Regional teams REST Lab are defined. “High Ideas for the Low Season”.

Within the framework of the tourist forum-exhibition OTDYCH Leisure for the Russian regions September 15 a special event will be held – «OTDYCH Lab. High ideas for the low season”. The organizers of the competition are Rostourism, the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) and the OTDYKH Leisure forum-exhibition.

OTDYKH Lab participants will have the opportunity to show creative thinking, come up with travel programs that reveal the value of recreation in the low season.

In accordance with the project regulations, by now regional teams have been determined, according to which groups will be created to work in OTDYCH Lab.

In this list 7 regions:

  • Novgorod Region
  • Sverdlovsk Region
  • Samara Region
  • Republic of Mordovia
  • Voronezh Region
  • Republic of Buryatia
  • The Republic of Bashkortostan

Each region will have a team of 7 people, which will include a representative of the regional administration, a representative of the PCT in the region, a marketer, a mentor from the PCT (heads of committees and commissions of the Union ), as well as THREEspecialists in the field of tourism.

Attention! We are announcing the start of recruitment for regional teams from participants and visitors of the OTDYKH Leisure forum-exhibition! Each team can include 3 people from the business.

You can send your applications to the mail specifying the name of the regional team up to 9 September inclusive. The organizers will inform the confirmed participants by September 12.

The formed teams create tourism products and present them to the jury already at the OTDYCH Leisure site on September 15 in the Marble Hall of Expocentre. Teams will be given 2 hours to develop the product. Then they will be able to present their idea to the jury, who will choose the two best options.

The laboratory jury consists of:

  • Yulia Rybakova, advisor to the head of Rostourism,
  • Ilya Umansky, acting President of the PCT, General Director of ALEAN
  • Sergey Shpilko, Head of the PCT Committee for Domestic Tourism, Honorary President of the PCT,
  • Olga Sanaeva, Vice President of the PCT, Head of the Regional Council of the PCT
  • Dmitry Manin , Deputy Head of the PCT Regional Council, Head of the PCT Committee on Autotourism
  • Aleksey Vengin, Co-Head of the PCT Committee on Inbound Tourism; General Director of Media Holding
  • Yulia Zholya, Executive Director of NAOM,
  • Natalya Lebedeva, Head of Marketing Russia Beyond < /li>
  • Vazgen Avetisyan, Marketing and Sales Director, Regional Tourism Development Center

The best ideas and projects will be awarded with honorary prizes and will receive support from OTDYKH organizers Lab – Rostourism, PCT and forum-exhibition OTDYKH Leisure.

«REST Lab. High ideas for the low season. September 15th. 11:00 -15:00.


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