Sozopol in July: sea ​​adventure

Holidays in Sozopol in July: a choice with many advantages

Reviews about holidays in Sozopol in July usually describe well-equipped beaches with pleasant clear water, excellent budget holiday opportunities and delicious Bulgarian cuisine. Traveling this month has a lot of advantages, for which a large number of tourists from all over the world come to the resort:

  • A real hot summer with a perfectly warm sea.
  • The almost complete absence of rain – maximum one small for the whole month.
  • A large selection of beaches – the city and surroundings are famous for their bathing spots.
  • Cheaper than neighboring resorts.
  • Affordable air and ground transportation.

Sozopol in July also has a few disadvantages that you should consider when planning your vacation this month:

  • Too warm and dry for those who like fresher weather.
  • Peak season, all beaches are crowded.
  • One of the highest prices for accommodation and meals in the summer season.

Weather in Sozopol in July

Weather in July – August is the most attractive for tourists who want to splash in the arms of the sea. The sea is ideally warmed up for a lazy pastime on the beach and many hours of swimming.

The weather in early July is even more or less gentle at lunchtime, but the temperature in Sozopol in mid-July reaches peak levels. Now it is best to sunbathe early in the morning or in the evening, otherwise you can easily get a sunburn. For traveling with small children, it is worth stocking up on hats – they will protect your head from the sun. The weather at the end of July continues to be hot, the sun's rays warm the sea to the highest levels.

Air and water temperatures

Sozopol has an ideal climate for a resort – quite dry, but at the same time moderately hot. Sea air, even in the absence of precipitation, is quite refreshing, so the surrounding nature is full of greenery. The temperature in Sozopol in July on the hottest days can reach +36 °C. And the evening drop can seem especially sharp under the playful sea breeze blowing from the sea.

Air temperature in Sozopol in July

The average daily figure for the month – about +29…30°C, and at night the air temperature drops to +17…18°C. In early July, these figures are somewhat lower, and by the end of – on the contrary, the thermometer shows maximum values.

During this period, it is worth worrying about protection from the sun and its rays: apply sunscreen to the skin, wear a hat, and even better – spend the afternoon in the shade or under air conditioning. Do not forget about the evening cool – Be sure to bring long sleeves with you. This is especially true for tourists who come on vacation with children.

Water temperature in Sozopol in July

In July in Sozopol the water temperature reaches +25 °C – ideal warm and comfortable time for all family members, including babies. At the beginning of the month, the sea warms up to +24 °C, and after a couple of days another degree is added.


The amount of precipitation in Sozopol in July practically tends to zero – they fall here on average 13.6 mm for the entire month. Often this is a small rain for half an hour throughout the month, and sometimes it may not be. Therefore, travelers definitely can not take umbrellas on the road – You can get wet in July in Sozopol only by diving into the sea or a pool.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

July in Sozopol is considered the sunniest of the year. Clear and cloudless days occupy 95% of July, and tourists observe cloudy weather for another 5% of the month. So, if you are looking for the perfect picture of summer, be sure to come to Sozopol in July.

Sightseeing holidays

Sozopol in July: sea adventure

Special advantage of Sozopol – the presence of attractions that will be of interest to visitors. What is the historical part of the town worth, where, in addition to a large number of old buildings, there is even an art gallery and a museum.

The resort is rich in beautiful places and in the surrounding area. In mid-July, for example, it’s a good idea to go to the Ropotamo Reserve, where you can ride a boat for a small fee, walk in the shade of trees, breathe fresh air and see representatives of flora and fauna listed in the Red Book. In addition, it is worth going to admire the Ravadinovo castle complex – although it was built not so long ago, it still creates the feeling that you are in the distant past.

If at the end of July you want additional adventures, you can organize a small sea trip on a boat. Announcements about the places and times of the ship's departure are easy to find throughout the city on billboards. Tickets are sold directly on board.

  • Things to do with children in Sozopol

Plan with your children to visit these places and activities :

  • Sozopol Archaeological Museum
  • Aquapark in nearby Primorsko
  • Burgas Sand Sculpture Festival

Holidays, events and festivals

Holidays in Sozopol in July correspond to the resort – just as bright and cheerful. They are mainly devoted to the creative skill – international competition “Harmony and Strength” in sports dancing; international youth festival of arts “Muzite”; Celebration of the Summer Academy of Arts; «Child and the Sea» and much more.

However, the city's holiday «St. Marina»in honor of the patroness of Sozopol, which is celebrated in mid-July. On this day, a service is held in all churches, then the national flag is raised on the administration buildings and in the ancient amphitheater, which is still used for its intended purpose, and after that the whole Sozopol embraces a crazy festival. They walk not only on land, but also on water. Conduct various competitions – for the fastest swimmer, the best diver, as well as toy boat races, etc. The amphitheater shows a concert with the participation of guest stars of a national scale, and the celebration ends with gorgeous fireworks over the sea. The festival is held in mid-July.

The Youth Association of Independent Theater and Film Arts at the end of the month, with the capture of the following August, holds Montfiz Art Fest, which every year attracts more and more creative youth to the coast of Sozopol. During the day, master classes in theatrical skills are held for everyone, and in the evening – performances of a young theatre.

The list of festivals and holidays may change from year to year, so we strongly recommend that you follow the city's poster, and then you will not miss the most interesting events.

Rest prices< /h2>

Sozopol in July: sea adventure

Prices in Sozopol in July are not as high as in the most popular cities on the coast, but they rise, because the holiday season is in full swing. But all institutions are trying for tourists as best they can – for example, they set up additional tables on the streets so that not a single visitor goes to competitors. And the hospitality of the local population does not contribute to savings.


The nearest airport is located in the city of Burgas, about 40 km from Sozopol. Buses run from Burgas to the resort, you can also use taxi services. Tour operators and some hotels provide shuttle services for guests. Thanks to an active charter program, the cost of flights, surprisingly, is reduced this month by about 5%, which encourages tourists to choose Bulgaria. In August, prices begin to rise gradually again, but so far only slightly – by the same 5%.


The cost of tours in the midst of summer and the warmer sea becomes more expensive – by an average of 30%, which in no way scares off tourists, so Bulgaria still provides affordable prices and high service compared to other EU countries. In August, the price tags for tours are slightly, but growing – the sea is getting as warm as possible, and the Europeans are in the middle of the holiday season.


Sozopol has both budget apartments and prestigious hotel complexes. However, it is worth noting that there are practically no luxury five-star hotels with huge private territories in the resort. Hotels in Sozopol are small, there are many boarding houses and apartment complexes offering rooms with kitchenettes.

In July, some of the highest prices. The average cost per room per night is 70 euros, which is 10% higher than in June.

  • The best hotels in Sozopol for families with children


Sozopol in July: sea adventure

Food in Sozopol is more or less affordable. The cost of a dish, depending on its composition and the guest's appetite, can vary from 5 to 8 euros per serving. In inexpensive cafes of traditional cuisine, you can eat even cheaper, but you will have to move as far as possible from tourist places deep into the city, where only locals eat. But seafood lovers can order a plate of seafood delicacies for about 15 euros – in other European countries, such a dish will cost at least twice as much, or even three or four.

Recommendations for families with children

Sozopol in July: sea adventure

July is quite suitable for going to improve children's health. Although it gets quite hot outside, the summer heat is much more bearable by the sea than in the city. And the climate of the Bulgarian coast is very comfortable for young vacationers. Cool evenings are easy to survive by throwing a sweater over your shoulders, and the sun – hiding in the shade of green crowns: fortunately, there are enough trees here. The main thing is that the main wealth of Sozopol – sea ​​– became so warm that both adults and children can splash around in it with pleasure.

  • Family holidays in Sozopol: Tips Kidpassage

< p>In the high season, mini-clubs operate in the hotels of the resort, a variety of animation programs for children are organized, and outside the hotels, guests are offered – sea ​​of ​​attractions. In general, you will definitely not be bored in July.

Sozopol – a great place for a summer vacation, and in July you are guaranteed to get a warm sea, great weather and a wide range of entertainment.

July Sozopol will win you over with its landscapes. Its picturesque beaches beckon to return to the resort again and again – proof of this are tourists who have already fallen in love with the town with all their heart and have been coming here for years.


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