Registration for the competition “Masters of Hospitality” has been extended until April 24

Application campaign for participation in the new season of the All-Russian competition “Masters of Hospitality” – one of the projects of the presidential platform “Russia is a country Opportunities – extended until April 24, 2022. To participate in the competition, you must submit an application on the project website

Due to the high activity of participants , the organizers of the “Masters of Hospitality” competition decided to extend the registration in order to give all representatives of the hospitality industry an opportunity to apply in time.

You can apply for participation in the competition April 24, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT.

“Over the first two seasons, the all-Russian competition “Masters of Hospitality” has proven itself excellently: more than 50 thousand people expressed their desire to participate. The project brought together both hospitality industry professionals and people with fresh ideas who are taking their first steps in the tourism industry. The winners received grants for the implementation of projects, the support of serious mentors and businesses, and most importantly, they became part of a large team of enthusiasts who together are ready to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of our state, develop domestic and inbound Russian tourism. The new season of the competition is not like the previous ones. We have prepared interesting tests and bright tasks for the participants, and in the face-to-face stages, along with the masters, representatives of the region's tourism community and even those who are just looking at the hospitality industry will be able to take part. We are glad that registration for participation in the competition is very active, about 1000 new applications are added daily. At the moment, we have received most of the applications from residents of Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Krasnodar Territory, St. Petersburg and the Republic of Bashkortostan. We are waiting for applications from all 85 regions of our country, because each region has something to show!”, – shared the General Director of ANO “Russia – a Land of Opportunities” Aleksey Komissarov.

Head of the “Masters of Hospitality” contest Bogdan Kondratovrecalled that in the new season of the competition, participants will be able to try their hand at four new areas: “Hospitality Industry Managers”, “Startups and Breakthrough Ideas in Tourism”, “Territorial Development” and “Future of Tourism”: “The most active registration goes to the “Development of Territories” direction to promote the ideas of representatives of the hospitality industry from different parts of the country. And this is not surprising, because the competition allows you to exchange experiences, to express yourself. The next most active representatives of the middle and top management of the state management system and the commercial sector, the direction of start-ups is not far behind. We see that young people are ready to implement bright cases for the development of tourism in the regions. Applications in the direction of “The Future of Tourism” are only gaining momentum. Friends, register more actively, do not be afraid to try new things. We are looking for promising young people who are striving to develop tourism in Russia!”

Participants can be employees of the tourism and service industry, restaurant business, event managers, authors of hospitality projects, students, representatives of others creative industries who want to try themselves in this professional direction.

Masters will have to share their opinion on a certain topic in the format of an essay, present their project in the field of hospitality to the jury, and communicate with experts from the tourism industry. The winners will be able to receive grants for the implementation of the most creative tourism ideas, will have the opportunity to join specialized expert councils of government bodies that determine tourism policy, undergo specialized internships, receive job offers, become participants in a mentoring program, as well as organizational, methodological and media support. initiatives.

“One of the main objectives of the competition is to expand the personnel potential of the tourism industry. Our country has great opportunities for the development of tourism, because only in Russia people live in nine time zones and all climatic zones from tropical to polar regions. We are lucky to live in a unique country with the richest natural resources, amazing centuries-old traditions, creative talented people who are ready to implement their breakthrough projects in the field of hospitality. We are waiting for such interested Masters at our competition! Looking at the activity of participants during registration, we decided to extend the application campaign for another two and a half weeks. I am sure that this will provide an opportunity to fill out the questionnaire for those who postponed their registration until the last day, and for the guys who doubted whether to join our big team this year, overcome uncertainty and be sure to take part in the main tourist event of the country! With a team of organizers, we are preparing a cool program, prizes and bonuses, attracting interesting speakers and partners. Season'22 will be unique! You can’t miss such an event!”, shared the head of the “Masters of Hospitality” contest Bogdan Kondratov.

within the framework of the federal project “Social elevators for everyone” of the national project “Education”.


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