Rostourism will develop new support measures for the tourist industry

Rostourism, together with the tourism industry, will develop new measures of state support.

Rostourism will develop new support measures for the tourism industry

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As new measures, the possibility of providing tour operators with subsidies to replace a foreign tour with an equivalent product in Russia is being considered. Such an incentive mechanism for tour operators may be an additional measure to the proposal to postpone until December 31, 2023 the fulfillment of obligations for failed tours that were booked before March 1, 2022.

“The proposals made by the General Taras Demura, Director of the tour operator FUN&SUN (former TUI Russia) at an open meeting of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko with representatives of the industry. The tour operator confirms its readiness to increase the volume of sales of tours in Russia, including offering them for rebooking to tourists whose trips abroad did not take place due to the restrictions imposed,”, Interfax quotes a statement from the press service of Rostourism.

In addition, a proposal to abolish VAT for tour operators will be worked out. According to Rostourism, the adoption of this measure will motivate tour operators to create turnkey package offers, and not split the domestic product into separate services from different suppliers. This will also help improve the quality of the domestic product and accelerate the implementation of international service standards in the domestic tourism market.


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