Russian tourists took second place in terms of tourist flow to Turkey

In 2022, more than 44 million foreign tourists rested in Turkey, while 5.2 million were citizens of the Russian Federation. This was reported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the country.

Russian tourists ranked second in terms of tourist flow to Turkey

According to the ministry, in 2022 Russia ranked second among countries in terms of tourist flow to Turkey. The share of citizens of the Russian Federation in the foreign tourist flow is 11.7%. With a small margin ahead was Germany, where 5.67 million tourists came from (12.7% share). Great Britain took the third place (3.37 million and a share of 7.5%). The top 5 also includes Bulgaria (2.8 million) and Iran (2.3 million), Interfax reports.

According to the ministry, the tourist flow from Russia in December amounted to 287.4 thousand, that's double what it was a year ago. The country ranked first in terms of tourist flow this month, ahead of Bulgaria (260.7 thousand), Germany (197.8 thousand), Iran (145.8 thousand) and Georgia (143.3 thousand). In total, almost 2.4 million travelers visited Turkey in December 2022.


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