Singapore Attractions: Top 30

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One of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore, spread over several dozen islands in the Indian Ocean. The country is unique not only for its small size, but also for its unprecedented population density – about 6 people per square meter, and rich history, and contrasts of antiquity and modernity. The sights of Singapore attract fans of oriental flavor, culture, pristine nature of the tropics and historical monuments that demonstrate the former power of the British colonies. Against the backdrop of the intricacies of ancient cultures, customs, religions, there is something to see in Singapore and among modern sights – huge skyscrapers, multi-level road junctions, the latest entertainment complexes, fountains with unusual lighting, modern parks make up an extraordinary contrast with ancient monuments.

First things to see in Singapore

What to visit in the first place, guides in Singapore are best aware. There are also numerous reviews of travelers who have visited this country – it is on this real data that an objective rating of what to see in Singapore has been compiled. Let's talk about this in more detail.

1. Changi Airport

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Interior of Changi International Airport

The best sights are mostly concentrated in the capital of Singapore and its surroundings, and if you choose what to see in Singapore in 1 day, the first thing to do is to go to its capital. So, 20 kilometers from the capital city of Singapore is the world-famous Changi Airport. Every year, Changi passes through a colossal number of passengers – more than 50 million, has a modern infrastructure, thought out to the smallest detail, and includes 4 large terminals. Visitors note the well-coordinated and precise work of the staff, the highest level of service, a large number of shops, catering establishments, as well as SPA complexes, cinemas, museums and catering establishments on the territory of the airport terminal.

Official website: http://www.changiaairport.

2. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Hotel Ship with Rooftop Pool

A trip to Singapore should definitely include a visit to the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel if you are looking for what to see in Singapore to get the most out of your experience. In addition to the hotel rooms itself, there is everything to spend time with benefit: a casino, conference rooms, a sky bar with an incredible panorama of the city, a chic swimming pool, a huge shopping center. The hotel building has a unique design – three high-rise towers are united by a single platform roof in the shape of a large ship.

Official website:https://www.marinabaysands.

3. Sentosa Island

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Beautiful sea view and white sand beach of Sentosa Island

A trip to Singapore cannot be complete without a trip to Sentosa Island – a small tropical island, the tourist infrastructure on which began to develop not so long ago – in the 70s of the last century. Over the course of several decades, Sentosa has undergone an amazing transformation from a creepy and gloomy place it was during the Second World War to a fabulous holiday island with a lot of sights and interesting places. Water parks, numerous attractions and entertainment, high-class hotels – all this is open to guests on Sentosa Island.

Official website: https://www.sentosa.

4. Clare Quay

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Clar Quay is the epicenter of nightlife

When choosing where to go in Singapore for a leisurely walk and relaxation, you should definitely find evening time to visit the Clar Quay promenade. Today it is the most popular place in the city for recreation, and a century and a half ago it was a noisy marina. Any tourist and local resident will be happy to take an evening walk along the promenade, where a fresh breeze brings pleasant coolness from the sea, and thousands of lights from shop windows, restaurant signs and nightclubs flicker everywhere. Visiting local souvenir shops will result in new acquisitions of symbolic attributes of the country.

Official website: https://www.capitaland

5. Bukit Timah

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Corner of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Adrian Lim

At the highest point of Singapore, on a hill 163 meters high, there is a small reserve Bukit Timah. On its territory there is a Botanical Garden with exotic plants and a picturesque park – a wonderful quiet recreation area equipped with stairs, bridges, paths and benches. Here you can take beautiful photos, take a walk by one of the three lakes. About 160 species of animals have found shelter on the territory of the reserve, including monkeys, which have become almost tame here.

Watch the beautiful places of Singapore in this wonderful video!

6. Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Giant steel “trees” in Gardens by the Bay

The futuristic gardens by the bay are one of the main attractions and are a vegetated area covering 101 hectares of land. In total, this includes three gardens – South, East and Central, dedicated to the vegetation of South America, Africa and Asia. The park's attractions include two huge greenhouse greenhouses, a grove of giant futuristic super trees, a restaurant and bar on top of one of these trees, a large entertainment area for children, a cactus greenhouse and much more.

Official site: http://www.gardensbythebay.

7. Ferris wheel (Singapore Flyer)

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

One of the Ferris wheel booths Flyer

The review cannot do without the most “prominent” attraction of Singapore – the Ferris wheel of unprecedented height. Until some time, it was the highest on the planet, it is 165 m high. Everyone can ride it in comfortable cabins equipped with air conditioning. A full turn of the wheel takes half an hour, during which time you can see the gorgeous views of the outskirts of Singapore from a bird's eye view.

Official website: http://www.singaporeflyer.

8. Esplanade Theatre

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

An impressive architectural structure on the shores of Marina Bay

On the embankment of the famous Marina Bay, there is a cultural landmark of Singapore – the Esplanade Theater, which is a theater and exhibition complex in the Art Nouveau style. This is a colossal architectural complex with an area of ​​about 60 thousand square meters, which includes 2 halls – a concert hall for 1600 seats, and a theater hall for 2000 seats. Famous musical groups, symphony orchestras perform here, classical dance and opera performances are organized.

Official website:

9. Museum of Art and Science

 Singapore Attractions: Top 30

ARTSCIENCE MUSEUM – a building in the form of a lotus bud

What to see in Singapore for art lovers, in addition to the famous theater? Another institution with a worldwide reputation is the Singapore Museum of Art and Science. Here, in turn, emphasis is placed on the interaction of science and art and their harmonious interaction. In total, the museum on 6 thousand square meters accommodates 21 galleries, where major exhibitions are held, the most famous of which were devoted to the wreck of the Titanic, the works of Salvador Dali, the Harry Potter movie.

Official site:< /em> https://www.marinabaysands.

10. Orchard Road

 Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Orchard Road – the center of shopping and entertainment

The most modern and fashionable area of ​​Singapore is Orchard Road with luxurious Singapore hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and clubs. But the main specialization of the district is shopping, so everyone who wants to buy goods of the most expensive and high-quality brands comes here. Orchard Road stretches along the entire central part of Singapore for 2.2 km, and strings of skyscrapers, shopping and business centers, luxury hotels, best restaurants and entertainment centers stretch along its length.

11. Raffles Hotel< /h3>

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

The historic building of the Raffles Hotel with a snow-white facade

What to see in Singapore for a deeper acquaintance with its history? One of the historical symbols of Singapore is the Raffles Hotel, a real national monument of the country. The hotel was built back in 1887, and its walls remember the magnificent balls and official receptions that were held here more than a century ago. The elegant white building of the hotel has retained the architectural features of the colonial style, it is surrounded by an amazing garden with fountains. Today, inside, in addition to rooms, visitors can enjoy a shopping arcade, a swimming pool, restaurants and bars, a beauty salon and a gym.

Official website: /

12. Little India

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Religious Monument of Little India in Singapore

Little India is another historical landmark of Singapore, which is a special area where the descendants of Indian immigrants live. These lands were once allocated to the Indian community to solve inter-ethnic problems, but over time the area has become multi-ethnic. Today, there are temples of different religions and other ceremonial buildings on the territory of the district, and there is a lively trade in the market where you can meet representatives of different nationalities.

Official website: https://www. littleindia.

13. Chinatown

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

View of Chinatown and Singapore Central Financial District

There is another ethnic area in Singapore, only here the Chinese population of the country lives. The Chinatown quarter was formed as a result of the ethnic settlement of the city in the middle of the 19th century. You will certainly find something to visit in Singapore, once in Chinatown, because all the local historical sights of the Chinese people are concentrated here: Chinese temples, mosques, restaurants, boutiques, as well as everything for shopping.

Official Website:

14. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Baboon family at Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is not a zoo in its classical sense: the animals here are not imprisoned in cages, but move freely throughout the park, among abundant vegetation. There are no hard limits on the living space for the inhabitants, you can walk slowly with some representatives of the fauna, feed others by hand, and especially dangerous predators are separated from visitors by artificial ditches with water or transparent plastic partitions. In total, about 300 species of animals live here – mammals, birds and reptiles.

Official website:

15. Butterfly Park on about. Sentosa

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30 30

Butterfly and a tourist in the Butterfly Park on about. Sentosa

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

In the Butterfly Park, you can see with your own eyes all the stages of the birth of beautiful Lepidoptera

Those for whom the question of what to visit in Singapore with children is relevant should be advised to the Butterfly theme park on Sentosa Island. Here, in a natural environment, in the midst of greenery and flowers, a huge number of insects live, among which there are more than 3 thousand endangered species, including about 1,500 specimens of bright charming butterflies. The park is equipped in the open air, and lepidoptera flutter freely right next to visitors. The greenhouse with butterfly pupae deserves special attention of visitors, where you can watch different moments of the birth of butterflies.

Official website:

16. Night Safari in Singapore

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Night Safari Tour Buses Christian Stocker

Another “living” attraction of Singapore is the unusual Night Safari Zoo, where all the animals leading a nocturnal lifestyle are collected. The zoo opens its doors to visitors at dusk and works throughout the night. Today, about 130 species of nocturnal inhabitants live on an area of ​​35 hectares, among which there are rare species under the threat of extinction. The park is located right in the rainforest, and the low lighting resembles the light from the moon. The territory is divided into 77 zones corresponding to the climatic zones of different inhabitants.

Official website:

17. Marine Life Park

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Shipwreck scene in one of Marine Life Park aquariums

At the moment, the largest oceanarium in the world is located in Singapore – this is “Sea Life” on Sentosa Island. The volume of the oceanarium is truly colossal – 45 million liters, in which about a hundred thousand marine inhabitants live. The entire volume is divided into 49 areas intended for different groups of inhabitants. Panoramic view panels create the incredible illusion that visitors are right on the seabed. In addition to the oceanarium, there is an amusement park with a variety of water attractions.

Official website: https://www.rwsentosa.

18. Jurong Bird Park< /h3>

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Flamingos at Jurong Bird Park

Another popular destination is excursions in Singapore to the Jurong Bird Park, one of the most beautiful and colorful parks in Asia. On an area of ​​20 hectares, among the tropical jungle and waterfalls, there are more than 5 thousand birds, most of which are bright feathered inhabitants of the paradise tropics. In total, the park has several zones adapted for certain groups of inhabitants – penguins, parrots, nocturnal, waterfowl, birds of prey and other categories of birds.

Official website: https://www.

19. Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Pedestrian alley at the Singapore Botanic Garden

The main purpose of the now famous Botanical Garden in Singapore was once the cultivation of crops – cocoa, nuts, fruits and spices. But later on these lands a new garden was laid, based on ornamental plants, which was built right in the pristine rainforest. Today, the garden is spread over as much as 74 hectares and includes several thematic zones dedicated to different types of vegetation. You can walk in the park endlessly, contemplating beautiful alleys, fountains and ponds.

Official website: https://www.nparks.

20. Sultan Mosque Hussain

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Singapore Muslim Community Center – Sultan Hussain Mosque

The most ancient landmark of Singapore that has survived to this day is the Sultan Hussein Mosque, which still impresses with its external splendor. It was erected in the period 1824-1826. Today, the mosque is designed for 5,000 Muslims, the halls are divided into a lower room for men and an upper gallery for women. An interesting fact is that the domes of the mosque were built on a glass base, for which the bottoms of bottles donated by the poorest residents of Singapore were used.

Official website: http://sultanmosque.

21. Sri Mariamman Temple

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Gopuram gate tower of Sri Mariamman Temple

Even without knowing the exact address of this landmark of Singapore, walking around Chinatown, you simply cannot help but notice the bright and extraordinary temple with an amazing facade. This is Sri Mariamman – the oldest Hindu temple, decorated with numerous multi-colored sculptures of Indian gods. The interior of the sanctuary is no simpler than the outside, and the sculpture of the mother goddess Mariamman occupies a central place in it.

Official website:< /p>

22. Peranakan Museum

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Exhibits at the Peranakan Museum Tim Adams

The only historical museum in Singapore today that is based on the history and culture of the Peranakan people is the Peranakan Museum. In total, the museum has 10 permanent exhibitions, dispersed over 3 floors. The history of the emergence of Peranakan communities on the territory of Asian countries is presented on the first floor. The second one tells about the traditions of the Peranakan wedding, and the third one can learn about the life of the people and get acquainted with the objects of arts and crafts.

Official website: https://www.peranakanmuseum

23. Buddha Tooth Temple and Museum

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

Temple and Museum of the Shrine of the Tooth Relic in the middle of the night metropolis

This landmark of Singapore is located on the territory of Chinatown and is dedicated to one of the most important relics of Buddhists – the tooth of an enlightened teacher, left after the cremation of the body of Siddhartha Gautama. The temple is distinguished by external modesty, but rich interior decoration. On the upper tier of the temple there is a museum that houses various artifacts, one way or another connected with the life of the Buddha and the cult of his worship.

Official website: sg/

24. Universal Studios

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30< /p> Figures of God Anubis in front of the entrance to the attraction “Revenge of the Mummy”

The first major entertainment complex in Asia, created in the best traditions of Hollywood, is Universal Studios Park on Sentosa Island. It was created based on film masterpieces from Universal and decorated in different styles, in accordance with 7 thematic zones. In addition to various attractions, you can visit cafes, souvenir shops or watch one of the shows held here in the park – in general, it is worth allocating a whole day to visit this fascinating place.

Official website: https://www.rwsentosa

25. Fountain of Wealth

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Fountain of Wealth, bringing good luck and prosperity

A bright and modern landmark of Singapore, which cannot be ignored, is the Fountain of Wealth. The huge building covers an area of ​​about 1700 square meters, symbolizing the wealth and prosperity of the city, and is divided into two sections – a large fountain and a small fountain, recreating a breathtaking spectacle. In the evening, a beautiful sight is complemented by an amazing backlight. It is believed that prosperity and wealth will accompany everyone who dips their hands into the bowl of the fountain and goes around it three times.

Official website:

Singapore Attractions: What else to visit in Singapore

Along with the main attractions, there are others that deserve the attention and recognition of visitors. Here are recommendations and descriptions of other interesting places in Singapore worth visiting.

26. Museum of Optical Illusions

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Skydiving at the Museum of Optical Illusions Catriona Ward

This complex is an interactive 3D exhibition on Sentosa Island. The exhibits of the museum are three-dimensional paintings and sculptures that recreate an incredible effect of presence for visitors. Here you can not only see the exhibits, but become a part of these exhibits yourself. This is a great place to take unusual photos, and you can even rent selfie sticks at the entrance.

Official site:

27. Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

View of Marina Bay Gardens from the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel has already been mentioned earlier, and now we will talk about the observation deck of the hotel. Three huge high towers are connected by a single “deck” of the ship on the roof, it is on this “deck” that the world’s largest swimming pool, a recreation area and an observation deck in the bow of the “ship” are located. The platform offers fantastic panoramic views of Singapore's outskirts – for example, you can see Gardens by the Bay, the Ferris wheel, futuristic trees or the rooftop of the Esplanade Theater.

Official site:https://www.marinabaysands.

28. Formula 1: Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

One of the rounds of the Roderick Eime Formula 1 World Championship

This is one of the most exciting and beautiful Formula 1 races as it takes place at night when the deserted streets become an extreme 5 km race track. The Marina Bay Street Circuit is characterized by its speed and its special surface for perfect traction. Another unique feature of the race is the bright artificial lighting that covers every centimeter of the road and creates an unusually beautiful, gambling and dynamic spectacle.

Official website: http://www.singaporegp< /p>

29. Merlion – a symbol of Singapore

Singapore Things to Do: Top 30

Merlion – a statue and symbol of Singapore on the waterfront of Marina Bay

Almost every capital has its own unique symbol. Singapore, in turn, personifies the mythical creature Merlion, or Merlion – a creature with the body of a fish and a lion's head. It was the 8.6-meter sculpture of this creature, installed at the mouth of the Singapore River, that has become a symbolic landmark of Singapore and a hallmark of the city-state. In addition, the Merlion here is an active fountain: a powerful stream of water erupts from the mouth of a lion directly into the river, and in the evening the sculpture is effectively illuminated by colored lights.

Official website: https://www.onefabergroup.

30. Songs of the Sea laser show

Singapore Attractions: Top 30

A fragment of the laser show Song of the Sea Bruce Tuten

Song of the Sea is an incredibly beautiful light show with music, fireworks and water jets. During the show, a story is told about a young man who fell in love with a sea sleeping beauty. But the plot, in fact, is not as important as the spectacle itself, which represents a combination of extraordinary special effects: various images are projected on the screen from water jets, all this is accompanied by a real extravaganza of light and sound, fireworks explode, an extraordinary laser illumination is turned on.

< p> Official website:

Singapore is a truly fabulous destination that attracts travelers with its rich nature, mild warm climate and the hospitality of the locals. Having been here once, I want to return to Singapore again and again to discover new sights and interesting places of these paradise lands. Read also about the sights of Laos and get inspired for your next trip to Asia!


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