Saint Valentine is out of date

St. Valentine's Day is becoming less and less frequent in Russia, according to the SuperJob survey

Saint Valentine loses relevance

Saint Valentine loses relevance

Valentine's Day is celebrated in Russia  increasingly rare, as seen in the SuperJob survey. The same cannot be said about travelers and, especially, tour operators, who are very fond of using it to promote their winter products.

13% of Russians want to celebrate Valentine's Day, while 76% of respondents have no such plans. Over the past few decades, the popularity of the holiday has decreased by 4 times – in 2007 it was celebrated by every second, and now — only 13%.

And yet 36% of men were going to congratulate their other half with at least flowers.

Most of all those who remember St. Valentine remained among  young people under 34 (17% will celebrate on February 14).

Alas, only 5% of employers answered positively about plans to celebrate Valentine's Day at work.


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