Showing how much a loaf of white bread costs in Germany.

I show how much it costs loaf of white bread in Germany.

For some reason, when they talk about European salaries in euros, they usually keep silent about prices in the same euros, Today I want to show you, using the example of a loaf of white bread, what prices are in euros, the country is Germany!

A little background:
Regular readers know that I usually write about life in other countries, in the comments I often see how people, having heard what salaries are in other countries, immediately begin to compare it with their own. The average salary in the US is $4,500, and in Germany it's 3,900 euros… Of course, many immediately write – this is my annual salary, but of course they live fat, go and live in mansions… but for some reason almost everyone forgets that the prices there is also in euros and dollars, let's start…

How much does a loaf of bread cost in Russia now, 25-30 rubles, that's about thirty eurocents, well, let's now see how much the same bread costs in the shops of Hamburg, Germany.

Showing how much a loaf of white bread costs in Germany.

And so, German white bread, the size and weight of half a loaf, costs 1 euro. Bread the size of our roll – 2 euros, in the lower corner you can grab a discount for 1.5 euros.

If we discard all discounts – a loaf of white bread will cost 2 euros, let's calculate how much this is in rubles? At the current exchange rate, about 175 rubles, hello bread for 25 rubles.

By the way, don't be fooled by the appearance of the bread, it's not fancy, it's just the most common in Germany the format of bread rolls, as we have the form familiar from childhood.

What are the results? The average salary in Germany is 3900 euros or 330 thousand rubles, which is about 8 times the average salary in Russia, at least according to official statistics.

Bread, however, is also 7-8 times more expensive, the moral of this fable is that Europe is not a magical place where even the plumber drives a BMW, no, of course there is a higher standard of living, but not as much as many people imagine, huge salaries are offset by high prices.

P.S I'm not saying that life in Russia is better than in Germany, on the contrary, but be realistic and don't believe the rigged numbers .

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