Resort “Yaroslavskoe vzmorye”: the best implementation of recreational tourism

Yaroslavskoye Vzmorye, a resort spread over an area of ​​100 square kilometers on the banks of the Volga, is actively developing the territory and will delight tourists with new powerful projects in the near future. The 2023 season will again surprise the guests of the resort.

Yaroslavskoye Vzmorye resort: the best implementation of recreational tourism

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New Perspectives

Now the core of the resort is the successfully operating park-hotel “Bay Koprino”. But already in the summer of 2023, a new Koprino Plaza hotel with 127 rooms will start operating at the resort, which means an additional 250 tourists on the territory of the park hotel. The feature of the hotel is that it stands near the shore and will have entry directly from the water. The hotel will be convenient for corporate tourists, large groups. In the long term, a medical center will be organized here, it is planned to link the Koprina Plaza hotel with the activities of the medical center: medical tourism will also be developed at the resort.

And another grandiose project is already being developed on the territory of the resort – this is Koprino Posad, which will appear by 2027, provides a strong magnet for entertainment. There will be not only rooms and apartments. “The core of the project will be an indoor aqua complex designed for 1,500 people, with an area of ​​15,000 meters, with various bath complexes, spa services, and restaurants. Today in Russia there is a tendency to focus not just on the number of rooms, but on comfortable types of entertainment. And the indoor aqua complex will be a powerful magnet for future hotels to be loaded and suburban real estate to be sold,” notes Igor Nurmukhamedov, Deputy General Director of the Yaroslavskoye Vzmorye resort. The project will consist of three hotels and apartments in the style of a Russian city, the buildings will become analogues of architectural samples that were picked up in Rybinsk, Murom, Kostroma, Suzdal, and Vladimir. The apartments, the resort management notes, can be rented out if desired, the management company will take care of all organizational issues – this is a profitable investment. The territory of Koprino Posada will be free from cars, parking will be organized at the entrance to the territory of the complex, and the project will be surrounded by water on three sides. As Igor Nurmukhamedov noted, this is a profitable project for the region: over 10 years, it is planned to transfer 3 billion rubles to the budget of the Yaroslavl region as taxes.

Development of logistics – more opportunities for tourists

Guests of the Koprino Bay park hotel, as a rule, come here by their own transport, but about 100,000 more visits a year are those traveling on motor ships. More than 100 vessels moor during the season at the berth of the Yaroslavskoye Vzmorye resort. “Previously, motor ships passed this territory, now it is a green parking lot, travelers like it very much, because it differs from their standard impressions in cities,” Igor Nurmukhamedov notes. – Here, the motor ships stop for 3-4 hours, for travelers it is an exhalation, contact with nature. Vodokhod and other major operators love our parking lot.

From the pier, a mini-engine takes the passengers of the ship on a tour of the park hotel, you can also look into the Museum of the Rybinsk Sea or the Museum of the Russian Village “Tygydym”, or just take a walk, sunbathe and swim.

The resort management also has new ideas for developing transport accessibility. In Rybinsk, which is located 30 km from the Yaroslavl Coast, there is a boat for 30 people, and a retro train runs from Yaroslavl to Rybinsk, these transport components can be combined, at least for the arrival of tourist groups here. “Transport accessibility is an important issue for us in the future, especially since we want to increase the tourist flow by 5 times, taking into account the construction of Koprino Posada,” emphasizes Igor Nurmukhamedov.

The yacht club will also develop (to get to the resort you can use your own boat or yacht): now there are 130 places here, it is planned to bring the club's water area to accommodate 200 yachts, there will be 1.5 times more berthing places, taking into account the commissioning of the Koprino Posad project.

< p> “Yaroslavl Coast” is becoming more and more popular

According to Tatyana Morozova, quality management manager of the Koprino Bay Park Hotel, the Koprino Bay is occupied by up to 100 percent. In summer – up to 70-80 percent. There are clients who love the comfort, fresh air and beauty of these places so much that they rent cottages for the whole summer at once. In the off-season it is less, but thanks to corporate groups, the occupancy level is up to 70 percent. Corporate events are often held here – business trips, trainings, team building and just corporate trips for recreation (conference rooms of the Kalita restaurant are equipped for business events). 60 percent of vacationers are from Moscow, the rest are Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo regions, as well as guests from St. Petersburg.

The resort has a lot of opportunities, including a kids club, open from morning to evening. This is 250 square meters of various activities, including soft labyrinths; tutors and animators conduct various master classes and classes with children. “Young visitors to the resort love their club very much. Many regular customers, parents, say that they specially come to the Koprino Bay park-hotel, including for the sake of the children's club, ”says Tatiana Morozova.

The hotel uses dynamic pricing, depending on the load, the price changes, seasonal or load. The minimum load is late autumn, the maximum load is winter, January, and all summer. May holidays are also busy, they are booked in advance, in winter. Large load also on weekends, regardless of the season. Even Muscovites come for the weekend, not only Yaroslavl or Rybinsk residents. People come to Koprino Bay just for a day, without an overnight stay. The day-pass system works: for 1000 rubles, guests of the park-hotel who do not buy accommodation here, but come to relax without spending the night, can visit the pool, spa area and gym of the wellness center, as well as resort restaurants.

Take a vat, go skiing, talk to horses

There are more and more options for leisure and active pastime at the resort “Yaroslavskoe vzmorye”. In winter – expanse: you can go to the Reserve Forest to breathe fresh frosty air, ski (on a professionally cut track) or just take a walk. Fans of figure skating or hockey will enjoy high-quality ice on the rink, mulled wine and music. In the future, the resort will also have a ski slope, with a track up to 400 meters. All equipment is available at the local rental, it is not necessary to take it with you. There are also snowmobiles. And in the summer, of course, – bicycles, rollerblades, ATVs. Yachting and fishing trips are also organized in summer. I have an idea to organize sailing training. The golf club is also popular, the field covers 80 hectares, and already a third of it is functioning. It is interesting for both professionals and beginners. “We have a golf weekend program, guests can learn the game, try it, and tourists understand that this is not such an inaccessible game. So far, golf has a certain flair of aristocracy, but the organizers of the club believe that this stereotype should be changed, – says Igor Nurmukhamedov. – We have affordable prices, good instructors, people get involved and even arrange mini-tournaments. Golf is also in demand among corporate clients, it is a good option for team building.

It is impossible to resist the desire to relax and unwind in the local Wellness Center: it has already become famous for its open-air swimming pool, swimming, admiring the snowdrifts and the winter Volga – a unique experience. And, of course, the baths! There is also a bath complex in the Wellness Center (hammam, Russian and Roman steam rooms, sauna), and there is also a separate large cedar bath where you can enjoy real Russian soaring, with diving into a snowdrift and even dipping into a vat with fragrant medicinal herbs.

And even in the restaurants of the resort, the health of the guests is taken care of. Here, the menu is carefully thought out, which includes dietary and vegetarian dishes, as well as organic dairy and meat products from Ugleche Pole, which are produced at the Uglich production of the agricultural holding AgriVolga. These are milk, cottage cheese, kefir, sour cream, goat cheeses – Fromage Frey and Buch-de-Chevre, as well as organic meat. You can also buy organic products to bring home pleasant and healthy gifts.

The museums located on the territory of the resort (the Museum of the Rybinsk Sea and Tygydym) are always popular, and their founders are actively developing new programs. In “Tygydym”, for example, they began to develop the direction of psychology “hippovention” (personality-developing interaction with horses). The horses here live in free range. According to Olesya Degtyareva, co-founder of the project, communication with this animal helps to relax, calm down and even sort out one's inner feelings. Another new project of the Tygydym Museum, where they actively recreate and preserve the history of the Russian village, is the creation of a unique Yaroslavl dictionary of the 18th-19th centuries. There are many requests from tourists for excursions to nearby cities – Myshkin, Rybinsk, Uglich. In Uglich, tourists are now waiting not only for traditional excursions to historical places. From May 2023, the Cheese Making Museum will open at the Uglich Cheese and Dairy Plant (USMZ). USMZ is one of the leaders in the Russian cheesemaking market, where the traditions of cheesemaking are carefully preserved, while applying modern production technologies. USMZ produces such famous cheeses as “Uglichsky”, “Rossiysky”, “Poshekhonsky”, “Gollandsky”, as well as dairy products “From Uglich” and “Yaroslava”. At the Museum of Cheesemaking, you can get acquainted with the history of cheesemaking, and at the factory you can see the process of making cheese through a panoramic glass wall.

Among the new ideas that will be implemented in the coming years is the ethnopark in Koprino Posada, which will become a kind of continuation of Tygydym: a craft yard will appear with ethno-handicraft and gastronomic entertainment, the resort management is already recruiting masters of their craft among local residents who they will be able to sell their products and hold master classes here.

And on the territory of the nearby airport for small aircraft (this, by the way, is another way to get to the resort, and some guests fly here on their own planes) there will be extreme -a park. Here it will be possible to ride quad bikes, participate in off-road racing, a large rope park will be equipped.

“We are developing recreational tourism – this is an ideal combination of nature and comfort. There are many beautiful places, but you need to think about how and where you will live, what to eat, whether it will be warm, how the rest will be organized. At the Yaroslavl Seashore resort, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, – Igor Nurmukhamedov notes. – And privacy is also provided here: even with a heavy load of the park hotel on the paths, in the forest, on the embankment, you won’t meet anyone, it’s comfortable, and vacationers often look for such opportunities. The resort “Yaroslavl Seashore” is a dream vacation.


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