Salou in July: the hot embrace of Spain

 Perhaps, many tourists who have visited Spain in the summer know that July — the hottest month of the year. However, it is better to languish in the heat, while enjoying the beautiful views of the Balearic Sea and breathing fresh air on the Costa Dorada, than sitting in a stuffy and dusty city.

The main resort of the Gold Coast is Salou. Local entertainment, the Mediterranean climate, the vitality of the Spaniards and the atmosphere of this amazing town will make you forget about such a drawback as a high thermometer. Kidpassage will tell you about all the details of visiting Salou.

Salou in July: hot hugs of Spain

Holidays in Salou in July: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Many guests of Salou complain about the intense heat, but in the middle of summer the city is crowded with vacationers. Obviously, the resort is replete with clear benefits that offset the discomfort associated with hot weather.

On the Internet, you can find both positive reviews about holidays in Salou in July, and comments seasoned with a pinch of negativity. We propose to consider the main prosand cons of the resort:

  • Warm sea. The tourist season begins in the spring, but comfortable swimming is possible only by the end of June — early July. During this period, the sea warms up so well that even small children can splash for a long time.
  • «PortAventura». Next to Salou is the most popular amusement park in Spain, PortAventura. Some people come here specifically to visit it.
  • Mediterranean climate. Although it is really hot here in July, the mild climate, sea winds and abundance of greenery make it easier to endure the summer heat.
  • Fruit abundance. Peaches, apricots, nectarines, apples, pears, grapes — what is there in local markets!

Cons traveling to Salou in July is no less important:

  • Weather. The thermometer exceeds +30 °C, it is very easy to burn out in the sun or get a heat stroke, so do not forget about precautions.
  • A large number of tourists. The peak of the influx of visitors falls on July — August. Crowds are everywhere: in cafes, hotels, popular sightseeing places and on the beaches.
  • The cost of rest. Summer holidays in Salou are expensive, and prices only increase with each month of the hot season.

The biggest minus of the July holiday — heatwave. The second summer month — not the best time to come to Salou for parents with babies, the elderly and those who do not tolerate the heat.

Weather in Salou in July

Weather in Salou in July — August is sultry in the south. At this time, the main peak of the heat falls. The Spanish sun is very treacherous, so protect your skin with high SPF creams, wear hats, and don't leave your room without a bottle of water.

The weather in early July is even more or less gentle, the sun has not yet entered its most active phase. Visitors enjoy the warm, fine days by spending time outdoors.

The temperature in Salou in mid-July is approaching maximum levels. At this time, it is better not to go out in the sun from about 11 am to 5 pm. Transfer your visit to the beach to the morning and afternoon hours.

The weather in Salou at the end of July is not suitable for families with kids. In the daytime, the streets are almost empty, because all the locals and tourists hide from the sun in air-conditioned rooms. It doesn't get colder even in the evenings. Tourists with small children are advised to plan a trip for June or September, when the weather is more comfortable and gentle.

Air and water temperature

Salou attracts tourists primarily with its favorable Mediterranean climate. It is never cold here, even in winter the temperature rarely drops below +10 °C. What can we say about the hottest season of the year — summer in Salou is long, sunny and hot.

Air temperature in Salou in July

The average daily temperature in Salou in July is +29.4 °C. In the evenings, the resort is not cold at all. At night, the thermometer drops to +21.8 °C.

Water temperature in the sea

There are a lot of people on the beaches of the resort in the middle of summer. In conditions of intense heat, you want to refresh yourself in the salty waters of the Balearic Sea. The average water temperature is +25.1 °C.


In the second summer month, no showers or bad weather are expected at the resort. The average rainfall is 21.5 mm. As for rainy days, there are only about two of them.

Sunny, cloudy, cloudy days

Something, and the sun on the Costa Dorada in July in abundance. 94% of the entire month — sunny days. Cloudy days occupy 6%, and tourists will not see an overcast sky at all.

Beach holidays

Salou in July: the warm embrace of Spain

Most of the rest of Salou's guests spend on the beaches. Entrance to the municipal beaches of the resort is free, but you still have to pay for renting a sun lounger and an umbrella. All beaches, except for the “wild” beaches, have a well-developed infrastructure, they are also ideal for small children, because the entry into the sea is gentle, and the coast is sandy and clean.  

Many local beaches have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award. This mark indicates the highest level of purity of water and coastal territory.

The main beach of the city is Levante. Its territory is large, so even in the high season there is enough space for everyone. Changing cabins, showers and toilets, sunbeds and umbrellas — visitors will find everything necessary for a comfortable stay. In addition, there is a huge selection of water activities for children and adults.

Another popular beach is Ponent. The infrastructure is at the highest level, there are many cafes and bars around. Ponent provides the same types of services as Levante. The only difference is that it is not so crowded here.

Secluded sections of the coast, fenced off by rocks and pine plantations, are suitable for lovers of seclusion. One such place is Chaplains Bay, where the air is incredibly clean and the water is crystal clear.

All beaches are distinguished by excellent infrastructure and cleanliness. Most of them — holders of the Blue Flag. On the free beaches of the resort, adults can ride catamarans and ATVs, and kids — play in the equipped playgrounds.

Sightseeing holidays in Salou

Salou in July: warm embrace of Spain

Tourists will find something to diversify their beach holiday, because Salou has other trump cards up its sleeve, in addition to the spacious coast. There are places to go and things to see here. And if the local sights don't impress you and you get bored, you can always go to the neighboring regions.

In early July, when it's still not very hot, it's nice to take long walks in the fresh air. A popular place for walking is Jaime I Boulevard. Perfectly arranged, with blooming flower beds and palm trees, it is never empty. There are many shops, bars and restaurants. The highlight of the boulevard — light and music fountains, where every evening vacationers can enjoy an amazing show.

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At the end of the boulevard there are ancient manors in the Catalan style, the most famous —villa Voramar. The buildings amaze with exquisite architecture and magnificence. Among other architectural sights, it is worth noting the Old Fortress, where the Museum of Modern Arts is now located, and the Catalan Estate, surrounded by a picturesque garden.

At the end of July, you want to hide from the unbearable heat. This is a great time to visit the legendary Port Aventura amusement park. From Salou, the entertainment center can be reached on foot, as it is located just a few kilometers from the city.

In "PortAventura" there is a water park, unique attractions, a golf club and much more that will impress not only children, but also adults.

Tourists with children should also visit:

  • rope park “Bosc Aventura”
  • “House of Illusions”
  • water parks in neighboring resorts — La Pineda and Tarragona
  • playgrounds in shopping malls

Holidays, events, festivals

The Spaniards are rightfully considered the most cheerful nation. Perhaps no one in the whole world knows how to have so much fun. In the high tourist season, the holidays in Salou in July delight with variety. The most famous festival, which starts at the end of July and lasts until mid-August, — «Golden Nights Summer Festival».

July Vacation Prices

Salou in July: Spain's warm embrace

Among the disadvantages of visiting the resort during this period, we mentioned the high cost. Indeed, prices in Salou in July are an order of magnitude higher than in other seasons. However, the level of service and the quality of services are quite consistent with the money spent.

Price of tours

Tour operators raise prices every summer month. In June, the cost of the tour is 45% lower than in July. In August, prices increase by another 12% compared to July.


Passengers who fly to Salou in the middle of summer pay 10% more than in the first month of the season. In August, ticket prices also increase slightly. In the last month of summer, air travel costs 2% more than in July.


Salou hoteliers raise prices in July by 39% of the June cost. In August, guests pay 1% more than a month earlier. So, the average cost of living in June is 134 euros, in July — 221 euros, in August — 223 euros

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Meals and transfers

Among the pleasant memories of a holiday in Salou, many have an unsurpassed taste of Spanish cuisine. In the cafe, tourists can have a hearty lunch for 10-15 euros. The restaurant will have to pay about 40 euros. For those who want to save money, a fast food snack (3 & ndash; 5 euros) is suitable.

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Salou — a relatively small resort, which, if desired, is quite possible to get around on foot.

Nevertheless, the public transport system is well established, buses will take passengers even to neighboring provinces. The fare depends on the distance. The resort also has taxi services (the trip will cost about 10 euros within the city), car and bicycle rentals.

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How to dress in Salou

Salou in July: warm embrace of Spain

As we wrote above, July — the hottest month of the year in Spain, so warm clothes in Salou are unlikely to come in handy. Even after dark it doesn't get cold here. Here's what to put in your suitcase when you travel:

  • T-shirts and T-shirts;
  • light sundresses;
  • a pareo or long-sleeved shirt that will protect your skin from sunburn;
  • swimsuit;
  • hats for the whole family;
  • beach shoes;
  • sandals or any other walking shoes

Recommendations for traveling with children

Midsummer — Not the best time to travel with kids. Even the mild Mediterranean climate does not save you from high air temperatures.

If you still decide to take a chance and purchase a family tour for July, then enjoy the positive aspects of this resort. You will be delighted with family-friendly hotels, comfortable beaches and, of course, the opportunity to visit the legendary PortAventura.

From Salou you are guaranteed to bring good memories and good mood. However, do not forget about the friends who stayed at home. Kidpassage article “What to bring from Spain as a gift: 31 souvenirs from the homeland of flamenco and bullfighting” will help you decide on memorable gifts for family and friends. 


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