Rosaviatsia jet from IFly documents required for flights to Egypt

Rosaviatsia has not received all the necessary documents from IFly to allow flights through Syrian airspace.

Rosaviatsiya jet from «IFly» documents required for flights to Egypt

Recall that from December 15, Jordan has imposed a ban on the use of its airspace for IFly aircraft, due to which, since yesterday, IFly flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh have not been operated.

“IFly Airlines was notified in advance by the aviation authorities of Jordan about the ban on the use of its airspace from December 15, 2022. Despite the notification of the Jordanian side, IFly did not take effective measures to resolve the issue of fulfilling its obligations to passengers: no other alternative safe routes were chosen; work on the transportation of air passengers to other Russian airlines that have the ability to fly to Egypt is not being carried out, ”the message of the Federal Air Transport Agency says.

As emphasized in the department, the Federal Air Transport Agency, in order to additionally assess flight safety before using Syrian airspace, requested the airline to submit a risk assessment for civil aircraft flights near the region where there is a serious risk to the safety of international flights. Also provide information on the readiness of the airline's crews to fly in areas close to zones of armed conflict or entering an area where flights are restricted.

“As of 14:00 Moscow time on December 16, documents from airline “IFly” on the assessment of existing risks, as well as a list of developed and implemented measures to reduce these risks, are not presented. For its part, the Federal Air Transport Agency continues interdepartmental coordination of the issue of the safe use of Syrian airspace by Russian civil aircraft. The decision on the possibility of IFly flights through the airspace of Syria can only be made after a detailed study of the issue with all authorized bodies and receipt of appropriate guarantees from the air carrier on the observance of the rights of passengers to safe air transportation,” the Federal Air Transport Agency clarified.


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