Sochi in February: the last dance of the southern winter

Come to Sochi – always a good idea, and no matter what month is on the calendar, the southern resort pleases vacationers both in summer and in winter. Despite the fact that the city is famous for its beach holidays, it can be called an all-season resort, because tourists come here at any time of the year.

Skiing opportunities, architectural and natural beauties, developed infrastructure, subtropical climate – this is not a complete list of “goodies” that attract tourists to Sochi. For those who want to spend the last winter days here, Kidpassage will tell you what to expect from Sochi in February.

Sochi in February: the last dance of the southern winter

Rest in Sochi in February: pros and cons

The main influx of vacationers falls precisely on the summer period, because the resort is famous primarily for beach holidays. However, in winter, a lot of people also come here who want to see evergreen palm trees on the Black Sea coast, engage in active sports and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Krasnaya Polyana. Reviews of holidays in Sochi in February indicate that winter holidays have many significant pluses:

  • Weather conditions. Despite the fact that February is considered one of the coldest months of the year, the air temperature here is still positive. Severe frosts in the “southern capital” does not happen due to the local climate.
  • Recovery. Although it is too cold to swim in the sea in winter, you can breathe fresh air all day long. Sea air has healing properties, so a trip to Sochi – this is a great opportunity to improve your health.
  • Ski holidays. Many tourists come here in winter just to go skiing in Krasnaya Polyana. In February, the ski resorts are not yet thinking of closing, so there are always a lot of visitors.
  • Ripe fruits. There are many delicious tangerines, oranges and lemons on the shelves, as well as persimmons from neighboring sunny Abkhazia.

However, not everything is as perfect as it seems at first glance, Sochi has some disadvantages in February. Most often, tourists are dissatisfied with a large crowd of people. The autumn lull passed, and in winter crowds of tourists again poured into the resort, wishing to enjoy a ski vacation.

The disadvantages of the February holiday are not so significant, and in any case they do not cover all the advantages of winter holidays in Sochi. Main – stock up on a good mood, and then you will not even notice the small disadvantages of the trip.

Weather in Sochi in February

Weather in Sochi in February – March is quite unpredictable, in winter winds and precipitation are possible here. However, the local February weather cannot be called cold – even at night the thermometer shows 0 °C, in rare cases falling below this mark.

The weather in early February is moderately cool, with little precipitation. However, even the snow that falls melts quickly enough. If you want to walk along the coast, then stock up on warm clothes, because strong winds constantly blow in Sochi due to the proximity of the sea. About bathing, of course, you can not even stutter – the water temperature is about +10 °C.

The temperature in Sochi in mid-February pleases vacationers with a plus mark. Due to the geographical location of the resort, there are no severe frosts even at the height of winter. However, increased air humidity increases the temperature, which at first glance does not seem so low.

The weather in Sochi at the end of February remains stable. During this period, there is a lot of precipitation, the resort is windy and slushy. For snow and snowdrifts, you need to go to the mountainous areas of the resort.

Those who want to admire beautiful snowy landscapes should go to Krasnaya Polyana. Ski resorts are already in full swing here, the mountain peaks are covered with puffy snow caps, the slopes are looking forward to skiers and freeriders.

Air and water temperature

The humid subtropical climate of Sochi is characterized by warm, rainy winters. Frosts are rare, snow also does not particularly pamper the locals. The temperature is usually positive.

Air temperature in Sochi in February

Day and night temperatures are +9.4 °C and +4.2 °C, respectively. However, do not be deceived by such attractive figures, because high humidity and winds from the sea enhance the feeling of coolness. Be sure to take warm clothes, they are especially useful for walking along the Black Sea coast.

Water temperature in the sea

Sochi – not the resort where a beach holiday is available all year round. For the warm sea, you need to go here in the summer or, in extreme cases, in the velvet season. The average water temperature in February is +9.4 °C. By the end of the month, the sea is cooling down more and more, and not every “walrus” dare to dive into the waters of the Black Sea.


For the entire month, about 5 rainy days are expected, which bring an average of 47.6 mm of precipitation. Just in case, you can put a raincoat in your suitcase.

Sunny, cloudy, cloudy days

There are no problems with the sun in Sochi even in winter – there is plenty of it in the resort. The average number of sunny days is 14, which is equivalent to 50% of the entire month. Cloudy days take up 30%, and cloudy days account for the remaining 20%.

Sightseeing holidays in Sochi

Sochi in February: the last dance of the southern winter

Weather conditions allow you to take walks around the city (if you have warm clothes, of course), so even in February tourists can fully get to know Sochi.< /p>

The resort has museums, natural and architectural attractions, and for those who love active and fun entertainment, local attractions and game rooms do not stop working even in winter.

  • Entertainment in Sochi for children and adults

In early February, you can visit the city arboretum. Most plants have shed their foliage, but evergreen palms and cypresses continue to delight the eye with their colors. The park also has many sculptures and fountains, pavilions and decorative pools. For natural beauties, you should also go to the city park “Riviera”, where, in addition to rich flora and sculptural compositions, there are also attractions for children.

You should definitely climb the observation deck on Mount Akhun – It is from here that the most impressive view of the city opens. At the top is a famous landmark of the city – tower built in 1936. Near the tower you will find souvenir shops, a husky park, tasting rooms, – in general, it is quite possible to spend the whole day here.

At the end of February, if the weather turns bad, you should pay attention to local museums. To get to know the city better, visit the Museum of the History of the Sochi Resort City. It has been operating since 1920, during which time the exposition was regularly replenished with new exhibits. The museum consists of 14 halls with 4,000 exhibits that reflect the history of the city in different eras.

Where to go to Sochi with children? There are plenty of places for family holidays in the resort, here are just a few of them:

  • Sochi Park
  • dolphinarium
  • AquaLoo indoor water park
  • Leonardo da Vinci Mechanical Museum
  • Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
  • Electric Museum of Nikola Tesla

Holidays, events, festivals

Festivals in Sochi in February are quite rare, but nevertheless the poster is not empty. In February, Sochi hosts Winter International Arts Festival, the largest winter event in the field of academic art on a scale not only in Russia, but also in Europe. The festival is quite diverse and combines drama theater and ballet, ethnomusic and jazz, video art and other forms and types of art.

Before the trip, you should read the poster to find out about all the most interesting events at the resort.

February holiday prices

Sochi in February: the last dance of the southern winter

Prices in Sochi in February are quite democratic compared to the summer and New Year's holiday prices. However, it should be borne in mind that if you can relax in Sochi on a budget, then you will not be able to save money in hotels in Krasnaya Polyana – in winter, prices skyrocket here.

Price of tours

In February, prices are reduced by 25%. In March, there is a slight rise in price – tour operators increase the cost by only 0.5% compared to the February price list.

Flight price

After the New Year holidays, air carriers are gradually reducing prices for their services. In January, passengers pay 27% more for a flight than in February.


In February, the cost of accommodation is reduced by 40% compared to January prices. In March, this figure is reduced by another 59%. The average daily room rate in January is 163 euros, at the end of winter it drops to 97 euros, and in March – up to 41 euros.

  • The best hotels in Sochi for families

Meals and transfers

Sochi in February: the last dance of southern winter

No matter what area of ​​Sochi you settle in, no matter what excursion you go on, everywhere you will find cafes, street food stalls, coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants. There are so many catering establishments in the city that it is simply impossible to stay hungry here.

  • Food in Sochi: what to try and how much it costs

< p> There is a cafe with different cuisines and pricing policies, so you can choose the most suitable option for your taste buds and financial capabilities. For 2.5 euros you can have a hearty and tasty meal in one of the local canteens. The average check in a cafe is about 4.5 euros. The cost of lunch in a restaurant starts from 11.5 euros.

On the waterfront, as well as in popular tourist places, prices in cafes and restaurants are much higher than in small establishments for locals. To satisfy your hunger and at the same time not be left with an empty wallet, it is better to choose cafes that are far from the center and are not designed for tourists.

The resort has a well-developed public transport system, there are buses and minibuses, electric trains and a cable car. Taxis also run around the city, you can rent a car, bicycle or even a motorcycle.

Public transport tickets can be paid in cash to the conductor or driver, as well as by bank card (in those buses where there is a special terminal). The bus fare is 26–28 rubles, depending on the route.

For those who want to comfortably move around the city by taxi, it is best to use the services of official companies, and not catch private traders on the street. In this way, unpleasant situations and deceptions can be avoided. In addition, as a rule, on the official website of the taxi company, you can find out in advance the cost of the planned trip.

How to dress in Sochi

Although Sochi is the southernmost resort in Russia, in winter you cannot do without warm of things. However, February is more gentle here than in other regions of the country, so you can leave the fur coat at home, replacing it with a warm jacket. Turtlenecks, sweaters, warm pants, hats and scarves – here is a basic set of things to put in a suitcase.

It is best to dress in Sochi in layers, so that if necessary, take off too much or, on the contrary, put on an extra sweater. Tourists who plan to visit nearby ski resorts should take care of the appropriate equipment.

Since it is quite windy in the city, take care to protect your face and lips. Hygienic lipstick and moisturizer will not be superfluous in your cosmetic bag.

Recommendations for holidays with children

Sochi in February: the last dance of the southern winter

February weather is more likely to be called unfavorable than comfortable. The excursion program is limited, because it is not very pleasant to walk around the city under the onslaught of wind or rain. Tourists have to be content with seeing the sights that are on the premises.

  • Holidays with children in Sochi: an author's review of Kidpassage

Fortunately, there are a lot of interesting places in Sochi, so both children and adults will have something to do and see in the city. You can arrange a day of museums or attractions, and then go to one of the local game rooms. A visit to the oceanarium and aquarium will help expand children's knowledge of the underwater world. In general, Sochi will not be bored in winter.

It will not be possible to enjoy the view of natural beauties during this period – the local flora fell asleep until spring, except that the evergreen palms remained steadfastly to bear the guard of honor. Walk in local parks – a failed idea, as the gray December landscapes evoke melancholy. You can go to the nearest ski resorts, but due to the high influx of skiers, you should book places in advance, and you should also be prepared for huge lines and inflated prices.

For parents of babies, it is better to choose a warmer time of the year to visit Sochi, as the winter weather is not conducive to long walks with a stroller. But families with children older than infancy may well have a full, fun and interesting winter vacation at the resort.

Before the trip, we recommend that you read the Kidpassage article “10 interesting facts about Sochi” – after reading, you will even more want to personally get to know this amazing resort in the Krasnodar Territory. Our site wishes you a magical winter vacation and a pleasant family holiday in Sochi!


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