Resort “Yaroslavskoe vzmorye”: new horizons

Already in the 2022 season, guests of the Yaroslavskoe Vzmorye resort are waiting for new items. And in the near future, the resort will seriously expand its capabilities: a new large hotel will appear on the territory of the Koprino Bay Park Hotel, and a large-scale Koprino Posad complex will also be built within the resort.


Yaroslavskoe seaside resort: new horizons

The Yaroslavskoye Vzmorie resort on the Volga — 13 hectares of the Koprino Bay Park Hotel and another 55 hectares outside it — has long been a favorite vacation spot for a large audience of Muscovites, Yaroslavl residents, as well as residents of Rybinsk, Vologda and other cities. During the pandemic period of 2020-2021, as noted by the resort management, the occupancy of the resort increased by almost 30 percent: Russians began to explore Russian holiday destinations with pleasure, domestic tourism made a leap forward. Even now, a high percentage of occupancy is expected here.

Taking into account the prospects for growth in demand, the resort decided to increase the possibilities of accommodation.

“In the Park Hotel Bukhta Koprino, we have started the construction of another hotel, Koprino Plaza,” says Sergey Bachin, General Director of Vasta Discovery. “Moreover, this hotel was among the tourist facilities that received loans at a preferential rate within the framework of the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”.

The foundation of the hotel has already been laid, construction work has begun. The four-star hotel will be located on the banks of the Trenovka River. By the way, the reception area will have access to the river: you can moor a yacht and go to the hotel from the water.

The new hotel is designed for 127 rooms and will be able to receive up to 250 guests at the same time. Commissioning will take place in 2023. “We expect that the new accommodation options will seriously increase the flow of tourists to the Yaroslavskoye Vzmorye resort,” Sergei Bachin notes.

The resort also has more ambitious goals. In a few years, a new large-scale Koprino Posad complex will appear on the territory of the Yaroslavl Seashore. The project provides for the construction of three hotels and an apart-hotel with a total capacity of 700 rooms. An aquatic center with a water park, a congress center, restaurants and shops will also appear here.

“The new tourist complex will be the largest in the Yaroslavl region — more than 100,000 square meters. The total investment in construction will amount to more than 20 billion. The construction of the project is scheduled for 2024 with a phased commissioning from 2025 to 2028,” said Sergey Bachin, General Director of Vasta Discovery.

This season, guests of the resort are also waiting for new items. After renovation, the Kovcheg complex, located on the landing stage, opens in June: cabins, a restaurant, and public areas have been updated. You can relax nearby on the viewing platform with benches and swings, from here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Volga and the beginning of the Rybinsk Sea.

Opportunities for leisure and recreation in the “Yaroslavl Seaside” is still one of the main advantages of the resort. Visitors appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the environmental friendliness of the place, the fresh smells of pine trees and water, walking along the embankment or the Reserved Forest. The resort's menu also introduces customers to local products, such as organic meat and dairy products from the Ugleche Pole brand of AgriVolga. The wellness center provides maximum options for activities and relaxation, and its main feature is the exit from the 25-meter pool to the outdoor area, with warm water throughout the year. The growing golf course on the territory of the resort, thanks to its democratic approach, invites both beginners and professionals to play, and the Vzmorye small aviation airfield is not only a platform for those who want to travel on their own light aircraft, but also diversifies the rest of tourists. The ethno-museum “Tygydym” annually updates and expands its excursion programs: here, among other things, there are museums of carpentry architecture, weaving, and peasant cuisine. And in the near future, a museum-cheese factory will appear here, where you can learn how the masters of the cheese factory Nikolai Vereshchagin, the founder of Russian cheese making, made cheese.

about 100 thousand guests a year, – Sergey Bachin notes. “Over the years, with the support and cooperation with the leadership of the Federal Tourism Agency, we have managed to increase the tourist flow to the region many times over. And the Yaroslavskoye Vzmorye resort has become one of the most popular holiday destinations, not only in the Yaroslavl region, but also at the all-Russian level, and we intend to develop it further. Our plans are to increase the occupancy rates of the Yaroslavskoye Vzmorye resort by 40-50 percent.”


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