Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

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If you want to know what every curious tourist should see in Quebec, carefully study this review. We will tell you about those sights of Quebec that will make your trip to the Canadian province unforgettable.

What to see in Quebec first?

When compiling our rating of “the best sights in Quebec”, we focused on the reviews and recommendations of experienced guides and seasoned tourists. In our general opinion, you should book the following tours in Quebec:

1. Castle Hotel Chateau Frontenac

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Castle Hotel Chateau Frontenac on the high bank of the Saint Lawrence River on Cape Diamond Sandman5

Many guides in Quebec advise you to start your trip around the city by visiting this architectural monument. The walls of a majestic pseudo-palace, an outsider in the late 19th century in the “medieval” style, hide a luxurious hotel. The interior decoration is represented by royal decor, marble bathrooms. The windows offer excellent views of the surroundings and the river valley. At one time, F. Roosevelt and W. Churchill held personal meetings here. Among other high-ranking guests: representatives of show business and Hollywood, important politicians, leaders of countries. Few hotels in Quebec, and few Canadian attractions, can boast the same fame as Château Frontenac.

Official website: https://www.fairmont

2. Old Quebec

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Old Quebec – the historical center of Quebec

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Shopping street in Old Quebec Tony Webster

The historical center of the city is under the protection of UNESCO. The first buildings here began to be erected as early as the 7th century, but most of the buildings belong to the 19th century. You can compare Old Quebec with the classic Old World quarter in France. It has its own fortifications, mansions with a rich history, magnificent temples. A great option for what to see in Quebec in 1 day.

3. Place Royale

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Bust of Louis XIV, stone church and ancient buildings on Royal Square jgreenberg

It was here at the beginning of the 17th century that S. de Champlain built his first mansion. Be prepared for the fact that there are a lot of people on the square: both during the day and at night. Since it is here that many interesting places in Quebec are located, as well as historical buildings, restaurants and shops for every taste.

4. Rue Petit Champlain

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Petit narrow pedestrian street -Champlain in Old Quebec 0x010C

In the 17th century, this ancient street was inhabited by craftsmen who moved to the city from France. Irish settlers joined them in the 19th century. In the 20th century, the alley almost fell into disrepair, but still managed to retain its atmospheric appearance. Now, instead of residential buildings, there are cafes and boutiques. You can get to Petit Champlain by an equally interesting sight – the Dangerous Staircase.

5. Promenade Samuel de Champlain

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Quay Samuel de Champlain – a popular place for walking in Quebec Gilbert Bochenek

The colorful street, stretching along the ennobled promenade, is very popular with tourists and Quebec residents. It got its name in memory of the founder of the city and the famous French traveler. The promenade is made in a modern style: there are stone embankments near the water, geometric lawns, and many wooden platforms. If you don't know where to go for a walk in Quebec, come here.

Feel the atmosphere of Quebec in this beautiful video!

6. Old Port

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Cruise ship at the pier in the Old Port of Quebec Charny

The oldest and one of the largest ports of the state, in previous years it was of world importance. So, in the middle of the 19th century, over one and a half thousand ships passed through it. Today, it serves as a haven for giant international cruise ships. Our list of “best sights in Quebec” included the Old Port area due to the fact that you can see Château Frontenac and the whole city from here.

7. Quebec fortress

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Quebec Fortress Main Entrance Pierre-Olivier Fortin

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Aerial view of the military fortification located on Cape Diaman in Quebec Musée Royal 22e Régiment

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

The goat Batisse XI – mascot and member of the changing of the guard of the 22nd Royal Regiment The Photographer

A 19th century star-shaped building. In ancient times, there was the residence of the governor of the city and a military base. The object also lost its initial formidable significance in the 19th century. Since 1920, the Citadel has been the staging area for the Royal 22nd Regiment of the Canadian Forces. Today, an artillery school is located on the territory.

Official website: http://www.lacitadelle

8. Fortress walls

< img title="Quebec Attractions: Top 26" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-kvebeka-top-26-dd3b4bf.jpg" alt="Quebec Attractions: Top 26" />< /p> Fortified walls encircle the Old City (Upper Town) of Quebec The Photographer

From the walls of the fortress you can admire the panoramas of the city. The defensive structures of the mid-18th century, created by the best engineers, also deserve attention. The remains of the walls, serving as a reminder of the wars between the French and British armies, are protected by UNESCO.

9. Parliament Building

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Facade of the eight-story building of the Parliament of Quebec on Parliament Hill Marc-Lautenbacher

The 52-meter building has eight floors. Its architectural style harmoniously combines European and French motifs. Now the facade of the building, with towers with peaks and numerous window openings, casts in blue and is decorated with 22 sculptures of historical figures from Quebec and Canada. The interiors are done in soft pastel colors and richly decorated with stucco and paintings by famous artists.

Official website: http://www.assnat

10. Notre Dame de Quebec

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Notre-Dame de Quebec Cathedral or Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Quebec City Tony Webster

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Interior of Notre-Dame-de-Quebec Cathedral in Quebec GoLeafsGo

The archbishop's residence rises in Old Quebec. This is the most ancient abode of the USA and Canada, and the oldest landmark of the city. The date of laying the first stone is the middle of the 17th century. Over the long history of existence, the cathedral has repeatedly tried to destroy. Reviews of tourists about visiting the monumental building are invariably enthusiastic.

11. Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Basilica

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Fountain with a statue of Saint-Anne de Beaupré in front of the basilica on the north bank of the St. Lawrence River Selbymay

Every year, the number of guests of this basilica, created in 1620, is estimated at tens of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. The object attracts maximum attention on St. Anna, celebrated in the city at the end of July. The monastery is considered miraculous. There are always a lot of crutches at the entrance. These items leave cripples who managed to heal in the sanctuary.

Official website: https://sanctuairesainteanne

12. National Museum of Fine Arts

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Abraham Fields National Museum of Fine Arts Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

Quebec is a province of Canada that is famous for its original museums. This 1933 complex, consisting of 3 pavilions with prison corridors and spiral staircases, is one of them. The fact is that the building of the local prison was allocated to him. The windows are still protected by powerful bars. The exhibition features over 25,000 paintings by Quebec, American and European masters, some of the paintings date back to the 18th century. Temporary exhibitions are organized regularly.

Official website:https://www.mnbaq

13. Quebec mural

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Quebec fresco on the wall of a building in Old Quebec The Photographer

The colorful mural, applied to the wall of the house in 1999, has become famous far beyond the borders of Quebec. The street picture shows historical heroes and the main sights of the city. it is made so detailed and precise that it has a 3D three-dimensional effect.

14. Museum of Civilization

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Museum of Civilization in the building of the former bank of Paris and the Estebe house on Saint-Pierre street Claude Gagnon

The exhibition samples of the museum, which began its work at the end of the 20th century, are unique. Each of them tells about the history of the city and the indigenous population of the state. The exhibits are both temporary and permanent. The number of exhibits in the permanent museum collections is approximately one million items.

Official website:

15. Morrin Center< /h3>

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Modern cultural center in a restored building of an old prison in Quebec Spudgun67

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Library in Cultural Institution – Morrin Center Quebec Thomas1313

The Cultural Center with a library and its own laboratory operates in the building of a former Quebec prison. In previous years, there was even an educational institution. Travelers are offered half-hour tours that tell about the history of the attraction and part of the city.

16. Quebec Aquarium

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Interesting fur seal show at Quebec Aquarium Michel Rathwell

The Public Aquarium was created in the middle of the 20th century on the basis of a scientific biological complex. Now there are about 10,000 inhabitants, including walruses, polar bears and seals. If you do not know what to visit in Quebec will be interesting for the whole family, buy a ticket to the Aquarium, you will not be disappointed.

Official website:< /p>

17. Erico Chocolate Museum

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Erico Chocolate Museum Quebec's Lou Stejskal educational exhibition

Adults and young visitors of the museum are invited to see how chocolate is made today, and how it was produced many years ago. In addition, documentary films about chocolate products and their manufacture are staged here. After touring the complex, visitors can purchase sweets prepared on the spot in the museum's small shop.

Official website:https://www.ericochocolatier.

18. Train Station

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

View of Quebec French-style Train Station denisbin

The building of the railway station is decorated with exquisite stained-glass windows and created in the French style, an architectural masterpiece of red brick. The station can not take a huge number of passengers, but is widely known for its interesting appearance. The presence of a clock face, several towers near the entrance group and a sloping roof make it look like a palace.

Official website: https://www.viarail.

19. Funicular

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

A funicular in Old Quebec links the Petit Champlain district with the Museum of Civilizations Tony Webster

A late 19th century system that links the Museum of Civilizations to the city's historic district. The structure, about 60 meters high and 64 meters long, was reconstructed three times. At the very end of the 20th century, the funicular was closed due to a tragic accident. Large-scale restoration work was carried out, after which it began to operate again. Glazed booths offer great city views.

Official site:https://www.funiculaire

20. Quebec Bridge

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

The Quebec Bridge over the Saint Lawrence River, connecting the cities of Quebec and Levy Muriel Leclerc

Date of creation – 20th century. The bridge, one kilometer long, is used by trains, pedestrians and cars. The object is considered a valuable monument of history and engineering, and is under the protection of the authorities.

Quebec attractions: what else to visit in Quebec?

We told you about the main attractions of Quebec briefly. If you have seen them before, when you come to the city, be sure to visit:

21. Fields of Abraham

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Abraham's Fields – green park near the historic center of Quebec City Michel Rathwell

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Martello Tower in the Battle Park on the territory of Abraham Fields in Quebec Michel Rathwell

A huge city park, which is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful on Earth. Travelers and locals alike enjoy cross-country skiing, barbecuing, biking and walking. It is on this plain that the national celebration of June 24 (the national celebration of the city) is organized. If you want to spend your free time enjoying the beauty of Canadian nature, you will not find a better place.

Official website: http://www.lesplainesdabraham

< em>Official website: https://www.historicplaces.

22. Jacques-Cartier National Park

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

A picturesque view of the valley of the Jacques-Cartier river from the top of Mount Andante in the Jacques-Cartier Cephas park

The territory of the park is sheer cliffs, more than five hundred meters high, deep gorges and a turbulent river. Guests can go fishing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, hiking, camping and taking great photos.

Official site:

23. Orleans Island

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Rural landscapes of Orleans Island in Quebec P199

An island famous for its medieval atmosphere. To understand what it is, think of the beautiful countryside of the 17th and 18th centuries. There are less than a dozen small “Victorian” farms on the territory. It is proposed to visit the island during organized excursions. If you come here in season, you will be treated to all sorts of traditional dishes and drinks, including ice-cold cider, freshly baked bread, ripe berries.

24. Montmorency Falls

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Pedestrian bridge over the picturesque and powerful Montmorency Falls in Quebec Stacy

The waterfall was discovered in the 16th century and named after the French viceroy of that time. Today, the area has been improved, including paths leading to the uppermost level to the bridge. The bridge offers an incredible view of the seething wall of water. Please note: the ascent to the top, despite the presence of trails, is quite difficult. In the hot season, it is worth stocking up not only with patience, but also with water, sunscreen and comfortable flat shoes.

Official website:

25. Ice Hotel

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

One of the rooms at the Ice Hotel in Quebec Matias Garabedian

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Quebec Ice Hotel Chapel Clément Belleudy

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Bar at the Ice Hotel in Quebec Pierre-Arnaud KOPP

The material for the construction of an unusual hotel with a spa complex and a bar is ice. Guests are invited to relax in sleeping bags on special pillows and mattresses. On summer days, the furnishings and walls of the building melt, and are rebuilt in winter. For this reason, the hotel does not have a specific location. However, it is not difficult to find it – it is popular not only in Quebec, but throughout Canada.

Official website:

26. Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Ice Palace during the Quebec Winter Carnival Shapiros10

Quebec Attractions: Top 26

Quebec Winter Carnival Night Parade Stagiairec

The annual celebration continues for twenty days. Guests come to the carnival from all over the country and around the world. Suggested winter activities: snowball fights, snowboarding and skiing, children's car races, parades, snow and ice sculptures. Life and fun in the city go on from early morning until late at night.

Official website: https://carnaval.

We hope that you will like see the sights of Quebec, photos with names and descriptions of which we have given, personally. Read also about the sights of Montreal and get inspired for your next trip to Canada.


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