Popular destinations for winter holidays among top managers of Russian companies

Association of Managers conducted a survey among top managers of Russian companies on the topic of tourism preferences this winter. More than 130 senior executives from Russian and international companies, as well as managers of functional divisions of organizations from various business sectors, took part in the survey.

Popular winter holiday destinations among top managers of Russian companies

Thus, Russia (26%) was included in the top of the most popular destinations for winter holidays among a quarter of the top managers surveyed by the Association. The second most popular destination is the UAE, with 21% of respondents choosing this holiday destination, followed by Thailand (16%), Egypt (16%) and Turkey (5%).

Similar data on popular destinations this winter among discerning tourists is also provided by large tour operators. Thus, according to the tour operator FUN&SUN, the top most popular destinations for the winter season ‘22/23 included the UAE (40%), Thailand (27%), the Maldives (12%), Sri Lanka (6%) and Egypt (6%). Also among the leading destinations for the tour operator's clients are Turkey, Vietnam, the Seychelles and Mauritius. If we talk about the cost of recreation, then according to the FUN & SUN tour operator, the average check for a tour per person in Russia with air travel, hotel accommodation and transfer along the route airport-hotel-airport on winter dates was 58,800 rubles, in the UAE – 175,000 rubles, to Thailand – 231,000 rubles, to the Maldives – 518,000 rubles, to Sri Lanka – 245,000 rubles, to Egypt – 126,000 rubles.

According to the Association of Managers, when asked about their preferences regarding the format of their vacation, 43% of the surveyed executives of Russian companies said that they chose a beach holiday this winter season, 17% – a ski holiday, 34% – a combined holiday (for example, a holiday in the mountains or on the beach in combination with excursion component, yachting and other sports activities), 6% of respondents reported that they combined a winter holiday in another country or city with a business trip or business trip.

Among the most important criteria when choosing a vacation this winter for the majority of respondents The association of managers of the respondents was the climate and weather conditions (39%), 17% chose the tour based on its cost, 11% – because of the short comfortable flight and transfer, 9% – based on the presence of a large number of local attractions, and 16% chose the route for recreation based on reasons of its safety, as well as the attitude towards Russian tourists in the host country.

At the same time, the majority (35%) of the respondents did not change their habits in terms of destination, hotel category, and duration of vacation this winter. 33% – reduced the duration of winter holidays, and 17%, on the contrary, increased the number of vacation days. 15% of the leaders surveyed by the Association noted that they had changed their vacation destination due to the lack of the opportunity to travel to this country.

When asked about vacation expenses, 60% of the respondents said that they spent about the same amount as last year, 24% spent more than in the same period last year, and 16% of respondents said they spent less.

according to FUN&SUN, was 9 nights, in Thailand – 14 nights, in the Maldives – 9 nights, in Sri Lanka – 12 nights, in Egypt – 10 nights. At the same time, as a rule, tourists booked vacations for winter dates 1.5-2 months before the date of the trip.


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