Russia may resume flights to Africa and Nepal

Rosaviatsia made a request to Russian airlines about their readiness to fly to Africa and Nepal.

Russia may resume flights to Africa and Nepal

The request of the Federal Air Transport Agency concerns flights to South Africa (Pretoria), Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda, as well as Nepal.

At the moment, flights to these countries are not carried out due to the fact that there is a shortage of long-haul aircraft that are exempt from double registration and which operate flights to “friendly” countries.

According to ” Kommersant, citing sources in the two airlines, they are ready to consider proposals if there are guarantees for the safety of their double-registered aircraft.

Another Kommersant source in the industry has doubts that air carriers that have pairs there are long-haul aircraft without double registration, they will switch boards for flights to African countries and Nepal from popular destinations such as Turkey, Egypt and Thailand.


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