“Reverse effect sanctions: what are the prospects for travel tech?”

On March 24, 2022, Raketa, a leader in the development of IT products for travel and expense management, took part in the Russoft press conference “Russian IT industry: the impact of sanctions and development trends” in Moscow.

As part of the event, Raketa CEO Anatoly Kuryumov made a presentation on the topic “Sanctions with the opposite effect: what are the prospects for travel tech?”. He spoke about the fact that the company faced sanctions in both IT and travel areas. But Rocket has always thought, first of all, of the opportunities that the company sees even now. There has been a lot of talk lately about the withdrawal of Western IT companies from Russia. Among them are Rocket's competitors, in particular, SAP Concur, Amadeus Citric, Saber GetThere, Reed & Mackay, Tripactions and others. This opens up additional opportunities for the enterprise and other Russian market participants.

“The IT industry has become more flexible, it is ready for such challenges that we are facing now. Rocket, as a mature company, has already gone through waves of crises. In conditions when we are cut off from export of our software around the world, we see more opportunities for the solution of tasks in the home market, – Anatoly Kuryumov comments. – Now every state and commercial company is faced with the problem of organizing business trips. Being 100% domestic software, we are able and able to continue the vector of digitalization of companies of any level, ensure the smooth organization of business trips and all related processes. Including those that need to be replaced by imports: electronic document management, business intelligence, corporate data management, etc.

Great growth potential is seen in the use of local payment solutions, the introduction of new technological solutions in order to reorient products. Now there is an opportunity to reduce the number of intermediary participants in relations with the client, to make the solution of his tasks even faster and more efficient.”

The press conference was also attended by Valentin Makarov, President of NP RUSSOFT, Alexander Glazkov, Managing Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Diasoft, Dmitry Greskov, General Director of Transset, Dmitry Komissarov, Director of Product Development and Development of MyOffice, Boris Popov, Director of Business Development, Vinteo, Rustam Rustamov, Deputy General Director of RED SOFT.< /p>

During the discussion, the participants discussed the forecasts for the development of the software industry for 2022, measures to support IT companies, the process of import substitution, digital transformation under sanctions, and the rapid transition to Russian office software from foreign solutions.


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