Sights of Kamchatka: Top-30

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

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After reading this review, you will learn about those sights of Kamchatka that glorified this region throughout Russia. We will tell you about what every tourist should see in Kamchatka.

What to see in Kamchatka in the first place

It would be really long to list all the sights of Kamchatka. Therefore, we have included in our rating only those interesting places in Kamchatka that can be seen most often by reading reviews and travel recommendations to the peninsula:

1. Valley of Geysers

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Panorama of the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka in the Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve

Like many other excursions in Kamchatka, this one is carried out by helicopter. Tourists are dropped off at hot springs, in the caldera of the Uzon volcano and in the picturesque Valley. The Valley of Geysers itself is known, among other things, for its gushing geysers – a natural phenomenon unique not only for our country, but also for the world. It is recommended to take a swimsuit with you on your trip: you can plunge into the healing waters of hot springs.

2. Klyuchevskaya Sopka Volcano

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Klyuchevskaya Sopka Volcano is an active volcano in the east of Kamchatka < p>One of the best options for what to see in Kamchatka in 1 day: an active volcano, almost 350 meters deep. It last erupted just a year and a half ago. From the height of the hill you will be able to see all the untouched nature of Kamchatka.

3. Avacha Bay

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Three Brothers rocks at the exit to the open Avacha Bay

It is believed that Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was founded in the 17th century by the Cossacks. They built an outpost and a prison on the coast of Avacha Bay. According to experts, the second in size and the first in deep water in the world, this bay is able to accommodate the entire merchant fleet of the Earth on its territory. It is also famous for its unique biome. In winter, the waters do not freeze, and more than three dozen different species of birds flock to them, including those listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

4. Stela “Russia Begins Here”

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

The sculptural composition “Russia Begins Here” at the entrance to the city of Yelizovo in Kamchatka kuhnmi

Guides in Kamchatka often recommend starting to explore the Kamchatka Territory from this monument, installed near the airport. The monument itself is made of natural stone and has three plaques with the inscription “Russia Begins Here”. On the monument you will see animals: a bear cub and his mother, which are made in full size. The she-bear carries in her mouth a red fish – the so-called “Kamchatka gold”. The stele is not only a visiting card of Kamchatka, but also a symbol of the whole of Russia.

5. Avacha Hill

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

View of Avachinsky Sopka from Koryaksky Volcano in Kamchatka Anchen Oktober

Like many other interesting places in Kamchatka, this one is located in the south of the Eastern Range. A cone-shaped volcano, over 2700 meters high, active. On its territory, covered with cedar elfin and stone birches, you can also see many holes and cracks.

Feel the atmosphere of Kamchatka in this beautiful video!

6. Karymsky Volcano (Karymskaya Sopka)

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Karymsky Volcano (Karymskaya Sopka) – an active volcano in Kamchatka

The attraction is located at an altitude of about 1500 meters (the highest point of this active volcano) on the Eastern Range. The top is presented in the form of a truncated cone. The last time Karymsky volcano erupted four years ago. Ash from it flies hundreds of meters.

7. Mutnovsky Volcano

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Landscape at the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano in the southern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula

If your trip to Kamchatka is long, set aside a few days to explore this volcano and its “neighbor” – Gorelay Hills. Climbing the Mutnovsky crater is considered to be quite easy and short (about two hours) event. You can admire overhanging glaciers, mountain slopes covered with extraordinary flowers, mud pots, fumarole fields. On the way you will meet a giant canyon with a waterfall, Vilyuchinsky Pass, unique Martian landscapes. In general, everything that the Kamchatka Peninsula is famous for.

8. Russkaya Bay

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Seascape in Russkaya Bay

The bay with avalanche and high banks is located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. A large number of rivers flow through its hollows. In addition to beauty, the bay is known for its drinking water – crystal clear and healing.

9. Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

A fast mountain river against the backdrop of rocky mountains in the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve in Kamchatka

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Aerial view of a small lake in the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve in Kamchatka

The best option for where to go in Kamchatka with the whole family. A huge number of animals live on the territory, including many brown bears. Their neighbors are wild deer, beavers and foxes, martens and sables. Thanks to environmentally friendly and comfortable conditions, even those animals that do not like the seaside climate live here: snow leopards, lynxes, moose and squirrels. There are no less birds here, among which are the hawk owl and the waxwing. If you are interested in the best natural sights of Russia, what you should definitely visit in Kamchatka, now you know.

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10. Holy Trinity Cathedral

Attractions of Kamchatka: Top 30

Cathedral of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity in the old Russian style in the city of Petropavlovsk -Kamchatsky Asya

Kamchatka Attractions: Top 30

The territory of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

The construction of the church, which lasted for many years, began in 2001. The building was based on a capsule with the remains of several great martyrs. The cathedral was consecrated in 2010 by Patriarch Kirill himself. During the reconstruction, necessary in connection with a major fire in 2012, the iconostasis and icons, wooden ceilings were restored.

Official website: http://pravkamchatka

11. St. Panteleimon Monastery in Kamchatka

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

St. Panteleimon's Kamchatka Monastery on the shore of Avacha Bay Obitel. pravkamchatka

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Interior of St. Panteleimon's Monastery in Kamchatka

The easternmost monastery in Russia. Erected on the Hill of Communications. A few years after the completion of construction work, one of the icons began to stream myrrh (oily moisture appeared on the surface).

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12. Monument to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Monument to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul on Lenin Square in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Sqshooter

On the city embankment you can find not only the best hotels in Kamchatka, but also this famous monument to the patrons of the peninsula. The names of Pavel and Peter were awarded to ships in previous years.

13. Monument to Vitus Bering

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Monument to the navigator Vitus Bering in the square of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky NadezhdaKhaustova

A symbolic monumental composition in the form of a gun barrel located vertically. At the top of the trunk there is a lotus flower, on the basement parts of the monument there are laurel wreaths.

14. Nikolskaya Sopka and defense monuments of 1854

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

View of Nikolskaya Sopka, Kultuchnoye Lake and Avacha Bay from Mishennaya Sopka Rost.galis

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

“Chapel” in honor of the successful defense of Petropavlovsk from the attack of the Anglo-French squadron in 1854

Sights of Kamchatka: Top-30

Monument “Glory” on Nikolskaya Sopka Makshanov Evgeniy Sergeevich

Arriving in the city center, you can look at the best sights of Kamchatka, including the bay, from the strategic height of Nikolskaya Sopka. The battle with the Anglo-French troops was fought on this territory during the Crimean War of 1854. In memory of the heroic defense of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a stone necropolis and a chapel were built. The place is surrounded by a fence designed in the form of cannons.

15. Kamchatka Regional United Museum

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Kamchatka Regional United Museum in the oldest building of the city Evgeniy Sergeevich Makshanov

The museum complex began its work in 1911. Exhibition items (documents, books, art and household items) demonstrate the history of the local population and the Kamchatka Territory itself. A separate exposition is dedicated to nature.

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16. Paratunka

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

The church of the resort village of Paratunka in the Yelizovsky district of the Kamchatka Territory Moreorless

Listing the main sights of Kamchatka, it is worth briefly mentioning this resort village. It is worth visiting Paratunka, for example, for the sake of its mineral thermal springs. On the territory there are several hospitals, hotels and a huge sanatorium with the same name as near the village.

17. Hot springs of Kamchatka

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Hot spring in the Nalychevo valley of the Kamchatka Peninsula Natalia Kollegova.

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

One of the 150 large popular and visited hot springs of Kamchatka Gistereziz

Located in the southern part of the peninsula, they gush out of the ground, filling natural baths. The maximum recorded temperature of liquids was over 85 degrees. Celsius. All hot springs (about 20) have their own composition of water. You can stop for rest both in a hotel and in a tent. The territory, approximately 6 hectares in size, is under the protection of UNESCO.

18. Acidic lakes of Kamchatka

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Acid lake located in the main crater of Maly Semyachik volcano zarmel

Ten years ago, there were several beautiful acid lakes on the peninsula. However, one of them has lost its color. The waters of the other still have a toxic blue hue, and splash onto a rich black beach. Despite the fact that both acidic lakes are located on mountain peaks covered with snow, they do not freeze even in winter.

19. Dead Forest

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Dead forest near Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka kuhnmi

The attraction appeared during the eruption of the Tolbachik volcano. Emissions of ash and lava turned a flowering area, 40 square meters in size. meters, into the scorched desert. The ground here is still mixed with slag and ash, and the tree trunks are lifeless.

20. Death Valley

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

View of the mysterious Valley of Death at the foot of the Kikhpinych volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula

A mysterious place where not only birds and animals die, but also people. For what reason? This terrible secret has not yet been discovered, despite numerous attempts. The reserve, equipped in the middle of the 20th century, has several geysers. There are hiking trails along it. In 1975, biologists conducting a study of the area found more than two hundred corpses of fauna, including the remains of eagles, foxes, bears, and small rodents. The list continues to expand even today.

Sights of Kamchatka. What else to visit in Kamchatka?

In addition to these places of interest and objects, you should see:

21. Vilyuchinsky waterfall

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Vilyuchinsky waterfall in the north -western slope of the Vilyuchinsky volcano in the southern part of the peninsula

It is located in the south of Kamchatka, on a volcanic slope. The waterfall appeared as a result of the melting of the glacier. Its current height is about four dozen meters. Be prepared for the fact that you will partially have to get to the waterfall on foot – through low, but sometimes dense thickets of the forest. The journey is quite difficult for an unprepared person.

22. Karaginsky Island

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Walruses on Karaginsky Island in the Karaginsky Bay of the Bering Sea near the eastern coast of Kamchatka

A landmark of the Bering Sea, separated from the east of the peninsula by a beautiful strait. Known for its untouched beauty, Karaginsky Island was named after local basalt stones and rocks.

23. Commander Islands

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Bering Island is the largest in the Commander Islands

The total area of ​​65 islands is about 3.5 million hectares. All kinds of representatives of flora and fauna live on the square, including the rarest ones: gyrfalcon, white goose and others. On one of the islands there are the remains of the famous traveler Bering.

24. Kuril Lake

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Brown bears on the shore of Lake Kuril in the South Kamchatka Federal Reserve

If you want to look at brown bears (for safety, excursions are accompanied by an experienced inspector) from a distance of several meters, come to Kuril Lake. During the spawning period of sockeye salmon, several hundred animals gather here. Helicopter excursions are offered to the object: in addition to the lake, it will be possible to visit thermal springs and swim in them, as well as the caldera of the Ksudach volcano.

25. Natural parks of Kamchatka

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Mountain landscape valleys in one of Kamchatka's natural parks

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Hot springs at the foot of the Priemysh volcano in the natural park of Kamchatka

There are several natural park areas on the territory of Kamchatka. For example, the eastern Klyuchevskoy park. There are over 20 volcanoes of various origins here, one of them is the most active on the planet. The fauna is not numerous, and the vegetation is low. The Bystrinsky Natural Park, which is under the protection of UNESCO, also has a dozen volcanoes. Guests are offered river rafting, horseback riding, trips through the meadows. On the territory there is a museum of history. No economic activity is carried out in the South Kamchatka Park; it will not be possible to drive through it by transport. The forests of the park zone are of different types of vegetation. Due to the absence of a “man”, the number of animals, for example, bears, is large here.

Official website: http://www.vulcanikamchatki.

26. Pimchakh ethnographic complex

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Traditional national dance of the indigenous people of Kamchatka

Arriving in Kamchatka, you can learn about how the indigenous peoples of the peninsula lived for many years. Excursions to national villages, which include the Pimchakh eco-park, are offered everywhere. The complex of international level is a giant outdoor museum, and is located a few tens of kilometers. from the city: buildings of 500 years ago are reproduced on the territory. Park staff talk about the ancient customs and life of the natives.

27. Koryak Nature Reserve

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

A section of the Koryaksky Reserve on the Govena Peninsula Igor Shpilenok

The complex includes three objects of various types at once: a bay, a cape and a valley. If you want to admire all the riches and majesty of nature, you will not find a better option. Birds nest on the rocks all year round. It is recommended to visit the object with an attendant.

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28. Esso village

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Panorama of Esso village – Kamchatka Switzerland Denis Anisimov

The village was founded about 80 years ago and is located in a beautiful valley. The indigenous inhabitants of the settlement are the Evens. Arriving here, you can visit the museum of ethnography, learn more about the life of the people, look at their traditional dwellings, art objects (carvings on the themes of mythology). The open air museum is open all year round. You should allocate at least a day to get to know the territory.

29. Beringia

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

A musher driver driving a dog sled in the annual Beringia race in Kamchatka

Sights of Kamchatka: Top 30

Section of the route of the traditional Kamchatka dog sled race – Beringia

Beringia is the name of a traditional Kamchatka entertainment and a beautiful area where dog sled races are held every year. “Athletes” – people and animals, overcome hundreds of kilometers: special sleds (sleds) are driven by mushers. During the whole month, while the races are going on, an incredible atmosphere of fun reigns. Drivers need to show strategic skills: correctly arrange animals in a harness. The range of the distance is different every year: on average it is about 2 thousand kilometers. The first competitions were held about 30 years ago.

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30. Cape Lopatka

< p>Kamchatka Attractions: Top 30

Space view of Cape Lopatka of the Kamchatka Peninsula NASA WorldWind

The southernmost tundra part of Kamchatka, where the weather station and frontier outpost are located. Settlements that were once inhabited are now deserted. The number of sunny days is minimal. When choosing clothes for a trip to Lopatka, be prepared for the fact that it is constantly raining and strong winds blow on the cape.

We hope that those sights of Kamchatka, the photos with names and descriptions of which we have given, will help you in compiling the best excursion route.


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