Kolomna Attractions: Top 25

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The sights of Kolomna are so diverse and fascinating that every tourist who comes to the city should see them. If you have already planned your trip, but don't know what to see in Kolomna, read our review carefully.

What to see in Kolomna in the first place?

When compiling our rating “The best sights of Kolomna”, we took into account the reviews of local residents and the recommendations of experienced guides. In our common opinion, such interesting excursions in Kolomna deserve your attention, such as:

1. Kolomna Kremlin

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

Marinkin and Faceted towers of the Kolomna Kremlin in Kolomna Pavelegorov

At the entrance you will always be met by a quarterly (figure, not a real person) in the appropriate form. Next to it you will see a barrier and a wooden booth. Both before and today, the Kolomna Kremlin has an impressive and respectable appearance (restoration work was carried out not so long ago). There are many objects on the Kremlin territory: a school, several residential buildings, churches and monasteries. You can stroll through souvenir shops and cafes, visit the museum of local lore. If you don't want to walk, buy an omnibus ticket. The driver-guide will take you in a cart with horses throughout the square. Such guides in Kolomna are able to tell a lot of unusual legends and historical facts.

Official website: http://kolomna-kremlin.org/

2. Cathedral area

Kolomna attractions: Top 25

Belfry, Assumption Cathedral and Novo-Golutvin Monastery on Cathedral Square Alexander Spiridonov

The oldest square in the city, which houses four famous temples at once. In the evening and at night, it is illuminated by many shining lights, and takes on a fabulous look. Such sights of Kolomna should be visited, for example, in order to look at the ancient wooden mansions and estates – the square is surrounded by them from all sides. The buildings are residential.

Official website: http://kolomna-kreml.ru

3. Pyatnitsky Gates

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

Pyatnitskaya Tower of Kolomna Kremlin Anton Mardvinau

Your trip to Kolomna will not be complete without seeing this legendary architectural monument of 1525. On the inside of the travel tower, ancient icons are kept, including those of the patron saints of the city.

Official website: http://kolomna-kreml.ru

4. Staro-Golutvin Monastery

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

General view of the men's Epiphany Staro-Golutvin Monastery in Kolomna

The date of foundation of the sanctuary is the 14th century. Today the monastery is located on the outskirts of the city, but it is one of the most visited Kolomna sights. The modern territory of the temple is a colorful place that blooms on summer days. In addition to plants and all kinds of greenery, it is rich in greenhouses and beehives. Not so long ago, restoration work was carried out. Arriving here, you can look at the shrine with the ashes of St. Theodosius.

Official website: http://www.starogolutvin.ru/

5. Bobrenev monastery

Kolomna attractions: Top 25

View of the Nativity Bobrenev Monastery in Kolomna Valentiy

Foundation date – 14th century. The monastery got its name due to its location – it is located in the village of Bobronevo. The temple is loved by clergymen and patriarchs. The Society of Church History Fans and Sunday School for believers operate here.

Official website:http://bobrenev.ru/vo.htm

See the magnificent views of Kolomna in this beautiful video!

6. Holy Trinity Novo-Golutvin Monastery

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

The territory of the Holy Trinity Novo-Golutvin Convent in Kolomna Milyutina Margarita

The monastery complex includes several beautiful chapels and temples. There are organized tours around the area. A visit to a souvenir shop is offered, which sells products created by the sisters of the cloisters. In the monastery itself are the relics and icons of St. Matrona of Moscow, Luke and other saints.

Official website: http://novogolutvin.cerkov.ru/

7. Church of St. Nicholas in Posada


Kolomna attractions: Top 25

The amazing architecture of the Church of St. Nicholas on Posada in Kolomna A.Savin

An ancient church for Orthodox people, built in the 16th century. It was originally made of wood, but the modern building is made of stone in the Baroque style. The object is in the possession of the Old Believers of the Russian Orthodox Church. Unfortunately, the original interiors were lost at the beginning of the 20th century.

8. Monument to Dmitry Donskoy

Kolomna attractions: Top 25

Monument to Dmitry Donskoy in front of the Kremlin's Marinka Tower in Kolomna Pavel Yegorov

The monument, created with the finances of the Kolomna administration, was presented to the city in 2007. We remind you that the Moscow prince was named “Donskoy” after he won the Battle of Kulikovo. The monument is located near the Kremlin.

Official website: http://kolomna-kreml.

9. The Kolomenskaya Pastila Museum

Kolomna Attractions: Top 25

Tea drinking with different “sorts” of marshmallows in the museum “Kolomenskaya pastila” Eduard V. Kurganov

Don't know what to visit in Kolomna, but love sweets? Come to this “delicious” museum. You can learn how the delicacy is prepared, become a participant in an entertaining tea party with actors dressed up in costumes. The complex is located in an old mansion and occupies several rooms. During the tour, you will taste various types of marshmallows – you can buy the ones that you like the most here. There is an outdoor cafe in the courtyard.

Official website: http://kolomnapastila.ru

10. Kalachnaya Museum

< p>Kolomna attractions: Top 25

The Kalachnaya Museum will show the process of kneading and rolling dough for baking kalachi

​​Another great option for where to go in Kolomna with the whole family. The territory is also small (you need to sign up for a tour in advance). Guests are invited to become participants in an interactive theatrical show, learn about the features of production and try kalachi (baked here in the oven of the 19th century). The local shop sells fresh and fragrant pastries.

Official website: https://kolomnapastila.ru

11. Private gallery “Museum of favorite toys”

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

Late XIX toys – the second half of the twentieth century in the private gallery “Museum of Favorite Toys” in Kolomna

The exhibits of the exhibition halls were provided by I. Kulikova – these are teddy bears, games, dolls created in 1890-1980. The museum was created about 4 years ago. Tours are conducted by the owner of the toys herself.

Official website: http://kolomna-kreml.

12. Kolomna Museum of Local Lore

Kolomna Attractions: Top 25

The main building of the Kolomna Museum of Local Lore in Kolomna Alexander Grishin

The collection items tell about 2000 years of Kolomna history. There are traditional exhibits from the world of fauna and flora (two rooms are allocated for them at once). In the rest of the halls there are items of merchant life, archaeological finds, objects that tell about the traditions and culture of the city.

Official website: http://www.kolomnamuzej

13. Museum of Linen and Life of a Russian Woman

Kolomna attractions: Top 25

Comb for combing linen, XIX century Maxim Shanin

The museum complex began its work not too long ago, and is the property of one of the local residents. The collections are based on home looms (spinning wheels, spindles, etc.), textile products, and folk costumes. Initially, the museum was a shop, now it completely occupies two levels of the house.

Official website:http://www.len-kolomna.ru/

14. Museum-estate “Samovar House”

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

Ancient samovar

Like many hotels in Kolomna, the museum is located in a historical building, which is interesting in itself. Visit the estate and you will be able to visit, for example, a room stylized as a real Russian hut with a stove. The expositions feature over six hundred samovars of various colors and sizes. There are also other elements of household utensils.

Official website: http://domsamovara.ru/

15. Museum “Secrets of Kolomna mead”

Kolomna Attractions: Top 25

A tasting of honey and honey drinks is held for museum visitors

Such interesting places in Kolomna are especially recommended for tourists who love honey. The interactive museum complex is housed in a 19th century building that once belonged to a merchant family. The ancient manor still has wine cellars and cellars for storing honey (they were restored by the current owners of the museum). Guests are offered a lot of entertainment: innovative 3D projections, hand-made cooking and immediate tasting of spicy sbiten, a sample of honey, acquaintance with the mead maker and his assistants, the housekeeper.

Official website: http://medovusha.ru/

16. Museum of Organic Culture

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

The Museum of Organic Culture in the estate of the merchant Lvov, a monument of wooden architecture of the 19th century Igolanka

A modern and rather unusual museum, the main theme of which is the Russian avant-garde of the 20th-21st centuries. If you like the original sights of Russia, be sure to come here. You will be able to see not only the 19th century building itself, made of wood and perfectly preserved. But also the creations of such masters as Guro, Kozhin, Matyushin.

Official website: http://museumart.ru/

17. House of Townsman Crafts

Kolomna attractions: Top 25

Visitors to the Museum House of Posad crafts can take part in a master class: clay modeling

A spacious museum complex located in a Russian hut of the 19th century. Exhibits – antique dolls, elements of the national interior, all kinds of crafts. The center has a school that hosts master classes and interactive tours for guests, thematic programs for children of different ages. You can visit, for example, a festive meeting in honor of Maslenitsa or Christmas, take part in a lesson on creating a rag doll. Workshops are aimed at both children and adults. At the entrance to the house you will be given unusual fabric bast shoes. The walls of the room reserved for tea parties are completely covered with patches of different colors.

18. Kuznechnaya Sloboda Museum

Kolomna attractions: Top 25

Blacksmith's workshop at the museum “Blacksmith's Sloboda”

The entire territory of this museum is one room. However, one should not refuse a visit here, because. the tour is really interesting. Exhibition samples – products created by blacksmiths in different years, weapons, ancient armor, scales, irons and other household items. The complex has a souvenir shop and a blacksmith shop, where integrative performances are given.

Official website:http://sloboda.art-kovka.ru/

19. Kolomna Gramophone Museum

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

Gramophone of the Kolomna Gramophone Factory Ser. 20th century Ilya

The opening date is two years ago. The exhibits are a variety of music boxes, Kolomna gramophones of previous years and even centuries. If you do not know what to see in Kolomna in 1 day, make a visit to this wonderful thematic center. The musical compositions heard here and the stories of the guides will not disappoint you.

Official website: http://Kolomenskygramofon.rf/

20. Artkommunalka. Erofeev and Others”

Sights of Kolomna: Top-25

Soviet money and badges of the 60s of the XX century

Another unusual museum complex, whose collections tell about life in communal apartments. Excursion programs – interactive and ordinary overview. Theatrical performances (buy tickets for them in advance) involve artists in appropriate outfits. The end of any local excursion is a tea party in an impromptu Soviet kitchen. The show will be interesting for people of any age. The museum exhibits paintings by contemporary artists, organizes creative evenings and training sessions.

Official website: http://artkommunalka.com/

Kolomna attractions: what still to visit in Kolomna?

If you have already seen all those sights of Kolomna, photos with names and descriptions of which we have collected in this review, do not be discouraged. You should go on excursions to such places of the city as:

21. Museum of the beginning “This money is Kolomsky”

Kolomna Attractions: Top 25

Pools of the Golden Horde Makuria

In a small museum complex, consisting of two rooms, it will be interesting mainly for adults. The collections contain the rarest coins and banknotes. You can find out where the name of our national currency came from, look at half and hryvnia, trace the evolution of money from antiquity to the present. One should also pay a visit to the “financial center” for the sake of its extraordinary interiors.

22. Museum of Military Glory

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

View of the Museum of Military Glory in Kolomna

Thematic and sightseeing tours are organized in the center. In addition, you can listen to a lecture on a particular topic of war. The museum complex includes an office of the history of the Great Patriotic War, a hall with an exposition of unique products of the war years, the Hall of Glory.

Official website: http://kolomna-memorial.ru/

23. Kolomna Skating Center

Sights of Kolomna: Top 25

The building of the skating center “Kolomna” A.Savin

The opening date of the ice center is 2006. This door is one of the most comfortable and large-format ice rinks in our country. You can see it right now – the popular Russian show “Ice Age” was filmed here. In addition to sporting events, the center organizes cultural events and meetings of important people of the city. The ice rink is open to everyone.

Official website: http://kolomna-speed

24. Memorial Park

Kolomna attractions: Top 25

Eternal flame in the Memorial Park of Kolomna alexandergroshev

On the square of the park there is a memorial with an eternal flame, several sculptural compositions dedicated to military themes and soldiers, monuments to numerous victims of the Second World War and an alley of glory. The object was founded on the territory of the former cemetery at the end of the 20th century with money allocated by the city authorities and the inhabitants of Kolomna.

Official website: http://kolomna-memorial.ru

25. Peace Park

Sights of Kolomna: Top-25

Entrance from Kashtanovaya Alley to Kolomna's Peace Park Pavelegorov

Spacious amusement and park territory with numerous attractions. It is a huge hit with locals and visitors alike. The park was founded in 1948, initially it was owned by one of the Kolomna enterprises. However, in the future it was opened to everyone. A huge amount of greenery and fresh air gave this attraction the name of “city lungs”. There is entertainment for people of all ages, there are cafes and souvenir shops.

We told you about the main sights of Kolomna briefly, and we hope that you will want to see them in person. Read also about the sights of Kostroma and get inspired for your further trip around Russia.


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