Poll: Sochi and Kaliningrad are recognized as the best cities for travel in September

Poll: Sochi and Kaliningrad are recognized as the best cities for trips in September

Tourists surveyed by the accommodation booking service named the best cities for autumn trips, reports Sutochno.ru.
Company specialists conducted research among 5.4 thousands of users and found out that 23 percent of them voted for Sochi, 20 percent for Kaliningrad, 13 percent for Kislovodsk.
“Demand for Sochi broke all records in the summer, the resort was the absolute leader in the number of daily accommodation bookings. In In September, interest remains high, but free places can be found. In addition, rental prices have decreased by 15 percent compared to August,” says the founder and general director of the service, Yuri Kuznetsov.

Top ten most suitable for a trip in September, cities also included St. Petersburg, which was named 11 percent, Derbent (nine percent), Kazan (six percent), Zelenogradsk and Sortavala (five percent each), Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow (four percent each).
< br />The cheapest of the listed destinations for daily rent is in Kaliningrad – on average three thousand rubles per day. In Derbent – 300 rubles more expensive, in Kazan – 400, in St. Petersburg and Kislovodsk – 500.
In the remaining cities listed, costs for short-term rentals will range from 3.6 to 4.6 thousand rubles per day.
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